Livelihoods Project Assistant


Job Description


CARE International in Turkey, together with local Syrian NGOs implementing partners, is providing much needed Humanitarian Assistance to alleviate the impact of the crisis in Syria in a highly complex, fluid, remote-management environment. Due to access and security issues, CARE is working exclusively through partners to deliver aid in northern Syria. This Livelihoods Project Assistant position will sit within the Cross Border Program team for projects implemented in northern Syria, based in Gaziantep. Under the Livelihoods Coordinator guidance and supervision, the Livelihoods Project Assistant work with program team and implementing partners operational in Syria to ensure program objectives and activities are implemented per defined work plans. In addition, it is expected that the Livelihoods Project Assistant will ensure that all grants for which s/he is focal point are implemented in a manner that ensures the highest accountability standards and compliance for internal policies (partners, client/beneficiaries and CARE country office and CI members) and external (donors, local stakeholders) clients.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Job Responsibility #1

  1. Assist and support Livelihoods coordinator in following up with partner Implementation of delegated livelihoods projects according to strategy, proposals, budgets, and planned milestones.

  2. Assist and support Livelihoods coordinator to break down the annual operational plans into detailed implementation plans, to ensure timely monitoring for achievements against target and raising red flags for delays or off-track activities.

  3. Assist and support Livelihoods coordinator to ensure the successful completion of assigned projects including follow-ups on reporting matrix, project close-out procedures, final close-out documentation, grant filling requirements, and safe storage of final project documents in the centralized filling system.

  4. Assist to initiate procurement of goods and services as required by assigned projects and coordinate with program support departments on the timely delivery of services.

  5. Assist and support the Livelihoods coordinator to organize regular meetings with the implementation partners and follow up with actions.

  6. Assist and support the Livelihoods coordinator to organize regular meetings with the implementation partners and follow up with actions.

Job Responsibility #2

  1. Ensure Livelihoods activities beneficiary’s identification is based on the agreed selection criteria together with Livelihoods Team and partner.

  2. Support partners and CARE to conduct situation monitoring, needs assessments, end line surveys, evaluations, and third-party monitoring activities.

  3. Provide relevant livelihoods project briefs, factsheets, and updates to consultants, third party monitors, evaluation agencies, and any other internal and external parties as assigned by the project manager.

  4. Produce clear and quality reports, including but not limited to inputs for Sit-Reps, donor reports that demonstrate good accountability.

Job Responsibility #3

  1. Ensure CARE and partners implement grants in a manner that meets contractual obligations including all donor and CARE policy, procedures, rules, and regulations.

  2. Assist in the review and validation of Livelihoods activities signed lists and databases, and provide feedback for improving the quality of activities

  3. Ensure (with input from CARE’s livelihoods team that work procedures and if relevant standard operating procedures (SOPs) are in place, understood, and being carried out.

Perform other duties as assigned.



Bachelor’s Degree in business Administration / Economics, Agronomist, Veterinarian, Engineer" id="link" class="link">Civil Engineer or relevant education degree.


  • A team player.

  • Very good spoken and written English.

  • Good administrative skills and ability to effectively use technology and follow procedures and help others to do the same.

  • Good planning and communication skills.

  • Excellent archiving and documentation skills.

  • Good Microsoft office skills.



  • Minimum 2 years’ experience of working with humanitarian organizations or non-governmental organizations in Turkey.

  • Spoken and written Arabic.


  • Spoken and written Turkish.

  • Prior experience of implementing and monitoring Livelihoods and economic recovery.

Technical Skills

  • Ability to identify and implement opportunities for innovation.

  • Ability to work within Coordination mechanisms and as necessary represent CARE in external meetings.

  • Prior experience of implementing and monitoring Livelihoods activities.

Child Protection Policy

Child Abuse in all forms is unacceptable to CARE Turkey, which recognizes its responsibility to protect children from harm in all areas of its work. CARE Turkey is committed to ensuring a child-safe environment and is applying a zero-tolerance approach towards any kind of child abuse and exploitation.

Discrimination, Abuse and Harassment Policy

CARE Turkey expressly prohibits and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse, harassment (sexual or otherwise), based upon race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, disability, or military status. CARE employees and related personnel must under no circumstances take part in any form of discrimination, harassment, or abuse (physical, sexual or verbal), intimidation or exploitation, or in any other way infringe the rights of others inside or outside CARE.


Employment is subject to the possession of valid identification documents (passport, residency card, temporary protection card, etc.) and successfully obtaining permission to work by the Government of Turkey (work permit). CARE will submit the work permit application on behalf of the selected candidate after the job offer accepted. Candidate can start to work for CARE only after the work permit is received. Failure to provide the required documents or rejection of a work permit application by the Government of Turkey will result in your employment offer being rescinded.

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