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Senior International Consultant (Ending Violence Against Women and Girls - Technical Support to National Capital District Commission and NCD Governor)

UN Women

Job Description

UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, Humanitarian Action and peace and security. UN Women will be implementing interventions which are part of a global partnership between the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in support of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. The Initiative provides a model for partnerships with donors, civil society, and the UN to deliver on the SDGs in a comprehensive manner leveraging comparative expertise. Port Moresby is one of the locations in which this important initiative will be implemented. SDG 5 and the achievement of gender equality are placed at the center of efforts (alongside SDGs 11 on Sustainable cities and communities and 16 on “Peace, justice and strong institutions”) with the aim of provide an enabling environment for the implementation of all goals. Within the UN, the Initiative will accelerate reforms and model new ways of delivering on the SDGs in an integrated manner, leveraging collaborative advantages with the overall vision that women and girls enjoy their right to a life free of violence, in an inclusive and gender equitable country. This contributes to implementation of Papua New Guinea’s National Strategy to prevent and respond to gender-based violence (2016-2025), with attention to holistic prevention and responses to violence against women and girls.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the overall guidance of UN Women Deputy Country Representative and direct supervision of the UN Women Programme Technical Specialist and Coordinator  (Spotlight Initiative), support from UN Women EVAW team members, as well as considerable engagement with focal points from NCDC, FSVAC, GBV Secretariat and other key stakeholder organisations. The consultant will provide Technical Support to generate awareness, develop resources, build partnerships, and facilitate subnational policy developments necessary to achieve success in prevention and response to VAWG. The assignment will enable NCD Governor: increase political commitment to addressing VAWG and to deliver on policy and resource outcomes; support the evidence base to drive sound decision-making; and influence decision making through increased visibility and understanding of solutions to EVAWG and gender data. Specifically, the consultant assignment will be as follows: Coordination and Partnership Development
  • Support the GBV Secretariat to act as a liaison for all gender-based violence issues and activities in NCDC and mentor staff on this responsibility.

  • Assist the Governor to develop and institutionalize a multi-sectoral high-level task force, on gender-based violence in Port Moresby in line with the national policies and strategies addressing various forms of VAWG.

  • Manage strategic communications and advocacy by providing support to the Governor to use his voice as a Member of Parliament to raise critical municipal GBV issues to the parliamentary stage.

  • Work with relevant authorities and stakeholders, including government, private sector, CSOs and Development Partners to support consultative and evidence-based NCD GBV (prevention and response) Strategy in line with the National GBV Strategy.

  • Assist the Governor in creating and institutionalizing a Community of Practice (CoP) with other Governors from across the country. The CoP will identify what is working; what is not working; who, what and how to catalyze change; will monitor and grow best practice on VAWG prevention and response; convening an annual dialogue on these issues and more.

Mentorship and Technical Support to NCDC
  • Mentor and provide technical expertise and guidance to the NCD GBV Secretariat, including collaboration with international experts.

Communication and Advocacy
  • Provide technical support to and identify opportunities for the NCDC of relevant advocacy and communication/information opportunities to address gender (in)equality and GBV issues.

  • Establish links with public relations and program officers across NCDC, the NCD Governor’s Office and other relevant provincial level government entities to secure effective rollout of the gender responsive NCD Communications Strategy.

  • Develop communication toolkits to NCDC’s public relations officers to ensure imagery and language around how women and girls are represented and described, as well as how acts of gender-based violence are conveyed, do not objectify women and girls, perpetuate stereotypes and/or extend or encourage cycles of abuse and violence.

  • Support the collection of gender data as part of 2020 census in Port Moresby to better understand and respond to the experience of women in the city.

  • Provide NCD GBV Secretariat with technical support on the development of the quarterly GBV incidences data Analysis and reports

Program Development and Management
  • Support and monitor activities of the gender desk, market desk and youth desk as they pertain to the safety and well-being of women and girls.

