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IT Specialist (Develop A Progressive Web Application)

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Job Description


The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub (RSH) aims to support organizations in the aid sector to strengthen their safeguarding policy and practice against Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Sexual Harassment (SEAH). The Hub is an open-access platform bringing together relevant guidance, tools and research, and signposting quality-assured safeguarding support. It creates opportunities for meaningful engagement through Communities of Practice, discussion forums, and live events. One of the first products of this platform is a recently launched website https://safeguardingsupporthub.org/ which is also the main source of content and most of our users use a mobile Android phone to interact with it.


RSHUB is seeking proposals from qualified IT Specialists to develop a PWA to improve mobile user engagement. The application will deliver the same content as the website plus add some additional benefits such as Offline access, Improved accessibility, Notifications, and Profile management. The consultant has to Design the PWA so that future integrations are easy to implement, integrations with Chatbot, Online learning platform, and Group messaging. Interested consultants should provide an estimate of all costs associated with the service. RSHUB will evaluate the proposals to determine which consultant meets the organization's requirements.


The consultant will carry out this assignment by working in accordance with the agile Software Development methodology with sprints of three days reporting and weekly reports on work progress. The design and software development process will include regular check-ins to re-assess progress, check priorities, and adapt specific details. However, all of the contracted features have to be implemented within the agreed timeframe.


The task of the consultant will be to develop, design, and assist in the launch of a PWA for the website https://safeguardingsupporthub.org/, which provides access to a wide range of materials relating to safeguarding in the aid sector. It is expected that the consultant will: · Meet with RSHUB staff to determine/confirm requirements (Needs Assessment) · Creation of wireframes to show how people will use it and to demonstrate how the application will look like. · Graphic Design proposals (at least 3 proposals to be submitted for review). · Wireframes and design submitted for review and approval, using a collaborative platform for prototyping. · Develop an application focused on simplicity, great performance, and attractive design. · The data displayed on the application from an existing source should update automatically. While not exhaustive, the following basic requirements for the application have been identified: · Page schematic: o General information pages o Directory of support services o Document and resource Library o News and events o Vacancies o Webinars o Multimedia, videos, and podcasts · Features: o Social media sharing o Registration and newsletter subscription o Offline access to documents o Profile management o Push notifications o Push simple surveys o Storage Management - Delete after reading, viewing, listening o Storage Management Policies: Offline first, Storage first o Accessibility o Multi-language support o Planned integration of future products: Chatbot and Online learning


The consultant should produce the following outputs during the period of the consultancy: · A plan and estimated timeline for the project. · The Project Completion Report and accompanying remote online presentation to RSHUB staff. · Version control repository: Application source code, multimedia assets, and database schema used. · All supporting media files, images, sound and video. · Final TWA Project and APK file. · Application submitted to Google Play Store. · Developer documentation. · User manual. · Short video for the end user explaining how to use the application.


The selected consultant must adhere to the following minimum qualifications: · The consultant should be a technology consultant or company with a proven record of innovation in the web and mobile web platform and application field. · The company should have a proven record of websites, web applications, mobile web applications, Progressive Web Apps, and be able to produce samples of their work or applications they developed before. · The company should have a team of experts that include technology experts and coders, web, and mobile platform innovation experts. Working knowledge of international development issues and agendas is an asset. · The team leader should have at least 7 years of relevant technology and innovations experience and hold a university degree in a relevant field. · Proficient in web services and web frameworks, especially Drupal. · Ability to communicate conveniently and continuously with RSHUB staff. · Experience with Agile methodologies is preferred.


Please note that only proposals passing the pre-selection (pass/fail) criteria will be further evaluated technically. The details of the evaluation have been explained below.
  1. Technical evaluation against qualification criteria (70%): The first stage of evaluation would involve examination of the bid documents against the qualification criteria above. This is to ensure that the technical skill base and experience claimed there are consistent with the needs of this project. RSHUB may ask for additional information or arrange discussions to verify claims made in bid documentation.

  2. Commercial evaluation (30%): The commercial bids of only those bids that meet each of the qualification criteria mentioned above will be opened for commercial evaluation. To be computed as a ratio of the proposal’s offer to the lowest price among the qualifying proposals received.


Proposal Requirements

· CV indicating relevant experience and academic background of the developer or the team members. · Brief outline with the general concept, methodology, and architecture of the app. · Proposed work schedule/timeline including the number of days required. · Financial proposal including all costs needed to produce the deliverables. · All proposals will remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of 90 calendar days after the deadline for submission of proposals. A proposal valid for a shorter period may be rejected. · No proposal may be modified subsequent to the deadline for submission of proposals. · The proposals prepared by the proposer and all correspondence and documents relating to the proposal exchanged by the proposer should be written in English. · All proposals should be delivered electronically and in PDF or Microsoft Word format to info@safeguardingsupporthub.org

Requests for clarification

The mode of delivering written questions would be through email only with the subject line as “RFP – Mobile Application”. The consultant should send their queries at the following email address: info@safeguardingsupporthub.org. In no event will RSHUB be responsible for ensuring that consultant’s inquiries have been received by it. RSHUB will endeavor to provide a timely response to all questions and would provide information to the extent it is currently available. The responses will be communicated through email only. The last date for receiving the clarification requests is August 10, 2020. Any query received beyond the specified timeline would not be entertained under any circumstances.

Deadline for submission of proposals

Submit the required documents to info@safeguardingsupporthub.org by August 15, 2020. Any proposals received by the RSHUB after the deadline for submission of proposals will be rejected.


This RFP document is neither an agreement nor an offer by RSHUB to the prospective consultants. The purpose of this RFP is to provide information to the interested parties that may be useful to them in the formulation of their proposal pursuant to this RFP.


Duration and location of work

· Services delivered by the consultant will take place over 2 months. The consultant is expected to start no later than August 20, 2020 and complete no later than October 20, 2020. · The consultant will work remotely, and will be available during RSHUB core working hours: 9am to 3pm GMT+1.

Contract supervision

· A point of contact of the RSHUB will directly supervise the contractor. The consultant will be responsible to, report to and seek approval/acceptance of outputs. · The progress on the project must be reported weekly with a possibility of frequent follow-ups as needed. · The consultant will use the RSHUB Google Play Store account (or other account designated by the RSHUB staff) to publish the app.

Contract extension

· The ability to support the implementation and training project phase in an extended contract will be considered in the selection process.

Intellectual Property Rights

· The Intellectual Property Rights of the application will rest with RSHUB. The selected consultant will provide the source code of the application to RSHUB at the time of sign-off.


· Either party may terminate the contract for cause upon ten (10) day’s notice, in writing, to the other party. · In the event of any termination of the contract, the contractor should, except as may be directed by RSHUB staff in the notice of termination or otherwise in writing: take immediate steps to bring the performance of any obligations under the contract to a close in a prompt and orderly manner, and in doing so, reduce expenses to a minimum.

Payment Terms

· The contract price is a fixed output-based price regardless of extension of the herein specific duration. The consultant will receive payments in: Output - Percentage of payment - Condition for payment: Commencement - 10% - N/A Wireframes and graphic design - 30% - Written acceptance of design. Development and tests of the PWA - 30% - Written acceptance of final PWA. Publication of the PWA, documentation required and short video. - 30% - Application published in Google Play Store. Video approved.
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