Job Description

The Trade and Markets Division (EST) monitors and analyses trends in international, regional and national agricultural commodity markets, collecting and disseminating comprehensive market and policy information concerning the major traded commodities and those important to Food Security. It also undertakes forward-looking outlook studies. The Division analyses issues that affect global food and agricultural trade, including policy Analysis of trade measures and agreements, and provides Technical Support and Capacity Building to members in all these areas. Through its Global Information and Early Warning Service, the Division is also responsible for FAO's early warnings on food shortfalls. The Division houses the secretariats of the Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP), the Intergovernmental Commodity Groups (IGGs) and the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS).

The Team on Responsible Global Value Chains in EST facilitates the World Banana Forum (WBF), a permanent space of assembly for participants representing the global banana supply-chain to promote collaboration on challenges facing the banana industry. 

The WBF has established the TR4 Global Network (TR4GN), a leading platform for Information Exchange and collaboration on Fusarium Tropical Race 4 (TR4), coordinating actions to fight the disease worldwide through science-based knowledge, an outstanding collection of resources, hands-on tools, functional information, guidelines and Capacity Development materials that provide support to all stakeholders along the banana value chain. More information can be found at

The Working Group 01 (WG01) of the World Banana Forum deals with Sustainable Production Systems and Environmental Impact. This group seeks to contribute to a better understanding of the main issues related to sustainable banana production and to develop a road map towards improving sustainability in banana production. In addition, the WG01 hosts the Tropical Race 4 Task Force (TR4TF).

Reporting Lines

The Consultant/PSA will report directly to the Secretary of the WBF.

Technical Focus

Support the WBF promoting the development of the Tropical Race 4 Global Network and activities of the Working Group 01 on Environmental Sustainability of the WBF.

Tasks and responsibilities

The generic functions for the profile include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide technical support to create an inclusive and open collaboration platform around the world on TR4, which will benefit both users in the field and technicians as well as decision makers;

  • Enable an environment of knowledge and understanding about TR4, gathering information from WBF members as well as from governments, the academy and the banana industry;

  • Lead the creation of a database of members of the WG01 and TR4GN, support the development of the knowledge platform on TR4, organise meetings and conference calls, and act as contact point for stakeholders seeking information through the TR4GN dedicated mailbox;

  • Undertake the Design and implementation of learning processes, in particular through the facilitation of multi-stakeholder workshops with technical units, decentralized offices, and partners on the identification, documentation and capitalization of good practices;

  • Facilitate the creation of partnerships at local and regional levels by bringing visibility to the different industry stakeholders and their actions in fighting TR4 and WG01 activities;

  • Coordinate the maintenance of knowledge platforms with relevant content and activities, including the WBF’s Dgroups platforms and databases to become the reference for awareness raising and capacity development materials to facilitate prevention and control actions;

  • Support the drafting of project concept notes and project proposals for WG01, TR4GN and TR4TF;

  • Lead the organization of knowledge-management/sharing activities related to WG01, the TR4GN and WBF promotion to feed the WBF website and newsletter;

  • Engage with external partners and technical FAO units to establish relevant collaboration mechanism with the knowledge platforms, including through the development of joint knowledge sharing activities;

  • Lead the design of materials and the preparation of newsletters for the WG01 and TR4GN;

  • Write minutes, notes, summaries of decisions and other types of reports;

  • Carry out any other organizational and technical work as required by the WBF.

  • University degree in a related field. Preferably, the degree should be in a relevant field or discipline such as agricultural sciences, plant pathology, plant protection, environmental sustainability, forestry, network facilitation, knowledge management, platform management, or similar

  • Al least three years of experience in knowledge management and platform/project facilitation

  • Working knowledge of English and Spanish

FAO Core Competencies
  • Results Focus

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Building Effective Relationships

  • Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement

Technical/Functional Skills

  • Knowledge of the fruit sector and FAO’s working environment is a plus

  • Knowledge of French is highly desirable

  • Extent and relevance of experience in facilitating international networks or partnerships

  • Excellent time management and problem-solving skills

  • Familiarity providing remote support and liaise virtually with stakeholders

  • Superior attention to detail

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills and ability to interact effectively with different stakeholders

  • Good organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects independently and proactively

  • Ability to write reports and minutes in a systematic manner

  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Selection Criteria
  • Extent of experience in advocacy, capacity development and technical assistance related to plant protection and/or programme formulation, operational support in network facilitation and alliances

  • Work experience in UN agencies and/or major international organizations

  • Experience with similar activities and roles

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