  • Ensure a gender lens is applied by NCDC working groups:  affordable housing, settlements to suburbs, Motu Koitabu Village modernization; city planning and infrastructure, education and health etc so that the safety needs of women and girls are well-considered and expertise of leaders in these departments is grown regarding the needs of women and girls in city planning.

  • Support the Governor’s participation in gender-based violence engagements and fora to ensure maximum effective participation and outcome, both in and outside of Port Moresby including the identification of key events, meetings, speeches, presentations and modalities through which to share and learn best practices.

  • Represent the Governor as needed in all meetings at a municipal, national and international level as needed

Duration of the assignment The total duration of the contract assignment will be 11 months. It is anticipated that part of this assignment will be completed from home base/remotely and part in the proposed project locations within Papua New Guinea. The estimated time for homebased assignment is as follows: Expected Deliverables The consultant is expected to deliver the following results: 1. Inception Report (Home Based) Inception report submitted within 15 days of signing contract Submit Inception Report describing methodology, data collection tools to be used including implementation plan on how ALL deliverables will be achieved. 15% upon approval of Inception Report 2. NCDC’s Multisectoral Strategy on Gender Based Violence yearly plan and budget. (Ratified by the Governor’s office and NCD Board of Directors; and put into action institutionally.)
  • Conduct Desk review of NCDC’s organizational GBV related policies, plans and other relevant national GBV documents.

  • Consult key stakeholders within the GBV space in NCD

  • Develop NCDC’s Multisectoral Strategy on Gender Based Violence with implementation plan & budget

  • Submit to NCD Governor and NCDC Board of Directors for approval for implementation.

(Note: Strategy needs to be aligned with PNG GBV National Strategy)  17% Upon approved NCDC’s Multisectoral Strategy on Gender Based Violence Including quarterly GBV incidents reports presented at task-force meetings to inform decision making (with the NCD GBV Secretariat) 3. Multisectoral comprehensive NCDC communications and behaviour change strategy (Strategy should include implementation plan, budgets and communications toolkits)
  • Review Existing NCD Governor’s Behavior Change Campaign initiatives.

  • Consult key stakeholders & partners

  • Develop a Multisectoral comprehensive NCDC communications and behavior change strategy with implementation plan and budgets, aligned with Global Best Practices

  • Develop toolkits on how to implement the campaign strategies

  • Submit to NCDC & UN Women for Approval

13% Upon approved Multisectoral comprehensive NCDC communications and behavior change strategy & related toolkits. 4. Sanap Wantaim Behavior Change Campaign Evaluation Report (Strategy to include budget & implementation & sustainability plan, strategies for scale up, supporting & toolkits for implementation
  • Review Sanap Wantaim IEC materials and reports

  • Consult key campaign partners

  • Develop Sustainability plan for Sanap Wantaim.

  • This should include strategies for scale up to 10 targeted provinces under the SPOTLIGHT initiative

  • Develop toolkits on how to implement the campaign’s strategies

  • Submit to NCDC & UN Women for Approval

15% Upon approved Sanap Wantaim Behavior Change Campaign Evaluation Report Including quarterly GBV incidents reports presented at task-force meetings to inform decision making (with the NCD GBV Secretariat) 5. Capacity Development Plan 
  • Conduct GBV Training Needs Assessment for key NCDC divisions (NCDC GBV Secretariat, Active city, Youth Desk, Gender Desk, TVET (Urban Youth Program) & Regulatory /Engineering, Urban Planning Divisions

  • Develop Training, mentorship & Monitoring Plan for targeted NCDC’s sections/divisions /departments with implementation schedule

  • Protocol and operational manual developed and operationalized for the subnational multisectoral high-level taskforce addressing GBV

5% upon approved TNA Report covering all relevant departments and platforms; 5% upon approved Training, mentorship & Monitoring Plan, implementation schedule and operational manual 6. High Level Political Engagement Strategy 
  • Desk Review on current political commitment on GBV in PNG

  • Develop strategy for high level political engagement targeting Governors across the country with an aim to strengthen political commitment for addressing Gender Base Violence, esp. Violence against Women and girls (VAWG)

  • Coordinate and implement one National event in Port Moresby convening Governors from across the country to discuss what is working, what is not working, and who, what and how to change and monitor, and grow practice and prevention programmes that work.

