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Formatting and Branding Communications Assistant Consultant (Independent Evaluation Unit)

Green Climate Fund (GCF)

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Formatting and Branding Communications Assistant Consultant - Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU)

Date: Sep 2, 2020


Korea (KOR), KR

Company: Green Climate Fund

I.    Background The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is a multilateral fund created to make significant and ambitious contributions to the global efforts to combat Climate Change. The GCF contributes to achieving the objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Paris Agreement. In the context of sustainable development, the GCF aims to promote a paradigm shift towards low-emission and climate-resilient development pathways by providing support to developing countries to limit or reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to climate change, while accounting for their needs and supporting particularly those that are vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. The GCF is governed by a Board, composed of an equal number of members from developed and developing countries. It is operated by an independent Secretariat headed by an Director" id="link" class="link">Executive Director. The Independent Evaluation Office (IEU) of the GCF, is mandated by the GCF Board under paragraph 60 of its governing instrument inform its decision making. Specifically, the governing instrument states “… the Board will establish an operationally independent evaluation unit as part of the core structure of the Fund. The head of the unit will be selected by, and will report to, the Board. The frequency and types of evaluation to be conducted will be specified by the unit in agreement with the Board.” The IEU has several objectives: (a)    Informing decision-making by the Board and identifying and disseminating lessons learned, contributing to guiding the GCF and stakeholders as a learning institution, providing strategic guidance; (b)    Conducting periodic independent evaluations of GCF performance to objectively assess the results of the GCF and the effectiveness and efficiency of its activities; (c)    Providing evaluation reports to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Paris Agreement for purposes of periodic reviews of the Financial Mechanism.1 The IEU has a mandate for both discharging an accountability function and supporting a learning function. 2 These are central to the GCF being a learning organization as laid out in its Governing Instrument and its initial strategic plan.3 The responsibilities of the IEU are as follows: (d)    Evaluation: The IEU will undertake independent overall, portfolio, country, thematic, programme evaluations that inform GCF strategic result areas.4 In key cases, it will also support and undertake project evaluations. The IEU will use relevant and innovative methods and an independent peer-review mechanism that will provide guidance on independent evaluations. The vision, criteria and guidelines for these will be laid out in the Independent evaluation policy. The IEU is also mandated to independently peer review and attest the quality of GCF self- evaluation;5 (e)    Advisory and capacity support: The IEU is required to advise the Board by synthesizing findings and lessons learned from its evaluations. These findings and lessons learned are expected to also inform the Executive Director of the Secretariat and other GCF stakeholders.6 The IEU will engage closely with the independent evaluation units of intermediaries and implementing entities of the GCF, including national designated authorities (NDAs) and accredited entities (AEs). It will provide support to catalyze learning and build and strengthen NDA and AE evaluation capacity. It will also provide guidelines and support evaluation-related research that helps produce rigorous evidence in GCF result areas; (f)    Learning: The IEU will support the GCF in its learning function by ensuring that recommendations from independent evaluations are incorporated into the Secretariat’s functioning and processes.7 This includes recommending possible improvements to the GCF performance indicators and its initial results framework, after accounting for international experience and the results of evaluation;8 (g)    Engagement: The IEU will actively participate in relevant evaluation networks to ensure that it is at the frontier of evaluation practice. The IEU will involve its own staff and staff from NDAs and AEs in evaluations wherever feasible and appropriate.9 In addition, the IEU will support knowledge hubs of low-emission and climate-resilient pathways.10 II.    Role The Formatting and Branding Communications Consultant of the IEU will be responsible for supporting the IEU’s communications and uptake strategy, in particular supporting awareness, branding and outreach needs of the Unit. In particular, s/he will support the development and dissemination of key messages to be conveyed to all stakeholder audiences. S/he will ensure the IEU’s brand identity system in coherence with the general brand identity system of the CGF while promoting IEU as an independent unit in the organization. S/he will develop communications and outreach products of the Unit, while working closely with the IEU’s Communications staff, to align brand identity system with communication strategy, plan, activities and products. These products will include print, digital and multimedia content. The cooperation with evaluation team