North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Director of Finance/Financial Controller

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Job Description

TITLE: Director of Finance/Financial Controller GRADE: A-5

Security Clearance: NATO S E C R E T

 1.  POST SUMMARY HQ JFCNP is a joint headquarters capable of executing effective command and control over an assigned Joint Operating Area. The Finance Directorate (J8) develops financial, budgetary, accounting and procurement policies and procedures. It coordinates Budget prioritisation processes for the COM and performs accounting, contracting, disbursing and budgetary/financial management and provides travel arrangements. The Director of Finance/J8 is responsible for the Risk Management and Internal Control activities of the JFCNP, BALKANS, NS2AU and any other JFCNP AOR AOM organisations, in accordance with Article 11 and 12 of the NFRs. The J8 Directorate is responsible for ensuring proper financial and acquisition management throughout JFCNP AOR encompassing policy development, implementation and oversight in all aspects of the budgetary, accounting and contracting activities of JFCNP AOR commands.  The JFCNP FC directs and oversees all financial management, budget, accounting and contracting activities across JFCNP AOR Operations, and establishes/implements financial policies and procedures for all subordinate organizations. Under the direction of the Director of Finance/J8, the J8 Directorate is represented at the Budget Committee on all matters with financial implications. The Directorate develops financial, budgetary, accounting and procurement policies and procedures within the JFCNP AOR. Additionally it participates in the development of International Agreements, Medium Term Resource Plans (MTRPs), Consolidated Resource Proposals (CRPs) and Consolidated NMA Impact Statements (CNIS) The Director of Finance/J8, provides liaison with financial elements of NATO Force Structure (NFS) headquarters and support to external NATO bodies, Multinational Organizations and NATO agencies, as required on NATO Financial Rules and Procedures. The J8 Directorate develops and executes plans for the financial support of operations, exercises and activities to include those tied to Fight Against Terrorism (FAT) and the Readiness Action Plan (RAP). The Director of Finance/J8 reports to JFCNP Commander (COM) - OF-9, and JFCNP Chief Of Staff (COS) - OF-8. 2.  DUTIES As principal financial management advisor to JFCNP Commander (COM), and in line with Article 6 of the NATO Financial Regulations (NFRs), the Director of Finance/J8 is responsible for the Risk Management and Internal Control activities in accordance with Article 11 and 12 of the NFRs. The Director of Finance/J8 is the senior responsible executive for all financial management operations in the HQ and bears the final personal responsibility for all matters related to financial management, budgeting, accounting and acquisition. He/she is responsible to COM JFCNP and personally accountable to the Budget Committee on the management of appropriated and non-appropriated funds. The Director of Finance/J8, forecasts, monitors, executes and accounts for appropriated and non-appropriated fund budgets in accordance with NATO financial regulations, published directives and other instructions provided by SHAPE. He/She performs Financial Analysis of military requirements to ensure the most economical use of limited resources; Assists in the preparation of the centralized Resource Planning Medium Term Resources Plan (MTRP), Consolidated Resource Proposals (CRP) and AOM Resources Requirement Plan (ARRP); Promulgates budgetary and financial guidance in accordance with the resource planning goals; Develops financial annexes and supporting budgets for operational and contingency plans, and participates in committees related to operational planning; Ensures the correct application of rules and regulations governing tax exemption and custom clearance for the Command; Advises on the adequacy, status, propriety of utilization, and potential availability of resources provided by the NATO NSIP and BC, Multinational Agreements between NATO Nations, Command Morale and Welfare Activities, and advance funding from other supported nations and agencies; The Director of Finance/J8, is the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for policy affecting the procurement, contracting, receipt, accounting, disposal and custom clearance for command expenditures and property; He/She monitors financially all HQ-framework activities; Executes framework duties, as directed by the Commander; Provides Chairmanship for the Contract Award Committee, Long-Term loans for NATO funds to Civilians and any other committee having financial implications; Advises the Commander regarding all budget and finance-related issues and processes; his assessments constitute binding advice and can only be overruled by the ACO FC through COM HQ initiative; Represents COM JFC HQ to the BC, the RPPB, the IC, and other ACO- committees, boards, working groups, etc., as required.  