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Advocacy Technical Officer

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Job Description


  1. Role and responsibilities

    The following is a brief description of the role.

    As a member of NRC Ukraine’s Advocacy team, Advocacy Technical Officer (TO) will contribute to implementation of NRC’s Advocacy Framework towards systemic changes in the laws, policies and practices so that civilians affected by the war and displacement are protected, can exercise their human rights without discrimination and have access to essential services, support and durable solutions. Advocacy TO will support the Design and implementation of advocacy interventions at the local, regional, national and international levels. He/she will develop regular context, legal and policy updates, conduct in-depth legal and policy research and Analysis thus informing NRC’s advocacy and programming. He/she will liaise with partners and authorities, and will assist in strengthening NRC Advocacy strategic networks and alliances, with a particular focus on IDP protection, access, principled Humanitarian Action, protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure, and durable solutions.

    Generic responsibilities (max 10)

    These responsibilities shall be the same for all positions with the same title. The responsibilities shall be short and essential. Details belong in the Work- and Professional Development Plan.

  2. Ensure compliance with NRC policies, guidelines and standards.
  3. Ensure compliance with Advocacy Strategy Framework, tools, handbooks, guidelines and standards.
  4. Advocacy specific technical responsibility for the implementation, quality control, monitoring, project documentation and tracking of financial expenditures for technical activities.
  5. Provide specific Technical Support and Capacity Building towards project staff.
  6. Provide specific technical legal, policy and Context Analysis and feedback to NRC representatives in Coordination forums.
  7. Assess, promote and document ideas for technical improvement of advocacy interventions and further program development options.
  8. Ensure that projects target beneficiaries most in need, and explore and assess new and better ways to assist.
  9. Ensure proper filing of documents.
  10. Contribute to specific advocacy risks and needs analyses.
  11. Contribute to designing advocacy response to identified risks and needs.

    Specific responsibilities

    These responsibilities shall be adapted to the particularities of the job location and context, phase of operation, strategic focus and type of programme intervention. This section shall be revised whenever a new employee is hired, or the context changes significantly.

  12. Monitor and provide regular updates and quality context, legal and policy analysis on the key concerns of conflict-affected persons, including IDPs, such as Access to Services, pensions and social benefits, freedom of movement, housing, land and property rights, access to civil documentation, durable solutions.
  13. Facilitate identifying and coordinating NRC Advocacy response to prioritized issues;
  14. Conduct in-depth legal & policy research and analysis, including both national and international frameworks.
  15. Draft NRC Advocacy products such as briefing notes, position papers, talking points and reports.
  16. Facilitate planning and implementation of NRC Advocacy and Media activities and the production of relevant materials.
  17. Facilitate meetings with the authorities, international and local partners (including setting up the meetings, participation in the meetings, ensuring proper translation, taking minutes, etc.).
  18. Draft official letters and information requests to the authorities and other relevant stakeholders;
  19. Jointly with Advocacy team develop legal and policy recommendations to the authorities on prioritized issues, including drafting legislative provisions.
  20. Assist in strengthening NRC Advocacy strategic networks and alliances, with a particular focus on IDP protection, access, principled humanitarian action, protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure, and durable solutions.
  21. Compile narrative and statistical reports in the respective formats.
  22. Translate documents and meetings (Ukrainian, English, Russian).
  23. Liaise with the national, regional and local authorities, local and international partners.
  24. Perform any other tasks as requested by Advocacy Manager towards implementation of NRC Ukraine’s Advocacy Strategy Framework and Media Strategy.

    Critical interfaces

    By interfaces, NRC means processes and projects that are interlinked with other departments/units or persons. Relevant interfaces for this position are:

  25. Advocacy Manager
  26. Advocacy Coordinator
  27. HLP Coordinator and Technical Officer
  28. Media and Communications Coordinator, Technical Officers, Assistants
  29. NRC ICLA, Shelter, WASH, Livelihoods/Food Security, UDOC, Cash and other programme staff
  30. NRC support unit staff (e.g., HR, M&E, finances, logistics)

    Scale and scope of the position

    Staff management:



    Beneficiaries, I/NGOs, UN agencies, local, regional, national authorities





    Legal or compliance:

    Terms of Employment, Code of Conduct, Basic Rules on Data Protection

  31. Competencies

    Competencies are important in order for the employee and the organization to deliver desired results. They are relevant for all staff and are divided into the following two categories:

    1. Professional competencies

    These are skills, knowledge and experience that are important for effective performance.

    Generic professional competencies:

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