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Head of Safety & Security

Save The Children

Job Description

ROLE PURPOSE: To reduce the risks posed to the programmes, personnel and assets of Save the Children Niger. Working for the Director" id="link" class="link">Country Director, this role will assist in the management of Safety and Security in the country office and field sites. The role will provide security advices, security trainings, Coordination and support to all SCI programs and with particular advice to the CD, SMT, especially during crisis time. KEY AREAS OF ACCOUNTABILITY: Works with the Country Director to manage:
  • Support the development of an Organisational Culture that reflects our mandate values, promotes accountability and high performance, encourages a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation, and frees up our people to deliver outstanding results for children and excellent customer service for our Members and donors

  • Help Design and implement a coherent organizational structure that is consistent with organization practices and appropriate to programme needs

  • Ensure Niger Country Office complies with all Save the Children Operating Standards and Procedures

  • Ensure that all required support is provided promptly, at scale and in line with the rules and principles during emergencies, working closely with the Regional Office

  • Provide support as required to the Incident Management Team in case of security-related crisis

Policies and procedures
  • Develop and maintain a country-wide Security Plan that is consistent with the acceptance model but taking into account local realities and Save the Children standards

  • Ensure that all staff understand the country-wide security plan and agree to abide by its policies and procedures

  • Monitor the security environment and adjust Security Policies and procedures accordingly

  • Ensure quality and relevance of area security plans

  • Undertake reviews of policies and procedures; identify opportunities to enhance security

  • Provide on time expected reports to the RSD as Essential standards, PDIs, SRAs, security plans and contingency plans

  • Report on time security incident throughout the SC reporter system Assessment, Analysis and safety & security management

  • Ensure that incident report are done when security incident occurs

  • Manage collaboratively security incident

  • Manage safety effectively (firefight, first aid kits, driving skills, …)

  • Monitor events, review incidents and propose analysis, follow-up actions and recommendations

  • Provide security update, which includes situational analysis, actions taken and actions recommended, to the Senior Management Team on a regular basis

  • Submit written reports to the SMT and regional office (regional security director RSD)

  • Provide informed recommendations in the context of security assessments and reviews

  • Assess application of security policies and level of vulnerability of facilities; recommend changes to enhance security

  • Monitor and provide support to departmental working practices within context of safety and security risks, and alert the Country Director if inappropriate decisions are impacting on the safety and security of the team or external perception of the organization, thereby creating security risks

Programme implementation
  • Advise on safe movement of staff, e.g. proper vehicle fleet management policies, adequate safety and communications equipment in vehicles, and training of drivers in established procedures and requisite skills

  • Assist with programme proposal development to ensure adequate consideration of safety and security needs and inclusion of safety and security costs

  • Undertake security assessments and field missions to programme areas and potential programme areas; report on findings and design necessary improvements

  • Provide safety and security support and advice to area and field managers

Communication and training
  • Liaise on a regular basis with UN, government, diplomatic and consular officials and where possible community leaders in the process of gathering and verifying security information

  • Coordinate the gathering and flow of security information with other relevant actors; classify security information according to its reliability and accuracy

  • Maintain and review incident reporting and Mapping system; ensure that up to date incident maps are available for all SC staff on a regular basis

  • Ensure that appropriate systems are in place to effectively disseminate security information and updates of the security system to staff

  • Coordinate and manage the proper use of telecommunications systems and alert the CD and DOP to any hardware systems failures

  • Ensure that regular security meetings are conducted with relevant staff

  • Develop and implement security training plan for all staff; develop and apply evaluation processes to determine whether training competencies are met

  • Facilitate security management training with staff in the country office and at project locations

  • Build capacity of security focal points to conduct threat assessments and security briefings for visitors

  • Provide recommendations to staff as to ways in which they can effectively reach out to, gain acceptance from and improve their image in host communities

  • Develop security briefing materials and provide orientation for incoming or newly appointed staff

  • Provide Crisis Management training to SMT members

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