Job Description

The Information Technology Division (CIO) is responsible for all IT activities within the Organization. CIO performs on behalf of the Organization the following critical roles: defining FAO IT policies and providing strategic advice on IT architecture and standards, governance, policy and operational matters while monitoring organizational compliance; defining the mechanisms for managing FAO's information and data; protecting FAO's information assets and ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability; ensuring provision of IT services that are core for the Organization's global operations and supporting the information and business processes; coordinating organization-wide IT activities in order to reduce duplication and fragmentation and to increase integration of Information Data, systems and platforms, mobilizing IT resources from across the Organization.   Reporting Lines   Under the direct supervision of the Information Technology Officer (IT Services), the consultant will act as Network Technician performing the following functions.   Technical Focus   The Network Technician will be responsible for the management of the HQ Floor Wiring Concentrators (FWC), cabling support for conferences, including but not limited to ad-hoc cabling, Wi-Fi, telephones and printer support.   Tasks and responsibilities
  • Support for office moves, like Install/move/remove network connections for PCs, network printers, telephones, analog lines for faxes

  • Technical Support for FAO meetings and conferences: Ad-hoc cabling, Wi-Fi, telephony and printer support

  • Management of the HQ Floor Wiring Concentrators (FWC): including but not limited to cabling, inventory of installed network equipment, network outlet numbering and removal and clean-up of network patches in the FWC racks, among others.

  • Provide assistance to third party companies for cabling inspections and cable crossings throughout HQ buildings.

  • Troubleshooting of issues with network hardware including Fibre Optic cables, Network Cables, Patch Panels and Wallboxes

All work will be undertaken in compliance with the appropriate organizational standards and procedures and all IS/ICT products will conform to IT divisional technical, Security and quality standards.   CANDIDATES WILL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE FOLLOWING   Minimum Requirements
  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Working knowledge of English

  • Two years of relevant work experience

  FAO Core Competencies
  • Results Focus

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Building Effective Relationships

  • Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement

Technical/Functional Skills
  • Install cable pathway systems (cable trays, data racks, patch panels, etc.)

  • Ability to understand complex wiring diagrams and installation instructions

  • Install, test, troubleshoot, and document test results for Cat5E cable cabling and fiber optic lines utilizing industry standardized testers

  • Install a structured cabling system including pathways, spaces, horizontal cabling, backbone copper, backbone fiber optic, cross and inter-connections, and testing. This includes understanding applicable codes, standards, and industry-best practices

  • Assisting Network administrators in troubleshooting and monitoring of the FAO HQ network

  • Other duties as required

Selection Criteria
  • Field of work and area of specialization

  • Years of experience

  • Education

  • Language

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