Job Description

This vacancy is opened in the context of the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) scheme sponsored by the Government of the USA and is addressed exclusively to candidates WITH THE US NATIONALITY ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT.

Operational context in East Lebanon remains dynamic, complex and demanding, with rapidly shifting priorities. The incumbent would need to lead the Community Based Protection unit and will oversee partnership agreements with SGBV and CP partners - a number of local and international NGOs.

The position will report directly to the Protection Officer, and will provide support in Coordination of sector-wide responses. The incumbent will coordinate/lead the SGBV Sub-Working Group in Bekaa and will represent UNHCR at various coordination fora, including contributing to the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan.

The incumbent is expected to lead as a technical expert on planning, Design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of SGBV and CP projects as well as broader community-based protection programming. Training and mentoring skills would be important for managing the Community-Based Protection Unit and building capacity of partner organizations. The incumbent would ideally be a skilled communicator, with advanced Analysis and drafting skills. The incumbent should possess solid technical knowledge of refugee law and related policy matters, political acumen, and organizational awareness, and be able to apply those in practice.  Knowledge of Arabic would be an asset.


Accountability (key results that will be achieved) Protection of women and children at risk, including UAMs/SC, will be strengthened, through the timely completion of BIA/BIDs and enhanced case management; SGBV coordination mechanism will be enhanced, further strengthening protection of children and women; Implementation of  the Bekaa-specific SGBV strategy will contribute to improved protection environment for persons of concern to UNHCR; Implementation of the UNHCR protection strategy, with particular focus on the incorporation of age, gender and diversity analysis reflecting the specific priorities of the operation.

Responsibility (process and fuctions undertaken to achieve results) Ensure comprehensive case management implementation by overseeing management of individual protection cases of women and children as well as other vulnerable persons (Persons with Specific Needs and Persons with Disabilities); Lead and provide guidance on Best Interest Assessments (BIA), particularly for UAM/SC identified at UNHCR¿s reception centre and by partner organizations in the field; Lead and provide support to national staff and to partner organization on Best Interest Determination (BID); Lead/Coordinate the Bekaa SGBV Sub-Working Group, including support to updating Mapping of referral pathways; Oversee the activities of the network of Community Outreach Volunteers; Review and update periodically all SOPs related to case management; and any other relevant SOPs; Lead Bekaa's contribution to the participatory assessment process, work with implementing and operational partners to ensure inclusion of Child Protection and GBV related issues; Conduct training/guidance to national protection staff on child protection and GBV issues and individual cases; Ensure timely updating of proGres for child protection and GBV events, as well as maintenance of physical files; Monitor community-based protection partners ane eensure proper operationalisation of UNHCR partnership project agreements; Review partners' report sand provide feedback/comments and guidance on a regular basis; Contribute to annual planning of activities/strategies, partnership agreements (in close cooperation with Program Unit); Contribute to the Protection Section's weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.

Authority (decisions made in executing responsibilities and to achieve results) The incumbent will directly supervise a team of four to five national staff The incumbent is expected to work with minimal supervision hence will have a good level of authority to make recommendations for endorsement by Protection Officer and/or Head of office.

The incumbent will liaise with partners on operational issues on a day to day basis.

The incumbent will provide leadership and direction to the SGBV Sub-Working group in Bekaa.

The incumbent will intervene with authorities on child protection, SGBV and community-based protection issues.


EDUCATION/QUALIFICATION: Undergraduate, Graduate or Doctorate degree in Law, International Law, International Development, Human Rights, Social Sciences or related discipline. The degree must have been obtained in an accredited institution listed under

WORK EXPERIENCE: 3 years relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or 2 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 1 year relevant experience with Doctorate degree in the area of Community Based Protection, Social Work (eg gender, S/GBV, child Protection, work with refugees) or/and Human Rights or related tasks in government, NGO or international organization SKILLS: Good IT skills including Database Management. Excellent drafting and writing skills. Ability to establish and maintain good working relationship with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.


Protection presentation skills, interview techniques.

2.6 TRAINING COMPONENTS AND LEARNING ELEMENTS TRAINING COMPONENTS: - Mandatory Training Courses: 1. Basic Security in the Field (NB: needs to be retaken every 3 years) 2. Advanced Security in the Field  (NB: needs to be retaken every 3 years) 3. Protection Induction Programme (PIP) 4. UN Course on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Authority 5.    Orientation to IPSAS REQUIRED COMPETENCIES Code Managerial Competencies M001: Empowering and Building Trust M002: Managing Performance M003: Judgement and Decision Making M006: Managing Resources Code Cross-Functional Competencies X001: Analytical Thinking X002: Innovation and Creativity X005: Planning and Organizing X008: Stakeholder Management X009: Change Capability and Adaptability LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE - Essential: English, - Desirable: Arabic SUPERVISION: The JPO will be under the direct supervision of the manager indicated under `Supervisor title and position number¿.  The supervisor will be responsible for the performance evaluation of the JPO. The manager will also ensure that the JPO is provided a thorough induction and orientation briefing, followed by on-the-job training as well as continuous guidance for training/learning opportunities throughout the assignment. In support to the manager, the JPO Unit provides the Supervisory Guidelines upon recruitment/reassignment of the JPO.

TRAINING COMPONENTS AND LEARNING ELEMENTS TRAINING COMPONENTS: - Mandatory training courses: 1. Basic Security in the Field (NB: needs to be retaken every 3 years) 2. Advanced Security in the Field  (NB: needs to be retaken every 3 years) 3. Protection Induction Programme (PIP) 4. UN Course on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Abuse of Authority 5.    Orientation to IPSAS - Recommended training courses SGBV level 1,2 and 3. AGDM Approach. Security of persons of concern. LGBTi persons in forced displacement LEARNING ELEMENTS The incumbent will have direct and first-hand experience of working in a large refugee operation. S/he will enhance her/his interview techniques through conducting BIAs and through the case management work.  S/he will also develop management skills, through coaching national staff within the unit.  Database skills (including proGres) will be enhanced.

LIVING CONDITIONS AT THE DUTY STATION Housing/accommodation: Available Health care: Available Educational facilities: International education available at all levels Security: Available Other (transports, banks, etc): Available Zahle is the capital of the Bekaa Governorate that includes five administrative districts - Zahle, Baalbeck, Hermel, West Beqaa, and Rachaya - encompassing 151 municipalities. The Beqaa Governorate encompasses 4,429 square kilometres or approximately 42% of Lebanese territory. Zahle is situated at 1000m above sea level. Zahle is situated 54 Kilometres to the East of the Lebanese Capital, Beirut. Zahle is set among the eastern foothills of Mount Sannine, it enjoys a prime location in the Beqaa valley. According to the municipality, Zahle, with a population of approximately 150,000, is considered the third most important city in Lebanon - after Beirut and Tripoli - both in terms of size, but also with respect to economic, cultural, and political influence.

Please note that the closing date for this JPO advertisement is Wednesday 31 March 2021 (midnight Geneva time).

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