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The Energy Sector, globally, is experiencing a technological and digital revolution. The potential for disruption and the ability to take advantage of the benefits derived from this revolution would depend on the capacity of governments and institutions to internalize rapidly these changes. To be part of this revolution, LAC countries and energy stakeholders should be able to: (1) evaluate the challenges that hinder the growth of their industry; (2) learn about the evolving technologies that represent an opportunity of solutions for the region; (3) absorb quickly the changes to leapfrog and avoid lock-in situations; (4) adapt technological changes to national needs and specificities of each country; and (5) follow up the changes undertaken to transform the process in cumulative knowledge.

Adaptation of innovative technologies needs to be credible, efficient and quick to drive investments. Increasing the amount, availability and transparency of updated and integrated information (based on solid methodologies) and knowledge in priority areas of the region are the sine qua non condition for LAC governments to move forward and benefit from the new opportunities that innovation will unlock.

Under this context, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in strong collaboration with its regional and global partners, would like to provide Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) with a Hub/Forum for data innovation in the energy sector; through leadership in energy policy, innovative research and by fostering collaboration between multilaterals, the academia, government and the private sector to support the discussion for solutions of the regional energy challenges.

With the aim at supporting the IDB Hub project, the Energy Division is looking for a specialist with strong skills on developing effective and innovative analytics and Data Visualizations, who ensures to identify and build the best visualizations and communicative data materials for different data sources and analyses within the Energy Hub.

The team’s mission:

The Energy Division (ENE) specializes in conceptualizing, preparing and executing financing and Technical Support operations to the LAC energy sector in a wide range of areas including electricity, oil & gas, petrochemicals, energy efficiency and institutional strengthening, among others.

The research team at the ENE Division provides cross sectional guidance and support to the Design and implementation of energy operations, with the main objective of generate empirical based knowledge in the area of energy economics.

What you’ll do:

The general objective of this consultancy is to design and build strong-useful analytics and communicative-illustrative visualizations that let users understand energy patterns, tendencies and analyze several dimensions of the performance and sustainability of the energy sector in LAC countries. The key responsibilities are:

· You will design and create innovative analytics and visualizations for determined energy data issues, pending to the requirements of the Energy Division. The visualizations must be as creative as possible, “out of the box” in style, and provide different options and versatility.

· You should use best tool(s) for the Data Analytics and visualization, such as Tableau, Power BI, and others following high standards, formats of the Energy Hub.

· You should be able to process databases and statistics in different formats from different sources in order to consume data within analytics and visualization tools

· You will combine and integrate the business needs, available data, and storytelling to create visualizations, proposing innovation, creativity for the autonomous exploitation of results by users. Make the results easy to read,

· You will prepare and apply user test cases, in order to guarantee the quality, effectiveness, and innovation of the visualizations.

Deliverables and Payments timeline:

The main expected products from this consultancy are, but not limited to:

Ten (10) new visualizations for the Energy Hub. The visualizations must be as creative as possible, “out of the box” style, giving different options and versatility (maps, charts, icon designs metrics, tree maps, and others). Including all visualization materials, formats and methodology for future updating.

Product 1 - work plan, methodology and 2 visualizations

Product 2 - 3 visualizations

Product 3 - 3 visualizations

Product 4 - 2 visualizations


Product 1 – 20% of contract

Product 2 – 30% of contract

Product 3 – 30% of contract

Product 4 – 20% of contract

What you’ll need:
  • Citizenship: The consultant is a citizen of one of our 48-member countries.

  • Consanguinity: You have no family members (up to fourth degree of consanguinity and second degree of affinity, including spouse) working at the IDB Group.

  • Education: Master’s degree and/or postgraduate certifications in data analytics, business intelligence, statistics or related engineering fields with strong understanding and knowledge of data-driven decision making, and storytelling data visualizations.

  • Experience: Should include at least 5 years of experience on data visualizations, data reporting solutions and Data Management. Expertise in using the most up to date tools for visualizations. Familiarity working with International Organizations and experience working in/with Latin America and the Caribbean desired.

  • Languages: English and Spanish. Moreover, other official languages of the Bank are desirable.

  • Computer Skills: Strong background and skills using Tableau and/or Power BI is required. Moreover, acknowledge with Python and or R are desired.

 Core and Technical Competencies: Opportunity Summary:
  • Type of contract and modality: Products and External Services Consultant (PEC)

  • Length of contract: 3 months

  • Starting date: July 2020

  • Location: Consultant Location

  • Responsible person: The Consultant will report on all aspects related to this assignment to IDB Energy Specialists in DC.

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About us: At the IDB, we’re committed to improving lives. Since 1959, we’ve been a leading source of long-term financing for economic, social, and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. We do more than lending though. We partner with our 48-member countries to provide Latin America and the Caribbean with cutting-edge research about relevant development issues, policy advice to inform their decisions, and technical assistance to improve on the planning and execution of projects. For this, we need people who not only have the right skills, but also are passionate about improving lives.

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