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Asian Development Bank

Job Description

1. Internship TOPIC: "Data Scientist to data mine social media to garner public perceptions of ADB Covid-19 support to developing member countries." 2. SUMMARY OF JOB DESCRIPTION: Independent Evaluation Department (IED) is undertaking a rapid assessment of Asian Development Bank's (ADB) response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The assessment would be a real-time evaluation that would provide preliminary evidence on what has emerged so far, what has worked well, what lessons have been learned, and whether any corrective action needs to be taken to further strengthen impact. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide the Board of Directors and ADB Management with an independent assessment of ADB's program of support. The evaluation will focus on ADB's preparedness to address the pandemic, the relevance of ADB's response, and the quality of its implementation. As a real-time evaluation, it will be conducted while ADB's COVID-19 activities are ongoing, and it will provide an early assessment of likely outcomes. It will analyze a range of evidence including interviews, literature and document review, and case studies. The evaluation will contribute to the learning and accountability, and improvement of Design and effectiveness. The evaluation findings and lessons will inform current and future decision-making. The data scientist will play a key role in gathering real-time information to better understand beneficiary perceptions of the performance of ADB COVID-19 support to developing member countries (focused initially on three case study countries to be later specified); and enable the evaluation team to examine potential gaps to support in the case study countries. 3. PERIOD OF ASSIGNMENT:
  • Duration: 8 weeks (with a possibility of extension)

  • Timing: January 2021

4. LOCATION: ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines (or virtually, based on COVID-19 policies/restrictions) 5. EXPECTED OUTCOMES:
  • Undertake innovative social media data mining activities to report a real-time understanding of public perceptions in relation to the performance of ADB COVID-19 support, particularly to case study countries.

  • Use data mining of social media to identify and examine potential gaps in the provision of ADB support, to verify the relevance of ADB investments.

  • Present information in a report using strong Data Visualization skills. Create comprehensive and visually attractive metrics reports; identify trends, opportunities, and insights from these reports and present recommendations to supervisors.


6. EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Currently enrolled in a Masters or PhD program in statistics, Data Science, economics, finance, business Administration, communications, marketing, or related fields. 7. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE AND OTHER REQUIREMENTS:
  • Advanced knowledge of social media analytics and data mining.

  • Relevant experience in web metrics and analytics.

  • Expert in using web metrics tools e.g. segment development, understanding dynamic tag management and production of analytic dashboards and calculated metrics.

  • Advanced practical knowledge of Microsoft Excel, including pivot tables and macros, and strong data visualization skills.

  • Knowledge of social media listening platforms will be a plus.

  • Ability to identify opportunities from data Analysis and to present insights in a concise manner (written and verbal) to a diverse stakeholder group.

  • Demonstrated experience in building, managing, and creating Business Intelligence dashboards using modern techniques.

  • Real-time data mining and analytics of social media content for large organisations to understand perceptions around performance.

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work with individual from different cultural/national backgrounds.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Upload the following documents in the “Attachments” section of your application: 1. Curriculum vitae (CV) 2. Proof of enrollment to a Masters or PhD program. Inclusive dates should confirm that you will be enrolled during the intended period of assignment. 3. Essay in MS WORD or PDF document, maximum of 1500 words per question. (Please see essay questions below) ESSAY QUESTIONS: (1) Describe one example of your experience that demonstrated your interest in working in ADB. (2) Highlight your qualifications that will help accomplish this internship assignment (e.g., coursework, research, work experience, etc.).
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