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Date: Aug 31, 2020


Korea (KOR), KR

Company: Green Climate Fund

BACKGROUND The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the world’s largest dedicated fund helping developing countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and enhance their ability to respond and adapt to Climate Change. GCF aims to drive a paradigm shift in the global response to climate change. To support this goal, the GCF will introduce the GCF Global Climate Fellowship as of January 2021. The first cohort of the program will include two talented individuals that will support the work of the GCF by infusing new ideas into the organization and contributing to research for a period of 12 months. The fellowship program is governed by a dedicated steering committee. The fellows will support the work of the GCF in three areas: •    Through an individual research project, fellows will work on a specific research topic in their field of expertise to support the thematic strengthening of the work of their primary host division (50% of the time) •    The fellows will support their host division with several short-term projects (25% of the time) •    Implement two joint research projects with other fellows on topics of strategic relevance for the GCF (25% of the time) This fellowship provides professional development opportunities through training, multi-dimensional mentorship, workshops & knowledge exchange, research alongside senior climate change and policy experts, in a multicultural environment. The Fund seeks to recruit a Global Climate Fellow who will work with the Division of Country Programming (DCP) in supporting developing countries, including their direct access entities, to plan, identify, Design and implement country-driven, transformational climate investments. OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE OF WORK FOR THE POSITION •    As overarching goals, the GCF seeks fellows who infuse cutting-edge knowledge into the organization through conducting research as the main element of the fellowship program, and who support their host division with their work as a complementary element. The fellow will support the thematic strengthening of the work of the GCF in his/her specific thematic field of expertise, which relates to the work of DCP. As overarching priority topics, DCP seeks to engage in Green Resilient Recovery and climate change action for developing countries, which enables GCF to help countries attract investment opportunities that contribute to both climate and green resilient recovery goals. Tangible outcome of engaging in this priority topics will help DCP to better identify smart investment opportunities for GCF to be more transformational in specific countries, regions or LDCs/SIDS. Within the realm of these overarching priority topics, the fellow can propose an individual research topic of her / his choice. Throughout her/his work, the fellow will be guided by a dedicated Advisor from DCP. Furthermore, the fellow will support DCP with selected short-term projects. Possible short-term projects may include: •    Country-specific analyses on climate investment opportunities for the GCF (5-10 countries) •    Regional analyses on climate investment opportunities for the GCF (1-2 regions) •    Analyses on climate investment opportunities in LDCs and SIDS •    Other day-to-day activities and tasks At the outset of the fellowship program, the fellow will select the projects s/he will realize in Coordination with DCP. Each cohort will focus on two overarching focus topics related to the GCF’s corporate areas — one in the first half of the program, one in the second half. The focus topics for the first cohort include green resilient recovery and climate change action for developing countries. Based on the profile of the final candidates, the GCF will define a specific and practice-oriented research question for each of the focus topics. The fellows will advance these research questions together through the joint research projects. TASKS Major tasks of the Global Climate Fellow include: o    Discuss and refine individual research projects with dedicated advisor, and agree on, follow and discuss work plan; o    Agree on and support DCP with selected short-term projects, and follow up regularly on work progress; o    Agree on division of work tasks and joint milestones of joint research project and drive forward work on joint research project in collaboration with other fellow; o    Participate in overarching program activities, including trainings and knowledge exchange events and co-organize selected activities in this context. EXPECTED DELIVERABLES The fellow will deliver several outputs as part of the Global Climate Fellowship: •    The fellow will deliver at least one GCF publication highlighting the findings of his/her individual research until the end of the program. In addition, the fellow is expected to disseminate the findings via a dedicated blog post or a webinar. •    For each of the two joint research projects, the fellows will jointly deliver at least one GCF publication. The first publication is to be finalized after six months in the program, and the second publication is to be delivered at the end of the program. •    The fellow will deliver all agreed-upon deliverables in the context of the short-term projects for DCP until the end of the program. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS  To be eligible for the GCF Global Climate Fellowship, fellows must have the following qualifications (only those candidates that fulfil all of these qualifications are considered in the selection process). •    At least a Master’s degree; a PhD (or enrolment in PhD program) is desirable •    At least three years of relevant work experience (academic experience may be considered professional work experience; internships do not count) •    Written and verbal proficiency in English •    Outstanding academic achievement •    Commitment and strong motivation •    Leadership and team skills •    Ability to work independently and maturity •    Experience working in / with developing countries and multicultural environments •    Analytical and out-of-the-box thinking Applications from women and nationals of developing countries are strongly encouraged. Closing date for application is 30 September 2020 (KST). Applications submitted after the closing date may not be considered.  
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