Risk Analysis and Reporting Manager


Job Description

Chemonics seeks a risk Analysis and reporting manager to support programming in Syria. The position will be fully remote, and locations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Risk Analysis and reporting manager works closely with the technical and Program Implementation teams and implementing partners as well as DFID staff to ensure the project is adequately prepared to respond to different types of risk. The risk analysis and reporting manager informs the Design, management, implementation, and oversight of programme activities from a risk perspective and continuously assesses different types of risks to programme activities and provide mitigation strategies. The risk analysis and reporting manager will work with the project’s field teams and partner staff inside Syria to track all incidents linked to program activities and escalate all identified risks and incidents in a timely manner to the team lead. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Responsibilities include:

  • Identify potential risks and mitigations to improve the programme’s risk reporting and mitigation

  • Research ongoing conflict situations and potential risk to improve programme’s understanding of key actors, contexts, causes, options and capabilities

  • Provide the program with timely and reliable data and valid analysis to support decision-making on Risk Management

  • Manage and update the program’s Risk Assessment and mitigation framework, including the risk register, in compliance with standards, regulations, and procedures required by donors and Chemonics

  • Identify and analyze perceived, actual, direct and indirect threats, and develop and update risk analysis and mitigation measures. Use threat analyses to forecast trends and conflict shifts that may impact programme strategy or activities

  • Mentor downstream partners to ensure understanding of all risks associated with activities, and that partners develop a robust risk-management approach in line with the program risk-management policy

  • Work closely with Manahel field team and partner staff to build their capacity in risk analysis and reporting so they can report all program-related incidents to the project team lead and donor in a timely manner, including Training Programs and continuous Capacity Building activities

  • Maintain an accurate and timely record of all incidents and risk reports while upholding confidentiality and Chemonics information-sharing protocols

  • Prepare weekly contextual updates about the programme operating environment and share them with the project’s senior management team and donor as needed

  • Prepare and regularly update supported schools and education spaces’ status. Produce quarterly report on disruption of education due to the conflict and other contextual factors

  • Work closely with the Safeguarding focal point to ensure effective reporting of safeguarding concerns while maintaining the distinction at the policy and local procedure level between safeguarding and other risks, including the unique requirements of child safeguarding

  • Serve as the safeguarding focal point if applicant possesses skillset.


  • Bachelor’s degree in sociology, Political Science, or other related field. Master’s degree in a related field preferred

  • Three years of experience in risk analysis, conflict research, and/or management and reporting

  • Demonstrated experience in risk management including developing risk analysis, identifying risks and mitigations for similar projects in similar contexts

  • Strong understanding of the conflict and Security situation in Syria; previous experience in Syria required

  • In-depth understanding and experience with safeguarding principles, including child safeguarding

  • Experience in inclusive programming, and mainstreaming of gender and conflict sensitivity

  • Experience collecting and analyzing data from different sources and forecasting trends and events based on analysis.

  • Extensive experience establishing and maintaining incident identification and reporting mechanisms

  • Strong communications and presentations skills in English and Arabic

  • Demonstrated leadership, versatility, and integrity

  • Fluency in Arabic, with strong speaking and writing skills in English

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