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Security and Logistics Manager

Creative Associates International

Job Description

Creative Associates seeks a Security and Logistics Manager for a donor funded project in Honduras. The Security and Logistics Manager will work with the HQ Security Manager to manage and coordinate all Creative security and safety programs, plans and policies relevant to the project including detailed security procedures that comply with Creative Security Policies. This will include Emergency response drills and communication procedure for the project. As a member of the operations team, s/he will provide timely staff services and efficient office operations in the areas of voice communications, mail, inventory management, supplies and equipment maintenance. Reporting and Supervision: The Security and Logistics Manager will report to the Chief of Party (COP). Responsibilities
  • Maintain and oversee the logistics of the office space;

  • Produce regular reports to the project team in Washington, DC;

  • Increase the level of cooperation with local partners in Honduras;

  • Provide security, safety and risk mitigation and ensure that project staff complies with project security procedures;

  • Monitor and analyze the ongoing threat environment faced by the project and brief the leadership accordingly. Distribute threat warnings to all staff as appropriate. Ensure that appropriate risk migration measures are taken by the project to respond to the threats or changes in threats faced by the project. This is to include physical protection measures, safe working routines, movement restrictions, protection equipment and security staff provision, as required;

  • Oversee movement control and Coordination for the project, including driver and vehicle deployment and staff whereabouts;

  • Oversee any security provider contracted by the project to ensure contractual compliance and performance of their duties, and act as the focal point of contact with the security provider;

  • Report security incidents, violations and recommended corrective actions, as appropriate, to the COP, the appointing authority and the HQ Security Department;

  • Ensure all new employee/contractor personnel receive appropriate security orientations and briefings;

  • Verify that all security devices such as locks, alarms, access systems and physical force protection measures are operational or reported for repair;

  • Ensure visitor access and vehicle control systems are effective and appropriate for the threat environment;

  • Work with the HQ Security Manager to maintain the project Crisis Response Plan in coordination with the COP and ensure that the contact information contained therein is always up-to-date;

  • Provide a weekly security report to project leadership and HQ Security Department;

  • Be able to assist with out-of-hours Emergency Response at the project, if needed;

  • Serve as the liaison with the U.S. Embassy Regional Security Officer and/or equivalent U.S. Government personnel for project security matters, as well as liaison with the Honduran Security Agencies;

  • Assist the project with Business Continuity planning, as required;

  • Ensure that the Creative Sensitive Information (CSI) Plan is distributed to and is being followed by project staff;

  • In conjunction with program staff, oversee Administration and logistical support to program activities, including program events and general program workshops;

  • Manage project team in an open and respectful manner, working with local staff to build their competencies and capacity; and

  • Perform other duties as assigned.**Qualifications**

  • Bachelor's Degree in a related field is desired;

  • At least five (5) years' experience in security management on donor-funded projects within Honduras;

  • Experience implementing security policies, procedures and protocols;

  • Previous experience with USAID-funded projects preferred;

  • Strong written and oral communication skills;

  • Proficiency in the use of computers and Microsoft Office software;

  • Demonstrated ability to handle confidential and/or sensitive information;

  • Appreciation of and ability to work effectively in, diverse work environments;

  • Field-based security and Crisis Management experience; and

  • Fluency in Spanish required, with English language proficiency preferred.

Local candidates strongly encouraged to apply. Position contingent upon donor funding.
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