Program Director (Urban Refugee Protection Program)


Job Description

Program Director for Urban Refugee Protection Program / CARE international in Jordan CARE International seeks a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security. In Jordan, CARE will be recognized for its commitment to the humanitarian protection and empowerment of communities especially women and girls, where rights are secured, and human potential fulfilled for all. CARE in Jordan leads humanitarian protection, economic empowerment, and civic engagement interventions for women and girls from poor and vulnerable communities in the fight to overcome poverty, gender based violence, and social injustice. We nurture accountability, leadership and political will internally and among our partners to achieve this mission. CARE values equality, integrity, transformation, excellence, diversity, and respect for the dignity and worth of every human being, where we affirm the dignity, potential, and contribution of all; communities we work with, partners, donors, and staff. CARE International established a presence in Jordan in 1948, created in the wake of the Palestinian refugee crisis. Over 70 years later, CARE has served the needs of the Palestinian, Iraqi, Somali, Sudanese, and now Syrian refugee communities. CARE’s scope of work has evolved from emergency response to long-term development programming, now encompassing an Urban Refugee Protection Program, the Azraq Camp Program, and the Sustainable Development Program. In late 2016, CARE created its Strategy- Business Plan 2017-2020, defining CARE’s program goals to fight poverty and inequality by 2020. CARE International in Jordan has a vacancy for the post of Program Director for Urban Refugee Protection Program Scope of Work: The Program Director of the Urban Refugee Protection Program is one of CARE’s Jordan senior managemnt team (SMT), who is responsible for ensuring that the CARE Jordan program or programs for which they are responsible contribute to CARE's vision of "a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been eliminated and people live with dignity and security". The Program Director of the Urban Refugee Protection Program is expected to provide strategic leadership in emergency preparedness and response, staff recruitement and management, program development, implementation, financial and programmtic monitoring and evaluation and ensure that the program/projects meet the immediate needs of the most vulnerable households so that they may live dignified, safe and secure lives. He/ she will ensure that gender equailty is at the heart of this effort, and ensuring CARE programming address the specific needs of women and girls. The Program Director of the Urban Refugee Protection Program is responsible for the quality and effectiveness of CARE’s response within his/her designated area of responsibility. He/she is the leader of the Emergency Response Team in different geographical areas. Furthermore; S/he is responsible and accountable for developing, coordinating and managing all activities. The Program Director of the Urban Refugee Protection Program is responsible for overseeing the development of the program/projects’ strategies appropriate for the specific environments in which CARE works. S/he manages a team of professionals focused on the design, funding, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the program and projects in line with CARE's Programming Principles and Strategy. S/he must also ensure that systems and people are in place to ensure the proper management of those projects and programs in line with CARE and donor requirements. Program Director is responsible for ensuring the delivery of project outputs according to contractual requirements within budget and on time. The Program Director is repsonible for overseeng the development, testing and implementation of new and innovative program approaches suitable for the context of the CO and general needs and trends. Under the guidance of ACD-P, s/he will work closely with regional and CARE USA HQ levels, as well as with relevant CARE International members. The Program Director is a key member of the Country Office Senior Management Team and as such is responsible for leading and supporting country office initiatives related to livelihood, social cohesion among local and refugee communties, case managemnt and infiramtion provision, cash asstsances, cash for protection and education, Psycosocial programs, and MEAL ( Monitoring, Evaluaytion, Accountability and learning ) programs and units. Partnership and Gedner Equality are core princilplies and cross curtting themes in all programs areas.. Under the overall supervision of the Assistant Country Director s/he is responsible for maintaining good working relationships with host government officials, donors, civil society, the UN and other partners. Duties and Responsibilities: Staff Management · Provides ongoing supervision, leadership, support and guidance to the program staff and more closely to the program senior management team, consists of (Program Managers and CARE’s Community Center Managers and projects coordinators and MEAL senior staffs) · In Coordination with human resources department, responsible for ensuring that sufficient human resources are recruited, and provided with the needed orientation. · Create the conditions to ensure effective teamwork and morale, and promote a productive work environment respectful of the Code of Conduct with zero tolerance for verbal and physical abuse or discrimination against other persons on the grounds of race, color, sex or creed. · Implement all elements of CARE Jordan Performance Management system and ensuring that all direct reports do as well. · Ensure that human resources implications for CARE Jordan and CI for both existing and anticipated emergency response are fully assessed, identified, described and communicated. Assessment, Program Design & Planning · In association with the Country Director, and ACD-P ensure assessments are executed and from them an integrated emergency response, implementation and exit strategies are developed. · Ensure that CARE International Members (through the Country Director and ACD-P) are aware of humanitarian developments and CARE’s response to them. · Coordinate the development of all project implementation plans and budgets within the framework of the agreed program and strategy. · Assist and advise the Country Director and ACD-P with securing donor funding for the CARE programs in general. · Oversee project design and proposal preparations for institutional and public funding Emergency and Refugee Program Management and Implementation · Maintain ongoing surveillance of the developing humanitarian emergency situation and adjust activities accordingly · Ensure adequate monitoring, reporting and acquittal of emergency response activities in accordance with CARE International’s humanitarian accountability framework, relevant SPHERE standards, and essential environmental mitigation measures. · Ensure that different sectoral activities are implemented in a coordinated and integrated manner. · Establish and maintain constructive working relationships with other NGOs, UN agencies, host government, bilateral and multilateral donors, and other principle stakeholders. · Responsible for ensuring the approval of program/project budgets (including project matches/shared costs). · In coordination with Finance Controller and Program Managers / ensure proper efficient monitoring of all program budgets in compliance with donors and CARE’s regulation. · Ensure donor and government reporting relevant to the program is done according to agreed-upon standards and in a timely manner. Program Quality
  • Oversee all donor reporting relating to the Urban Program