members and other IEU staff will be also required for this position, to ensure all evaluation and other operational documents released by the IEU will reflect the consistent and relevant appearance of the IEU branding. S/he will work at the forefront of the IEU communicating with broader audience on evaluation work and climate change sphere through different social media channels, promoting the IEU’s engagement with GCF stakeholders, outreaching to evaluation community in other relevant organizations. He/she will be proficient in writing, speaking and communicating with internal and external stakeholders as well as proficient in the use of communication content across different communication channels and products. He/she will be a leader in state-of- the-art editing and formatting in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher and other relevant tools. He/she should have superlative formatting and editing skills to develop, translate and disseminate key messages to targeted audiences of the IEU. He/she should have extensive knowledge in recording and editing of multimedia contents, including videos, podcasts and interviews. He/she will be a leader in state-of-the-art multimedia editing software for videos and podcasts. The Formatting and Branding Communications Consultant will be based at the Fund’s headquarters in Songdo, Incheon City, Republic of Korea. The position is for a 12-month period with the possibility of an extension. The consultant will report to the Principal Officer and/or Officer of Syntheses, Uptake and Communication workstream and the Head of the IEU. III.    Duties and responsibilities Under the overall guidance of the Head of the IEU, s/he will be responsible for but not limited to: •    Work closely with the GCF Communications team to further refine the IEU’s brand identity system, in coherence with general guidance of the GCF and the IEU’s vision and mission. •    Further refine and update the IEU’s style guide and IEU’s documents and materials templates, in cooperation with the IEU’s Communications staff and the IEU’s editorial experts. •    Together with the IEU’s Communications team, produce the IEU’s communications and outreach materials for different evaluation work stream, events, publications and promotional necessaries, including but not limited to, where appropriate: •    Evaluation documents (IEU infobrief, GEvalNote, GEvalBrief, concept note, approach paper, inception report, final report); •    Event documents and materials (poster, flyer, banner, standee, backdrop); •    Publications (learning paper, working paper, video, annual report, activity reports); and •    Promotional necessaries (brochure, newsletter, event invitation and gifts). •    Together with the IEU’s Communications team, develop the IEU’s checklist system to further enhance the use and update of IEU templates and internal guidelines. •    Together with the IEU’s Communications team, launch dissemination campaigns for different products of the IEU, promoting the IEU as a knowledge hub in climate change-related evaluation. •    Work closely with the IEU’s Communications staff to manage the IEU website: •    Update the website Design as required; •    Edit and format contents of the website; •    Regularly refresh the website with relevant graphics and images, ensuring its alignment with the IEU’s formats and brand identity. •    Support the IEU’s Communications team to manage photobanks of the Unit; work with the GCF ICT to get approach to online photobank sources, ensuring relevant and high-quality photos from the IEU and other sources where appropriate. IV.    Required experience and qualifications •    A Master’s degree in Communications, Graphic Design, Environmental Science, Social Science and related relevant fields; •    At least two years of work experience with communications, branding, formatting, graphic design and content Marketing, preferably with UN-related organizations; •    Expertise in creative design software and computer skills with well-recognized track records; •    Strong experience with generation of MS Word based and Adobe In-Design templates •    Strategic approach while producing a wide range of communications and outreach products; •    Sound familiarity with the climate change topics and international politics; •    Good written and verbal communication skills; •    Ability to work multi-tasks efficiently within time constraint; ability to travel as required; •    Good teamwork spirit with high accountability; •    Fluency in English is essential; knowledge of another United Nations language is an advantage. Applications from women and nationals of developing countries are strongly encouraged. Closing date for applications is 18 September 2020 (KST). Applications submitted after the closing date may not be considered. 1.The Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC provides the following guidance on the function of the IEU: “The reports of the GCF should include any reports of the independent evaluation unit, including for the purposes of the periodic reviews of the financial mechanism of the Convention” (UNFCCC decision 5/CP19, annex, paragraph 20). 2.Board document B.16/18 3.Annex I to decision B.12/20. 4.Annex I to decision GCF/B.05/03. 5.Decision B.18/06 6.Document GCF/24/12 /Rev.1 7.GCF/B.23/20 and decision B.23/06 8.After being identified, these will be provided to the consultant by the IEU, GCF, other Independent Units, and other partners. The consultant is also expected to procure literature available externally.
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