International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Economist/Senior Economist

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Job Description

The Revenue Administration 2 Division of the Fiscal Affairs Department in the IMF, is looking for two experienced candidates to fill Economist/Senior Economist Vacancies. The selected candidates will be expected to lead and participate in review/diagnostic missions in a wide range of countries to develop recommended strategies and implementation plans for:
  • Implementing major tax policy and administrative reforms;

  • Improving the organization and management of tax and/or customs administrations, including the Design and role of headquarters, key functions, and segmentation strategies;

  • Modernizing procedures for the assessment and collection of taxes, customs duties, and social Security contributions; and

  • Developing balanced service and enforcement programs.

In addition to the regular Technical Assistance missions, the selected candidates will also be expected to lead and participate in TADAT missions, which assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of tax administrations and include mission members from organizations outside the IMF. The selected candidates will be required to backstop tax and customs administration experts working in member countries or in regional Capacity Development centers covered by the division, viz. those centers in Africa and the Western Hemisphere. The applicants will also support the division's research and analytic efforts. The selected candidates will be expected to liaise closely with IMF country teams in lending and surveillance activities in the countries that are recipients of capacity development in revenue administration and with representatives of donor agencies supporting domestic mobilization efforts in IMF member countries.


  Applicants should hold a university degree or equivalent qualifications in a field related to taxation, such as economics, accounting, Law, or business administration. In addition, the candidates should have:
  • Extensive operational and management experience in the field of tax administration, including several years of direct experience in a tax administration headquarters at a senior management level (with exposure to customs also being an advantage);

  • Led or participated in the implementation of major tax policy and administration reforms in developed and/or developing countries;

  • A sound understanding of effective tax policies and administrative approaches for transition economies and developing countries, based on a combination of theoretical and practical experience; and

  • Given the division’s country coverage and the work areas in which these vacancies have arisen, interested candidates would ideally be fluent in English and/or French.

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