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Job Description

Position Description: The SBC Advisor will be a senior-level member of the project team and will work with the private agricultural sector, government, regional and local partners, non-governmental organizations, community organizations, others to increase dietary diversity and demand for Nutrition foods. The SBC Advisor will work under the oversight of the Nutrition Director to provide specialized technical assistance to Design, implement, monitor, and coordinate SBC and demand generation interventions. Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Provides technical assistance, direction and support related to the development and implementation of SBCC/demand generation/Marketing strategies for dietary diversity in all phases from formative research through design, media and material production, Community Mobilization, and evaluation.

  • Provides strategic director to design and implement SBC strategies to facilitate increased market efficiencies

  • Ensures engagement, nutrition outcomes, and gender inclusion for women, youth and marginalized populations

  • Strengthens capacity of lead firms, MSMEs and business service providers in SBC strategies to ensure messages reflect key behavioral drivers

  • Responds to the specified deliverables and goals of contracts and grant agreements, ensuring achievements in a timely manner and in full support and compliance with FHI 360 contractual agreements.

  • Leads the implementation of work plans, formative research and related activities. Drafts quarterly and annual reports, and all other reporting requirements as needed.

  • Liaises with and manages partner organizations involved in country program activities and assists in the implementation of project activities.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Master’s Degree and 5+ years of experience in implementing and managing international health/development, demand generation, marketing, social and behavior change programs and projects in developing countries, with experience working in Zimbabwe.

Specific Knowledge Requirements:
  • Strong understanding of current state of agricultural industry and market in nutrition-sensitive Agriculture food marketing with knowledge of state of the art social and behavior change communication models and strategies and their practical application to improving consumer demand for nutritious food products and/or nutrition.

  • Knowledge of evidence-based, innovative, and practical solutions to communication challenges in developing countries.

  • Field experience in developing and implementing SBCC projects and programs in Zimbabwe and/or other African countries that have demonstrated impact, at scale.

  • Understanding of widely accepted formative research, pretesting, and Monitoring and Evaluation methodologies for effective demand generation, marketing and SBCC interventions.

  • Demonstrated strong technical, programming, and management skills.

  • Proven ability to work as an effective team member.

  • Excellent oral/written communication skills in English and one or more local languages. Demonstrated interpersonal and negotiation skills, and experience working in collaboration with the private sector, government, partners, donors, and NGOs.

  • Ability to set priorities while multi-tasking, and meet deadlines.

Language requirements: English and one or more local languages. This job description summarizes the main duties of the job. It neither prescribes nor restricts the exact tasks that may be assigned to carry out these duties. This document should not be construed in any way to represent a contract of employment. Management reserves the right to review and revise this document at any time.
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