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Carbon Data Analyst (Climate Smart Msf)

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Job Description



MSF Canada is a people-focused humanitarian organization that is proud to offer a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive work environment. We strongly believe this approach enhances our work and we’re committed to equity in employment. The organization seeks to attract and engage the best professionals to join and maintain meaningful, productive and lasting work relationships. We embrace diverse motivations and backgrounds of people working together to exhibit their passion in action for the social mission of MSF.

MSF Canada acknowledges the existence of systemic racism and oppression and is committed to sustaining and strengthening its anti-racism and anti-oppression (AOAR) efforts. As MSF Canada continues to grow and strive to remove barriers in its offices in Canada and in MSF work environments abroad, we welcome applications from individuals with unique experiences of intersectional oppression on the basis of their social markers such as their ethno-racial identity, age, gender identity, education, socio-economic status or place of origin. We encourage Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, LGBTQIA2S+ people, individuals living with disabilities and any individual experiencing vulnerable circumstances to apply.

In line with MSF’s December 2021 pledge to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, compared to our 2019 baseline, we encourage everyone to embrace and embed sustainable and climate-friendly practices. Applying a climate and planetary health lens will help us improve our operational impact. Facing Climate Change and environmental degradation through our operational activities by focusing on mitigation and adaptation will decrease our dependency on fossil fuels, reduce our ecological footprint and help protect human health. Everyone, at all levels, with all skill sets is needed to address the global threat of climate change.

Job Information

Position Level: Individual Contributor

Department: MSF Operational Centre Host

Reports to Energy Transition Advisor

Position Status: Half Time, contracted through end of 2023

Activity Rate: 50%

Location: From one of global MSF offices with the adaptability to work to Eastern Standard Time and Central European Time Zones; MSF must be able to issue a contract for the person in the country where they would be working

Status: The successful candidate will be offered a fixed-term contract from one of global MSF offices depending on their resident status. The person must be legally entitled to work in that country. MSF is not in the position to support with any work permit process.

Salary Grade: A local salary compensation package based on experience and internal salary grid is offered for this role and will be discussed during the selection phase

Climate Smart MSF aims to help scale environmentally sustainable solutions across MSF to mitigate and adapt our organization, so it is responsible, responsive and resilient. This program has a strong transformational dimension for the whole MSF movement and beyond. It will install a mutualized internal capacity to continuously improve climate mitigation and preparedness, and will reinforce our partnerships with external experts, to leverage and share the lessons learned on successful climate approaches and interventions with the humanitarian and the global health community.

Impact Statement

Reporting to the and working in close collaboration with the Carbon Accounting Workgroup, the Carbon Data Analyst provides analytical support on carbon budget assessments at the movement level, for specific MSF entities (e.g. OCs, Partner Sections, Supply Centers) and at the mitigation initiative level. Carbon budgets will include Scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions. The Carbon Data Analyst will focus on data collation, Analysis, synthesis and reporting. The analyst coordinates administrative and technical work related to the GHG emission reports and greenhouse gas target setting, ensuring compliance with the appropriate guidelines, policies, and internal controls.

Key Responsibilities

Connect to international stakeholders and working groups to collate data on MSF emissions Provide analysis and reporting on CO2e emissions for the MSF movement Contribute subject matter expertise to the Climate Smart team on carbon budgets and advise on setting metrics and standards Advise on optimization and mitigation strategies to support MSF international operations Assist in development of and training on carbon assessment tools across the movement

Key Deliverables

Compile 2019 CO2e baseline from all MSF entities with current data. Review and update the 2019 CO2e baseline with the new MSF methodology expected in Q1 2023. Lead on the definition of routine reporting for the global MSF CO2e emissions. Calculate annual or biannual reporting on CO2e emissions for the movement through data provided by MSF entities

Job Competencies

Data Analysis and Reporting

Writes annual carbon report and makes internal and external presentations on carbon accounting process and results. Deliver timely technical reports and produce reports and charts communicating trends to non-specialists Research global developments in carbon accounting Completing quantitative analyses and modeling to determine GHG inventories and budgets and creating abatement curves Technical report writing; supporting technical standard writing, interacting with project teams and subject matter experts and movement wide leaders and executives

Leadership in Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies

Lead the agenda and set the tempo for the Carbon Accounting Committee to discuss proposals and get agreement. Work in collaboration with internal and external Carbon Accounting experts and consultants. Advise on Data Architecture that needs to be in place to optimize record keeping and ability to provide year over year comparisons Contributes to business case development in support of carbon reduction mitigation investments Advise on setting appropriate carbon targets at the system, project, entity and movement level Stays informed and utilizes updated climate accounting protocols and emission factors while supporting the Climate Smart team and Lead Support the Climate Smart team in their day-to-day work

Development of Tools, Metrics, Training

Responsible for supporting MSF entities and Operational Centers on how to use environmental or carbon footprint tools, including the MSF Environmental Impact Toolkits as well as other non-emissions contributors to climate change Assist in setting up metrics, benchmarks, and procedures to monitor, assess and report carbon emissions at MSF annually Assist in the development of carbon educational tools, including workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns around carbon accounting Assist in the delivery of carbon assessment Training Programs to MSF staff Setting up processes and systems to make documenting, collecting and working with data more efficient

Core Competencies

A Commitment to MSF’s Principles; Proficiency Level 3: Acts towards the fulfilment of MSF’s Social Mission Initiative and Innovation; Proficiency Level 3: Looks ahead and creates opportunities for improvement within the MSF Frame Behavioural flexibility; Proficiency Level 3: Facilitates and helps to bring about changes in others Cross-cultural Awareness; Proficiency Level 3: Demonstrates an integrating attitude Analytical Thinking Proficiency Level 3: Analyses and interprets data and information from a variety of sources in a way that facilitates the proposal of solutions and decision-making Networking and Building Relationships Proficiency Level 3: Understands the mechanics of the interactions between MSF and its environment and its relationship with different stakeholders and partners Planning and Organizing Proficiency Level 3: Follows up, plans activities and sets priorities Results and Quality Orientation; Proficiency Level 3: Improves performance and sets ambitious and realistic goals

Knowledge and Experience

Experience working on international assignments (fieldwork) for MSF or any other humanitarian organization is a strong asset Strong analytical and statistical skills, ability to analyze, model and interpret data Solid attention to details and ability to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously while prioritizing the most pressing and impactful matters Desirable experience with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or other similar guidelines and standards Desirable experience in GHG Assessments / auditing Desirable experience in delivery of environmental and/or sustainability reporting Desirable experience with emissions reductions processes Desirable experience with effectively working on projects across different teams based in multiple locations and time zones Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and anticipate needs of a changing landscape Ability to interpret complicated data and results in a user-centered way for all audiences and skill levels Strong computer skills relevant to data processing and analysis Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, specifically advanced-level Excel + Power BI

Education, Certifications, and Languages

Degree from a recognized college or university in a field relevant to the work to be performed. An equivalent combination of experience and education relevant to the work to be performed may also be accepted Fluent in English, both written and spoken French and other languages are considered an asset

Working Conditions

Work requires long hours sitting in front of a computer/laptop screen and are required to have their own workspace with access to internet and phone Incumbent will be working with a global team, and may be required to attend meetings from time-to-time at inconvenient hours to accommodate people in different time zones Travel Requirements: 5% maximum to project countries or other MSF offices, if needed

Application Interested candidates are invited to apply by providing their resume and responding to the online application questions (in lieu of providing a cover letter).

Applications accepted until Sunday February 5th, 2023, or until the position is filled. Only electronic applications will be accepted.


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