  • Oversee the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Programs and projects for which s/he is responsible for and ensure that they are in line with CO strategic plan and program strategy with the CI Programming Principles and with donor regulations and requirements.

  • Ensure systems and work plans are in place to guarantee that the p Program is designed and implemented based on sound Analysis, address the underlying causes of poverty and achieve measurable positive impact on the poor and marginalized.

  • Closely coordinate with PQ department and related partners to generate viable project proposals falling within agreed CO program strategies and assist in identifying and securing funding for those projects

  • In close collaboration with PQ department, Ensure that proper monitoring and evaluation systems are in place to demonstrate impact and that program lessons are being used to promote improved programming and learning. Ensure that monitoring and evaluation systems enhance accountability of COs vis-a-vis the communities with whom we work as well as other stakeholders (civil society, donors and government counterparts).

  • Work with the Regional Advocacy Manager, CD , and SMT to oversee the development and implementation of a CO advocacy agenda that supports the Program.

  • In coordination with the Regional Gender Advisor, CARE’s Jordan Gender Advisor, ensure that GED issues are properly considered and addressed in the Emergency Response Program.

Learning and Reflective Practices
  • Support the ACD-P to ensure that mechanisms for knowledge sharing and learning between CARE Jordan programs are in place.

  • Establish a reward system and model a culture that recognizes and supports innovation, risk taking and leaning.

  • Support the ACD-P in ensuring the CO actively participates in organization wide and regional learning initiatives related to CARE's priority program themes and approaches.

  • Ensure that regular reports and case studies compiled by the Program Managers and field team accurately describe the situation, trends, needs and progress to senior management and donors.

· Promote sharing of ideas and lessons learned across CARE Jordan in order to generate and document “best practices” that can be applied within our humanitarian and longer-term programmatic work. Media and Communication · Support the Country Director, ACD-P and Media and Communications teams to ensure positive coverage and the timely provision of situation reports and fundraising material to National Member Headquarters and the CARE International Secretariat. · Ensure cordial media relations and act as CARE spokesperson as required · Ensure all information, publicity and fundraising material recognizes and respects the dignity of disaster victims. Qualifications and Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in peace/conflict studies, international relations, development studies, economics, social science, business Administration, or public administration. Masters degree preferred, or combination of relevant education and experience relevant to the job. • In depth knowledge of humanitarian programs and approaches • Proven success and a track record in integrating and harmonizing several projects within a program.
  • The highest level of expertise in representation and negotiation with governments and donors, and proven track record working collaboratively with civil society, communities, and local NGO partners.

  • Strong understanding of the humanitarian emergency operating context, including Sphere, the humanitarian system, donors, security, civil military liaison and program management

· Competent in liaising, networking and advocacy techniques. · Competent in donor Grants Management and monitoring of large programs and/or multiple projects/initiatives in a humanitarian context. · A working knowledge of project planning, monitoring and reviews, budget planning and management. Required Competencies:





  • CARE Core Competencies:

  • Respect - Behaving in a manner that reflects a true belief in and appreciation for the dignity and potential of all human beings. Gaining other people’s confidence and setting an environment of trust and openness.

  • Integrity - Maintaining social, ethical, and organizational norms; firmly adhering to Codes of Conduct and ethical principles inherent to CARE.

  • Commitment to Service – this competency is woven throughout all aspects of the employee’s performance.

  • Excellence - Setting high standards of performance for self and/or others; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self-imposing standards of excellence rather than having standards imposed; ensuring interactions and transactions are ethical and convey integrity.

  • Diversity - Promoting, valuing, respecting and fully benefiting from each individual’s unique qualities, background, race, culture, age, gender, disability, values, lifestyle, perspectives or interests; creating and maintaining a work environment that promotes diversity.

  • Other desired Competencies:

· Building Commitment - Using appropriate interpersonal styles and techniques to gain acceptance of ideas or plans; modifying one’s own behavior to accommodate tasks, situations, and individuals involved. · Collaboration – Working effectively and cooperatively with others towards shared goals, establishing and maintaining principle centered working relationships. · Customer Focus - Making customers and their needs a primary focus of one’s actions; developing and sustaining productive customer relations. · Building Partnerships - Identifying opportunities and establishing effective strategic relationships between one’s area and other areas, teams, departments, units, or external organizations to help achieve CARE’s objectives. · Information Monitoring – Setting up ongoing procedures to collect and review information needed to manage an organization or ongoing activities within it.
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