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Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation PNF Trainer Objectives of training: The overall objective of this training is to understand the PNF Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation is a widely used rehabilitation concept. The aim of this training is to use PNF in the rehabilitation program to improve the activities of daily living (ADL) and Quality of Life (QoL) of the individuals. The training will cover the procedures, techniques, and patterns within PNF. The main objective developing an understanding of the principles that underlie PNF, and how to perform the patterns and the activities. Specific objectives: · To define Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. · To provide the effectiveness of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) techniques on gait parameters in patients with stroke. · To understand motor control and motor learning. · To practice PNF in functional activities. · To know the techniques that used for increase range of motion and decrease spasticity. Content of the training: · PNF definition, neurophysiology, and benefits. · Motor control and Motor learning and its phases. · Basic procedures for Facilitation: Optimal Resistance Irradiation and Reinforcement, Tactile Stimulus (Manual Contact), Body Position and Body Mechanics, Verbal Stimulation (Commands), Visual Stimulus, Traction and Approximation, Stretch, Timing Patterns · Neurology Treatment Techniques: Brushing, Tapping, Cryotherapy-Brief, Passive Stretching – Quick, Joint Compression, vibration, Vestibular Stimulation. · PNF movement patterns upper extremity and lower extremity: diagonal and resemble functional movement. · Neck and trunk patterns, Scapula and pelvis patterns. · Vital functions: Facial Muscles, Tongue Movements, Swallowing, Breathing. · PNF Techniques and Their Goals: Contract Relax, Hold Relax, Contract Relax Agonist, Antagonist Contract, Replication, Rhythmic Initiation, Slow reversals. · Gait training: Gait Analysis, observation and manual evaluation, practical gait training. · PNF in Activities of Daily Living: Transfers, Dressing and Undressing. · Spinal cord injury, hemiplegic, Multiple sclerosis,… Expected results: The participant will be able to · Understanding the PNF Rehabilitation which reflates in the beneficiary’s goals, and daily work. · Implement the PNF techniques and proper pattern relevant to the assessment. · Identify the proper and effective neurology treatment techniques for stimulation. · Practice neck and trunk pattern needed for different cases. · Know the techniques in PNF to treat some vital functions impairment like facial palsy, difficulty in swallowing and breathing problems. · Implementing PNF in functional activities of daily living. · Applying PNF during Gait training. Expected Deliverables:
  • Theoretical material used during the training.

  • Assessment forms.

  • Action plans for different injury type who contributed to the PNF techniques.

  • Report of the training: general assessment of trainees, capacities and understanding.

  • Pre/post-tests (to be arranged by the trainers)

  • Results of pre and post-test, recommendation for further knowledge and skills development.

Participants: Profile and background: PTs and OTs with university bachelor level. In addition, Rehab Technical Officers (TO) with PT background. Number of participants: TOs, PTs and OTs. Total participants are between (25-35). Training Dates: Feb-March 2020. Selection criteria: · Rehabilitation background, Physiotherapist, occupational therapy and other related degree. · Good reporting skills. · Professional English. · Certified as trainer. · Previous experience in delivering the same topic training for University, International or local organization…etc. How to apply: Bids from interested individual trainers or firms should include: · The candidate should provide his/her budget in Euro, · The candidate should provide his/her certificate as a trainer. · Previous experience in delivering the same topic training for University, International or local organization…etc. if you are interested kindly send your CV to hiprocurementlog@gmail.com with mentioning in the email subject that you are applying for (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation PNF Trainer ). And we will not consider any CV/email without mentioning the name of the position that the candidate is applying for. Note: Humanity & Inclusion reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal without giving reasons and is not bound to accept the lowest or the highest bidder Deadline for submission of applications: 14th January, 2020 Applications submitted after the deadline (day or hour) will not be considered. Selected Trainers might be invited for a complementary interview. “Humanity & Inclusion is committed to protecting the rights of the children and opposes to all forms of child exploitation and Child Abuse. HI contractors must commit to protecting children against exploitation and abuse"
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