International Organization For Migration (IOM)

Chief Migration Health Officer (Health Assessment Programmes), Accra, Ghana

International Organization For Migration (IOM)

Job Description

Core Functions / Responsibilities: Health Assessment Portfolio 1. Organize and supervise the migration health assessment process to fulfil the technical requirements of the resettlement countries in the areas of: a. Medical examinations; b. Imaging; c. Laboratory testing; d. Vaccinations; e. TB management; f. Treatment and referrals; g. Pre-departure procedures and medical movements; h. Documentation, certification and information transmission; and, i. Other technical areas as may be required.

2. Ensure that the infrastructure and equipment of HAP premises meet professional standards of quality and safety and are sufficient and adequate for provision of the services.

3. Ensure that human resources and HAP organizational structure are sufficient and adequate for the planned levels of health assessments and that the staff has necessary qualifications and skills. Establish a sufficient network of external human resources, such as consultants and medical escorts, to support health assessment process and travel assistance. In Coordination with the Human Resource Unit, ensure that all medical personnel maintain valid licenses to practice.

4. Ensure that the regulatory government authorities are informed about IOM’s health activities and that the IOM medical facilities have obtained approval to provide health assessments and related services.

5. Establish and maintain efficient, client-centered procedures and ensure high level of integrity at all stages of HAP process, including client information and appointment system, payment, registration, pre- and post-test counselling, examination, testing, treatment and referrals, submission of health assessment results, pre-departure and other procedures. Establish and maintain a system, enabling clients to provide feedback.

6. Establish and maintain a system of quality improvement for each service area. Undertake quality control activities on a regular basis, including practice observation, regular supervisory visits to all facilities/teams involved in the health assessment operations, desk audits and use of self-assessment tools. Use data Analysis and web reporting system to monitor performance indicators. Ensure implementation of the global IOM Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); create and implement country-specific SOPs for each service area. Ensure proper reporting and management of incidents according to the Guidance Note for Incident Management.

7. Incorporate additional public health interventions in the HAP context. Such interventions may include surveillance for Communicable Diseases, outbreak preparedness and response, health education and health promotion, public health services for host communities, liaison with public health institutions and other activities.

8. Supervise health- and non-health staff as well as external consultants, involved in the health assessment process; ensure that performance evaluations for health staff are completed in a timely manner. Ensure that all staff are aware of the IOM Standards of Conduct under Article 42, and continuously reinforce these standards. Informs in due time the CoM and the IOM Office of Ethics and Conduct of any issues regarding staff misconduct.

9. Establish the HAP staff development strategy and ensure that the appropriate plan is implemented. Within that plan, apart from attendance to external educational events, initiate, organize and deliver various professional in-house trainings.

10. Liaise with external service providers to negotiate agreements in coordination with the Resource Management Officer (RMO). Exercise quality control over outsourced services and take corrective measures if necessary.

11. Maintain confidentiality and security of migration health data in accordance with the IOM Data Protection Principles.

12. Organize systematic collection, processing and analyses of migration health data. Ensure Data Quality. Provide periodic, as well as ad-hoc reporting to MHD, for MH activities.

13. Oversee the Financial Aspects of the health programmes in close coordination with the mission's finance staff: supervise budget preparation and ensure monitoring of MH projects, suggest adjustments and cost-effective solutions, and review financial reports.

14. Provide oversight and coordinate the procurement of medical equipment, vaccines, medications and other medical supplies in coordination with the resource management unit.

15. Organize and supervise activities of mobile medical teams, if applicable.

Other health activities 16. Facilitate the integration of health assessment activities into the overall migration related programming of the Country Office through close collaboration with the various units at the Country Office.

17. Liaise and coordinate with national and international health and Development Assistance authorities regarding public health interventions. Develop, strengthen and expand partnerships with national Ministries of Health, World Health Organization (WHO) 18. Liaise with donors and other key partners (UN, state and non-state partners) and ensure representation of IOM in all fora dealing with migration health issues.

19. Advise IOM colleagues on the link between the Health Assessment Programme with the two other core MHD programme areas - Health Promotion and Assistance to Migrants, and Migration Health Assistance to Crisis-Affected Populations.

20. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.
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