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Job Description

1. Internship TOPIC: "Strengthening Civil Society Engagement at Project Concept Stage." 2. SUMMARY OF JOB DESCRIPTION: The assignment will focus on the preparation of two outputs: an Analysis of civil society engagement in the ADB portfolio, and a knowledge product for ADB project officers on how to increase civil society engagement at the project concept stage. In 2020, the NGO and Civil Society Center, in collaboration with SPD, changed the way ADB measures civil society engagement. Moving from capturing projects with planned CSO engagement to counting the projects who planned and delivered meaningful CSO engagement is generating a completely new data set of projects and information on civil society engagement in the ADB portfolio. The NGOC would like to analyze the results of the new data set and identify trends and issues across sectors, regions, funding modalities, and more. The Intern will prepare an analysis- possibly for publication in the ADB annual report on collaboration with civil society- of the first data set on delivery of planned CSO engagement. The intern will also analyze the previous databases (IPSA/SPRSS) the NGOC holds on CSO engagement going back 10 years The analysis will inform NGOC work planning and priorities for supporting ADB's work on CSO engagement. The second output, a knowledge product, will assist project officers in understanding how civil society engagement can support better project Design if incorporated at project concept stage. The intern will use the evidence in the new data set, coupled with an analysis of NGOC comments on CSO engagement drawn from interdepartmental reviews of concept notes in 2020, to identify areas where better quality at entry can add value to the project design and summarize advice for project officers. The guidance note will include specific and clear suggestions and will be based on the Staff Instruction for collaboration with civil society (forthcoming). It may also inform and provide insights for the reviews of the IPSA/SPRSS and other related processing documentation. 3. PERIOD OF ASSIGNMENT:
  • Duration: 8 weeks (with a possibility of extension)

  • Timing: January 2021

4. LOCATION: ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines (or virtually, based on Covid-19 policies/restrictions) 5. EXPECTED OUTCOMES:
  • Written analysis of civil society engagement in the ADB portfolio using new indicator.

  • Knowledge product for ADB project officers on how to increase civil society engagement at the project concept stage.


  • Undergraduate degree in social science (or field of expertise applied in a development context)

  • Currently enrolled in a Masters or PhD program with at least 1 year of master's degree level in a field related to Social Development

  • Coursework related to civil society participation highly desirable

  • Solid understanding of the value of civil society engagement in large scale Development Projects critical

  • Experience working in the field on social development projects highly desirable

  • Experience- paid or voluntary- with a civil society organization highly desirable

  • Knowledge of social analysis methods desirable

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Upload the following documents in the “Attachments” section of your application: 1. Curriculum vitae (CV) 2. Proof of enrollment to a Masters or PhD program. Inclusive dates should confirm that you will be enrolled during the intended period of assignment. 3. Essay in MS WORD or PDF document, maximum of 1500 words per question. (Please see essay questions below) ESSAY QUESTIONS: (1) Describe one example of your experience that demonstrated your interest in working in ADB. (2) Highlight your qualifications that will help accomplish this internship assignment (e.g., coursework, research, work experience, etc.).
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