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Cholera Task Force Lead

Solidarites International

Job Description

Desired start date: 01/03/2021 Duration of the mission: 7 months (Until 30/09/2021) Location: MAIDUGURI


SI is present in North-East Nigeria since 2016 and is currently operating in 4 bases across Borno State (Maiduguri, Monguno, Ngala, and Dikwa) with outreach capacities across all BAY States through its Emergency component. Current Coordination is based in Maiduguri while a representation office is set up in Abuja.

Security and humanitarian situation in both North East as well as epidemic outbreaks continue to affect millions of live in those areas. SI is responding to the humanitarian needs of displaced populations and host communities through Wash, Shelter & NFI, FSL and Emergency activities. Through strategic partnership, SI also promotes integrated approach with health and protection sectors.

The annual budget of the mission was around 9 million euros in 2020 and the mission has potential for development in its current area of intervention as well as in the North Western part of Nigeria where limited actors are currently present.

The mission is fully staffed with 18 international and 200 national personals with a wide range of profiles. Position is based in Maiduguri with potential movements to the bases and/or the locations where a Cholera response is being implemented, depending on the security assessment.


Historically, SI Nigeria is a key partner in Epidemics Response and as such is Lead of the Cholera / Covid Technical Group that reports directly to the Wash Sector. Over the last few years, SI has been playing a major role in implementing and coordinating Wash response to Epidemics and is a very well recognized Wash partner in the country (part of the Wash Strategic Advisory Group, lead of the Wash sub-sector in Monguno). Currently, SI has flexible capacities to respond to Epidemics under its OFDA, ECHO, CDC and UNICEF projects.

Complex security and regulatory environment that affects capacity to deliver goods and services to the deep-field areas as well as can limit access of humanitarian staff.

General objectives

The Cholera Technical Working Group (TWG) Lead is responsible for supporting sector coordination of WASH actors in North-East Nigeria in collaboration with WASH sector Coordinator. He/She provides leadership and facilitate the processes that ensure a well-coordinated, strategic, coherent and effective epidemic response by WASH actors and involve Nigerian authorities in BAY States. Initially specific to Cholera, the TWG has expanded its scope to include Covid-19 outbreak.

The Cholera TWG Lead will work closely with the identified Government Departments officers (Health and WASH) to build their capacity on cholera coordination. He/She is a support to WaSH Sector and BAY States Health representatives in defining and spreading Standards Operating Procedures in epidemic responses, especially cholera.

The Cholera TWG Lead reports directly to SI WASH Coordinator. However, the position is accountable to WASH partners in BAY States and the WASH Sector.

Specific stakes and challenges

Position requires strong coordination capacities as well as leadership in order to coordinate multiple and different actors across different states.

Priorities for the 2/3 first months

  • Follow-up and Coordinate on-going Wash response to Covid-19 Epidemics and ensure proper reporting
  • Ensure implementation and proper use by all of the monitoring tools defined in a previous project with the support of TUFT University (for both Cholera and Covid)
Ensure preparedness of all to potential next Cholera outbreak



  • Experience in Remote Management as well as in volatile security context are an asset
  • Minimum 3 years of experience of project implementation in WASH Humanitarian Response and 1 year of experience in cholera / epidemics response
  • Previous experience in participating in/leading different coordination bodies/mechanisms required and previous experience as Wash Sector co-lead is a plus;
Personal qualities:

  • Excellent communication skills (writing and speaking) and interpersonal skills
  • Strong commitment and motivation;
  • Reliable, honest
  • Very good organizational skills
  • Strong level of autonomy;
  • Stress management even in high insecurity context
  • Good interpersonal skills (communication), team player,
  • People management
  • Capacity to work with diverse stakeholders to develop consensus;
Technical competences:

  • Public Health or Wash background with a strong focus on epidemics response
  • Ability to develop a cluster strategy and to clarify complex strategies for operational implementation;
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Wash technical activities
  • Languages: Fluency in English, both written and verbal.
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Knowledge of Project cycle management, planning and strategic vision
  • Excellent knowledge of MS office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

  • Academic and practical knowledge of water, sanitation and hygiene and epidemiology
  • Degree in project management or social sciences or other related fields, certificate/training in project management are an asset.


  • A salaried position: Salary scale will be communicated during recruitment process.
  • Living conditions will be communicated during the recruitment process.
  • Break policy if applicable
  • Social and medical cover if applicable
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