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Interim Senior Portfolio Officer (Strategy and Insights)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Job Description

This is an interim backfill role to cover for an employee who will be out on parental leave.  The duration of the assignment is targeted for 9 months starting in July. However, the start and end dates may change. Group Summary Global Delivery Programs (GDP) works to improve the delivery of health products and services and promote health system innovations so countries can significantly reduce maternal and child mortality, improve disease control, and advance health equity. Role Summary Supports strategic and operational aspects of an integrated program area including oversight of strategic planning, annual planning and budgeting, ongoing pipeline and portfolio management, measurement and evaluation, business analysis and the coordination of business strategies across the foundation.  Provides support for strategic planning, monitoring, and reporting of portfolio of programmatic investments.  Focus may be on strategy articulation and execution planning; financial and staff allocation analysis at the strategy and portfolio level; coordination of programmatic work, team alignment and supporting processes; or team investment strategy development and ongoing strategic alignment and outcomes design of the investment portfolio and staff allocation. Key Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Articulates strategy and progress narratives, including strategy review, initiative strategy development, annual plans, and execution planning against theory of action.

  • Provides critical support to program leadership in translating strategy goals into coherent portfolio level theory of action and plans that align staff time and investments to strategic goals.

  • Serves as consultative face of insights function, understanding program decisions and questions, translating those into consumer and health system insights needs, and providing critical linkages across.

  • Serves as a thought partner and advisor to program leadership.

  • In partnership with program leadership, owns the shaping of people processes and team dynamics to champion culture and incentives that best enable achieving program goals.

  • Leads processes to develop and oversee team investment, financial and operational processes which may include the full investment development process, annual planning, budget management and forecasting.

  • Guides deputy directors to ensure that portfolio investments are strategically aligned, and outcomes are defined that will lead to impact on key strategy goals. May advise program officers on the early stage development of program investments.

  • Monitors grant and contract portfolio to facilitate management decision-making.

  • Consults/strategizes with program leadership to maximize impact of investment and financial processes and ensure optimal learning, decision making, and collaboration.

  • Promotes efficiency and productivity on the team by providing leadership and support in process development and improvement, implementation and improvement of tools, analysis, reporting and change management.

  • This role leads people and is responsible for hiring the talent needed to achieve our goals, ensuring successful employee onboarding, communicating performance expectations, creating goal alignment, integrating project and change management, giving and seeking feedback, providing coaching, measuring progress and holding people accountable, supporting employee development, and recognizing achievement and lessons learned.

How We Work:
  • Purpose: We put what is good for the long-term future of the world first, above our own ambitions or preferences. We go big, seeking the transformational contribution our foundation can make toward improving health.

  • Results: We are outcome-oriented, working against goals we aspire to achieve. We consistently reassess our efforts, capabilities, and investments to apply them toward the greatest impact.

  • Learning: We approach our work with curiosity and a sense of adventure. We spark new ideas and explore alternatives, bringing an inventive, creative and open-minded approach to everything we do. We fail fast, learn without blame, and get back to work.

  • Ownership: We each take ownership for the whole of our team. We own our individual experience at work, seeking clarity and help when we need it. We own our part in how our team works, providing clarity and offering feedback to build the strength of our colleagues and team.

  • Humility & Openness: We are humble and open to influence, and give one another the benefit of the doubt. We seek genius and input from people at all levels in our team, our foundation, our partners, and the people we serve. We actively work to mitigate our unconscious biases and assumptions.

  • Appreciation: We enjoy one another, and remain grounded in how fortunate we are to be here doing this. We listen for brilliance, partnership, and wisdom among diverse voices and celebrate the richness of one another’s skills and experiences. We fluidly and frequently acknowledge contributions.

Core Knowledge & Skills:
  • Learns new content quickly, including proven understanding of technical areas, external partners, and key drivers within the scope of the program supported.

  • Leads and grows early career talent, including learning sophisticated business processes, leadership from any seat, and building organizational savvy and eye for business.

  • Builds trust and influence with leaders and peers, and is an impactful change agent and communicator.

  • Draws on a diverse set of tools and knowledge to identify, diagnose, and address strategy, team and execution challenges.

  • Makes sound operational and business decision.

  • Demonstrated complex project management skills and a successful track record of leading or running multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Program management of sophisticated strategy development, execution planning and business process redesign projects.

  • Ability to act independently to resolve methods and procedures on assignments.

  • Ability to create structures and develop frameworks to increase clarity and visibility of decisions, trade-offs and impact on financial and organizational resources.

  • Ability to optimally alternate between thinking strategically and executing at high quality.

Education & Experience
  • Bachelor’s or other advanced degree with 10+ years of experience, or equivalent experience

  • Management experience required

  • Experience in public health or developing country contexts is a plus

The employee transfer policy applies to internal backfill positions. An employee may apply for an open position after at least 12 months in their current position. If you meet this requirement and wish to pursue a backfill opportunity, you are required to have a conversation with your manager to confirm their support before you apply. In rare cases, the requirement of a minimum of 12 months in a position may be waived if a transfer is critical to the foundation’s goals and is approved by the current manager and their HR Consultant (HR Business Partner or Generalist). All backfill positions are posted as LTE roles. With current manager support, if selected for the role, FTEs will retain their FTE status during the backfill assignment. Managers will have the option of backfilling for the individual moving to the interim position for a similar duration via the same hiring channels and options as this position. However, current managers may be unwilling or unable to hold headcount for the duration of an interim assignment and may deny the employee’s request. In such cases, the employee may apply for the open LTE position, but if selected, would effectively be resigning as an FTE and would be hired as an LTE for the duration of the interim assignment. As an LTE, employment with the foundation is expected to end at the end of the assignment, and the employee would not be eligible for severance.

As part of our standard hiring process for new employees, employment with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be contingent upon successful completion of a background check.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is dedicated to the belief that all lives have equal value. We’re committed to creating a workplace where employees thrive both personally and professionally. We also believe our employees should reflect the rich diversity of the global populations we aim to serve—in race, gender, age, cultures and beliefs—and we support this diversity through all of our employment practices.
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