  • Submit Report to UN Women & NCDC

10% Upon approved High-Level Political Engagement Strategy & Report on successful hosting of EVAW Political event in Port Moresby Including quarterly GBV incidents reports presented at task-force meetings to inform decision making (with the NCD GBV Secretariat) 7. Final Report  Report Should Cover how deliverables have been met including successes and challenges. This should also include updates on;
  • Implementation of NCDC Communications & Behavior Change Strategy

  • Implementation of NCDC’s Multi-sectoral GBV Strategy

  • Sanap Wantaim Campaign Sustainability & Scaleup

  • Implementation of NCDC’s High Level Political engagement strategy & Provincial Governors’ forum in Port Moresby on GBV & EVAW

  • implementation of the training and mentorship plan for NCDC’s staff and departments/divisions. (This should include training of NCDC’s Public relations officers on ensuring imagery and language around how women and girls are represented and described, as well as how acts of gender-based violence are conveyed) 

20% Upon approved FINAL REPORT covering agreed areas. Important note: Consultant is required to provide monthly updates on progress. All the documents, materials and reports should be submitted in written in English language:
  • 1 electronic copy

  • 2 hard copies

Upon receipt of the deliverables and prior to the payment of the instalment, the deliverables, related reports and documents will be reviewed and approved by UN Women within one week of submission. Inputs The consultant is expected to provide 2 (Two) separate financial proposals as outlined below:
  1. Financial proposal for UN Women for professional fees directly related to the technical aspects of this assignment (i.e. all costs excluding (a), (b) and (c) below; and

  2. Financial proposal for NCD Governor regarding (only sections (a), (b) and (c) below)- cost of living in Port Moresby and travel costs from consultant’s home country to Port Moresby (e.g. visa, air tickets) and accommodation.

a) Costs of Living The consultant will present a separate financial proposal on the cost of living, as this will be covered by the NCD Governor as part of his contribution to this assignment. b) Transport: All costs related to travelling from consultant’s home country to Port Moresby (e.g. visa, air tickets) will be covered by the Governor and not part of the Financial Proposal to UN Women. The NCD Governor is also expected to arrange local transport within Port Moresby and from home base in Port Moresby. c) Accommodation: All accommodation costs and other living expenses will be covered by the NCD Governor and should not be included in the Financial Proposal to UN Women d) Communications: The Consultant will be required to provide their own local communications such as SIM cards. Some internet access is available while in Port Moresby however the consultant is expected to arrange his/her own internet access in the field. These costs should be included in the lump sum fee of the financial proposal. e) Office space and facilities: The consultant is expected to work out of the Governor’s Executive Office but may access the UN Women office for printing of relevant documents or should he/she be required to work on-site at any point during the assignment. f) Security: The consultant will benefit from UN security briefing and will be required to follow UN security rules and guidance. g) Insurance: The Consultant will arrange private insurance and the cost of which will be included in the financial proposal. IMPORTANT: All costs to be covered by the NCD Governor should be stipulated in the 2nd Financial Proposal.  These costs will be subject to direct negotiation with the NCD Governor Performance evaluation: The Consultant’s performance will be evaluated based on: relevant experience, timeliness, quality of deliverables, responsibility, initiative, communication, accuracy, and quality of the products delivered.


Core Values and Guiding Principles
  • Demonstrates integrity by modelling UN Women values and ethical standards.

  • Demonstrates a commitment to UN Women’s mission and vision.

  • Able to work effectively within a team.

