Job Description

Organizational Setting The post is located in the Infrastructure Service (CSDI). Main Purpose The Lead electrician performs ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work in headquarters and out posted premises on Low Voltage installations for industrial, office and residential use, medium voltage installations including electrical sub-stations equipped with MV/LV transformers, re-phasing systems, distribution panels, power generators, UPS systems, automatic and manual switchgear of all types, energy monitoring systems, good knowledge of LED lighting systems, centralized Emergency lighting systems, Public Address System, Access Control Systems, automatic gates, bars and sliding doors, road blocker systems, anti-intrusion alarm systems, CCTV systems with Dome cameras, fire detection systems, wiring, etc. Supervision Received/Exercised The Lead Electrician reports to the Facilities Management Officer and receives direct guidance from the Maintenance Supervisor. He/she acts independently in routine matters and consults with supervisor on new and/or more complex issues and procedures. Working Relationships The Lead Electrician interacts with a wide variety of colleagues within the work unit and with immediate clients within the Organization, providing routine Support Services and extraordinary maintenance work. Key Functions/Results
  • Execute all work assigned and ensure calls received will be registered and carried out within set schedules, priorities and time limitations, and follow up on such works by inspecting and reporting work accomplishments, progress and problems to the supervisor also by means of written evaluation and lists of parts;

  • Ensure efficient functioning of all electric equipment at all times according to prescribed Italian and European safety codes, work schedules and other needs that may arise;

  • Operate, install, connect, check, test functioning, maintain, repair, trouble-shoot, also in emergency situations, electrical wiring and fixtures as above for general condition, for proper functioning, for energy conservation, for environmental concerns and safety;

  • Detect extraordinary maintenance problems and identify areas requiring repair/improvement and arrange with the Maintenance Supervisor for all necessary preventive maintenance to be carried out taking measures to prevent further damage;

  • Assist the Maintenance Supervisor in checking contractual works;

  • Operate to ensure that the electrical consumptions are within the standard consumption patterns and read regular meter readings of specific systems;

  • Operate and plan maintenance tasks utilizing the CSDI Maintenance help-desk monitoring system;

  • Perform emergency interventions on the Organization’s elevators, power outage, fire detection alarms;

  • Maintain an updated situation of spare parts and materials in stock and prepare lists as necessary of supplies/materials and tools to be ordered;

  • Compile daily and monthly reports of works executed, listing in detail the materials used;

  • Act as Electrician Foreman if needed and/or required by Maintenance Supervisor;

  • Perform other related duties, as required.

Impact Of Work The incumbent’s work impacts on the timely and efficient delivery of technical  support services and on the overall output of the work unit. CANNDIDATES WILL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE FOLLOWING Minimum Requirements Education: Secondary school education or diploma from accredited technical school and training in all aspects of electrical trade Experience: Have obtained the PEI (Persona Idonea) qualification (the technical ability to perform live electrical work) for at least three years. Four years of experience in installation and maintenance of complex electrical systems in large buildings in Medium Voltage and Low Voltage including Computer Centre, UPS, power generators, access control systems, anti-intrusion alarm systems, CCTV systems, EVAC systems. Languages: Working knowledge (Level B) of English IT Skills: Basic knowledge of the MS Office applications, Internet and office technology equipment. Competencies
  • Results Focus

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Building Effective Relationships

  • Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement

Technical Skills
  • Ability to read blueprints, estimates, specifications and to prepare schemes and diagrams;

  • Ability to make calculations of quantity of materials required, dimensions of cables and switches and evaluate work involved.

  • Theoretical and updated knowledge of electrical and alarm systems and building automation (BAS).

Desirable Qualifications And Skills
  • Knowledge of existing electrical systems on FAO premises.

  • Experience in the operating of electrical elevator equipment especially during emergencies.

  • Sound theoretical and updated knowledge of concepts and principles of electrical and electronic systems and components

  • Knowledge of electrical characteristics of computer centre systems and HVAC equipment.

  • Working knowledge of Italian

Assessment Evaluation of qualified applicants may include an assessment exercise and a technical / competency-based interview.
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