Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Author Coordinator (Essential Obstetric and Newborn Care Guideline)

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Job Description


Location: Any MSF office*

Contract: Fixed-term at 50%

Duration: 2 years

Starting date: September 2023

Deadline to apply: 6th of August.

*By default, the successful candidate will be offered a contract in the MSF office of their country of residence at the time of application.


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers Emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and Natural Disasters. MSF offers assistance to people based only on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

MSF International is the legal entity that binds MSF’s 24 sections, 25 associations and other offices together. Registered in Switzerland, MSF International provides Coordination, information and support to the MSF Movement, as well as implements international projects and initiatives as requested.


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) develops medical guidelines for use in resource-limited environments. These guidelines draw from practical experience and scientific data collected in MSF’s projects, as well as evidence published by the World Health Organization and other leading medical institutions and scientific literature. Based on its experience gathered in it projects, and in the absence of relevant documents from other agencies, MSF has been producing medical practical guides for more than 25 years. The International Guidelines team (hereafter: ‘Guidelines team’) has been established to ensure the quality production of MSF guidelines.

International guidelines include 2 categories:

Public guidelines: for use within and outside MSF, available through medicalguidelines.msf.org and MSF’s international guidelines application. MSF’s public guidelines are used by other non-governmental organisations and international agencies, thereby contributing to enhancing MSF's profile. The Essential drugs guideline is available to the public. Internal guidelines: for use by MSF only. There are currently about 30 different guidelines, some of them are produced in several languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic).

The Essential obstetric and newborn care guideline is a public guideline. It is designed to help reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in unfavourable context. The document is a practical guide for midwives, doctors with obstetric training and health care personnel who deal with obstetrical emergencies. The latest version is from 2019 and some chapters are outdated and need to be updated.


The Author Coordinator Essential obstetric and newborn care guideline is part of the Reproductive Health and Sexual Violence working group (RH SV WG) of MSF International. S/he is under the direct supervision of and reports to the RH SV WG leader. Collaboration with the working group members, international guidelines project team members and the stakeholders, including but not limited to other working group (WG) leaders and members and RH SV experts is essential.


The Author coordinator Essential obstetric and newborn care guideline:

develops a detailed revision project plan based on the concept note and reflecting the input from all stakeholders involved; writes new text and revisions for the Essential obstetric and newborn care guideline (Obstetric GL); ensures the Obstetric GL is scientifically sound and up to date, consistent with other MSF international guidelines, relevant and adapted to MSF operational environment; keeps the planning and documentation up to date and coordinates closely with the RH SV WG leader/members and the Editor public guidelines.


A. Writing

- Conduct literature research, external guidelines review, etc. to support content with up to date scientific evidence, or if lacking, on a consensus of internal and/or external experts;
- Write new text and revisions:

in compliance with the Guide to produce MSF guidelines; integrating input from relevant MSF and external experts;consistent with other MSF international guidelines;backed up with evidence;

- Coordinate closely with the editor of the Obstetrics GL and the RH SV WG leader throughout the writing and revision process;
- Finalise the text, considering the feedback of the Editor, MSF, and external experts and the Medical Director, and submit to the Editor for final check prior to translation and publication;
- Support translation process by identifying which references are available in French, Arabic and/or Spanish and responding to translator’s content questions in coordination with the editor.

B. Coordination

- Coordinate the input of MSF, and external, experts e.g. regular email communication, attending Working Group meetings when invited;
- Handle Working Group’s requests for updates and facilitate consensus-seeking and decision-making on content;
- Coordinate with other authors working on international guidelines for coherence;

- Prepare a discussion document for the Guidelines manager and the Medical Director in case of lack of agreement between the different collaborators on a certain topic. Document and integrate the decision taken;

- Disseminate finding of literature research, external guidelines review, etc. to the Editor and MSF experts;

- Provide input to other MSF international guidelines, as requested and agreed with supervisor.

C. Planning and documentation
- Develop a project plan for the revision; collect and store requests for revisions;
- Adjust the project plan during the writing process when needed in coordination with the RH SV WG leader and the editor;
- Track and ensure references are used and cited correctly;
- Archives documents and references used for the guides, to help answer any future questions related to the guidelines;
- Ensure permission received for all illustrations, images and photos that are not from an MSF source;
- Make use of the Content Management System (CMS) system for writing and storage of changes and Sharepoint for documentation.

D. Be a proactive member of the RH SV WG

- Proactive participation in RH SV WG meeting (twice a month) to provide regular information on the progress of activities;
- Contribute to the annual RH SV WG action plan revision

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