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Intern (Urban Development and Water Division)

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Job Description

1. Internship TOPIC: "Research on Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and other relevant informal/non-institutionalized skill Training Programs for Buddhist Circuit Tourism Development in India." 2. SUMMARY OF JOB DESCRIPTION: The proposed Intern shall carry out the following tasks, but not limited to:
  • In close communication with the supervisor, develop research methodology and analytic framework;

  • Carry out desktop research to map out TVET programs, institutions, and facilities relevant to tourism development, including informal/non-institutionalized skill training programs particularly on tour guides, hospitality services, craft-making (e.g. one-village one-product), culinary, and other skills that are relevant to local job creation and economy improvement through Buddhist circuit tourism development in India;

  • Research on policy and any other incentive mechanisms developed in India for tourism-related TVET and other types of skills training programs/providers in India;

  • Develop survey questionnaires to gain in-depth understanding the quality, diversity, and other aspects of these existing programs and facilities;

  • Identify and reach out these programs providers to conduct surveys;

  • Based on survey results, carry out thorough Analysis against the developed analytic framework;

  • Research international best practices on TVET and other types of skills training programs/providers worldwide that help tourism development that will lead to local Economic Development and extract determinant factors for success;

  • Based on the research and assessment, prepare recommendations for improving TVET and other types of skills training sector for Buddhist circuit tourism development in India;

  • Prepare internship report and presentation on research findings; and

  • Hold a presentation to ADB staff

  • Duration: 8 weeks (with a possibility of extension)

  • Timing: January 2021

4. LOCATION: ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines (or virtually, based on Covid-19 policies/restrictions) 5. EXPECTED OUTCOMES: Expected deliverables are:
  • Tourism-related TVET and other types of skills training sector Mapping in India.

  • Best practices of TVET and other types of skills training programs and providers worldwide for sustainable tourism development.

  • Recommendations for India TVET and other types of skills training sector for Buddhist circuit tourism development

These outputs would contribute to the development of sub-project components on local job creation as a part of the Buddhist circuit development loan projects in India.


6. EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Currently enrolled in a Masters or PhD program in Social Science, Anthropology, Sociology, Education, Regional Development, Community Development, Tourism Development, and any other relevant field. 7. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Must demonstrate strong research and analytic skills and experience; Shall have sufficient experience in surveys and interviews for social sector research; Experience in tourism development and tourism-based local job creation and local economy Development Research would be an asset. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Upload the following documents in the “Attachments” section of your application: 1. Curriculum vitae (CV) 2. Proof of enrollment to a Masters or PhD program. Inclusive dates should confirm that you will be enrolled during the intended period of assignment. 3. Essay in MS WORD or PDF document, maximum of 1500 words per question. (Please see essay questions below) ESSAY QUESTIONS: (1) Describe one example of your experience that demonstrated your interest in working in ADB. (2) Highlight your qualifications that will help accomplish this internship assignment (e.g., coursework, research, work experience, etc.).
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