  • Displays cultural and gender sensitivity and adaptability.

  • Able to multi-task and juggle competing demands.

  • Can assess and prioritize work needs quickly.

  • Ability to relate to external partners, including other international organizations and agencies, NGOs, and grassroots community groups.

  • Demonstrated ability to work successfully in remote, rural, hardship posts.

 Functional Competencies
  • Demonstrated sound knowledge on development issues in developing countries (Pacific knowledge and/or experience an advantage).

  • Experience in Women Economic Empowerment Issues an advantage.

  • Previous experience working on gender equality in a variety of cultural and political contexts.

  • Excellent communication and partnering skills to ensure effectively and harmoniously working with people from varied cultures and professional backgrounds.

  • Demonstrated ability to work in hardship posts and/or remote areas.

  • Results based management skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to develop and deliver training packages on gender issues.

  • Background in research and /or ability to manage field research.

  • Ability to produce well-written programme documents and high-level policy demonstrating analytical ability and communication skills.

  • Experience in formulating and delivery of related Capacity Building materials targeting the community level.

Required Skills and Experience

Education Master’s Degree or equivalent in Political Science, Business Administration, Economics, Public Policy, Social Sciences, International Relations or related field. Experience
  • At least 10 years of experience of relevant work in gender-based violence is required;

  • Experience in designing and leading strategies to end gender-based violence;

  • Proven competence in partnership building on issues pertaining to gender equality and ending violence against women and girls;

  • Demonstrable track record in designing and implementing high quality programming on ending violence against women and girls specifically in Papua New Guinea is required;

  • Knowledge of Papua New Guinea context or experience in the country, including demonstrated knowledge of existing networks and stakeholders in target areas relevant to this assignment.

  • Experience working with national and district governments in Papua New Guinea is an asset;

  • Experience engaging local stakeholders, including CSOs, local / government leaders and authorities;

  • UN Experience is an added advantage;

Language and other skills
  • Excellent command of English both written and oral is required.

Submission of application Interested candidates are requested to submit electronic application to the UNDP website not later than 17th January 2020 COB (PNG time). Submission package
  • CV

  • Letter of Interest containing the statement on candidate’s experience in the field of recruitment.

Two (2) Financial proposal: One for UN Women and the other for the NCD Governor The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount breaking down lump sum professional fee and any other expenses excluding costs to be covered by the NCD Governor which are costs of living, accommodation and air ticket to/from POM to home country and local transportation within Port Moresby.   Costs to covered by the NCD Governor will be negotiated directly without involvement of UN Women. All applications must include (as an attachment) the CV and the two (2) financial proposals. Applications without 2 financial proposals will be treated as incomplete and will not be considered for further assessment. Please note that only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. Evaluation Applications will be evaluated based on the Cumulative analysis.
  • Technical Qualifications (100 points) weight [80%]

  • Financial Proposal (100 points) weight [20%]

A two-stage procedure is utilized in evaluating the proposals, with evaluation of the technical proposal being completed prior to any price proposal being compared. Only the price proposal of the candidates who passed the minimum technical score of 80% of the obtainable score of 100 points in the technical qualification evaluation will be evaluated. Technical qualification evaluation criteria The total number of points allocated for the technical qualification component is 100. The technical qualification of the individual is evaluated based on following: Education 10 Experience leading programmatic and policy work with governments on ending violence against women and girls 40 Experience in the Papua New Guinea GBV Context 20 Global experience in ending GBV 30 Total Obtainable Score 100 IMPORTANT: All applications must be presented in ONE PDF ATTACHMENT (including CV, letter and the 2 -Two financial proposals as described above). Applications without both financial proposals will be treated as incomplete and will not be considered for further assessment. UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence. UNDP does not tolerate sexual exploitation and abuse, any kind of harassment, including sexual harassment, and discrimination. All selected candidates will, therefore, undergo rigorous reference and background checks.
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