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UNRWA, the largest United Nations operation in the Middle East with over 30,000 staff working across five areas of operation, is looking for highly committed professionals wishing to make a change. UNRWA’s strategic objectives The mission of UNRWA is to help Palestine refugees achieve their full potential in Human Development under the difficult circumstances in which they live. In line with this mission, the Agency works towards five strategic outcomes: (a) Palestine Refugee rights under International Law are protected and promoted; (b) Palestine refugee health is protected and disease burden is reduced; (c) school-age children complete quality, equitable and inclusive Basic Education; (d) Palestine refugee capabilities are strengthened for increased livelihood opportunities; and (e) Palestine refugees are able to meet their basic human needs of food, shelter and Environmental Health. UNRWA is funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions from UN member states, regional bodies, business foundations and individual contributions. Requirements UNRWA regularly requires technical experts and managers with international experience to perform specific professional level assignments related to projects and emergencies. For the Human Resources Management Experts Roster, the Agency is particularly interested in professionals with substantial experience in Human Resource management, employment and contract law, recruitment, adult training and development, human resources planning, human resources policy development, job classification and compensation, industrial relations, appeals and grievance handling, etc. Successful Roster applicants should have several years of broad international experience, solid academic qualifications from accredited universities and academic bodies, and very good credentials from past employers. Assignments can be at UNRWA Headquarters locations (Amman, Jerusalem, Gaza) or one of five Field Offices (Amman, Damascus, Beirut, Jerusalem, Gaza). Remuneration Remuneration and other contractual modalities will depend upon the needs of the assignment and the candidate's qualifications, experience and the level of expertise
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