In this function he/she provides additional information and justification, and answers to specific questions with respect to budget, MOU’s, contracts, invoices and other activities having financial implications; Monitors all documents and discussions in the RPPB for policy-related issues; Provides subjects (based on risk management) to ACO to be audited by the ACO Audit and Inspection Branch, to monitor fiscal and procedural compliance to NATO Financial Regulations, ACO Financial Directives, and supports ACO Internal Audit Branch and International Board of Auditor for NATO; Develops and executes financial, budgetary, accounting, treasury and procurement policies and procedures; Prepares budget estimates for JFC HQ, during deployments; Develops procedures to control the execution of appropriated funds in accordance with the NATO Financial Regulations and in accordance with supplementing instructions given by the SHAPE and BC; Provides advice on a variety of HQ - Boards and Committees covering appropriated and non-appropriated funds and coordinates on all decisions with financial implications; Monitors all procurement and contracting activities in accordance with NATO and SC guidance and directives and directs/tasks agencies (NCIA/NSPA and others); Provides budgetary, accounting and P&C services to deployed NATO and multinational headquarters; Conducts budget pre-screenings during the execution process and annual budget preparation process and presents the financial position to the ACO Director of Finance/J8 and the Budget Committee (BC) through the HQ Chain of Command. The Director of Finance/J8, is responsible for the submission of the Headquarters’ Financial Statements in accordance with all applicable ACO Directives, end-of-year instructions and IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards); As prescribed by article 12 of the NATO Financial Regulations, he/she would establish a system of internal financial and budgetary control and would maintain a risk register and an internal control framework within the J8 Directorate. Responsible to COM JFC for the proper Administration and expenditure of all military budget financial resources allocated to JFC HQ. The successful management of financial resources is considered vital to the achievement of the objectives and mission of the Headquarters. Furthermore the efficiency of his performance has a material impact on the overall NATO military budget, and as such is critical to maintenance of NATO’s military capabilities. Exercises final authority over recommendations made by subordinate supervisory staff (branch and section heads) within the financial functional area; Provides guidance and advice to the Command Group and to the Staff of the HQ on all financial matters; Supervises the application of fiscal and budgetary policies and controls across all Organisational Elements of the HQ (division and branch heads) within the financial functional area; Provides guidance and advice to the Command Group and to the Staff of the HQ on all financial matters; Serves as Theater Financial Controller of a deployed Nato Headquarters with all the related responsibilities. Under routine circumstances, the job is performed in a typical office environment where the risk of injury is categorized as “no risk”.  However, the Director of Finance/J8, may be required to undertake deployments in support of military operations and exercises, and/or short-term travel assignments, both within and outside of NATO boundaries, and risk may increase when deployed. Such operational deployment may be up to 30 days, and may be on short notice. Acceptance of an employment contract linked to this post constitutes agreement to deploy up to 30 days, if required. 3.  QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE ESSENTIAL University Degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Public Administration, or related discipline. Minimum 15 years of post-related experience planning, directing, organizing and controlling financial activities and services, to include controlling and monitoring the financial resources of organizations, institutions and individuals, and the provision of financial services at the corporate and individual level. Proven experience as a Finance Officer in other international or national organisation(s). Practical experience with automated accounting systems and office automation software packages. Must have an English Standard Language Proficiency level of “expert” in Listening and Reading and “Professional” in Speaking and Writing (SLP 4343 based on NATO standards). DESIRABLE Advanced University Degree (MSc, MA, MBA, MPA, or equivalent), in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, or related field. Experience within NATO environment (NATO budgets and NATO Financial Regulations). Familiarity with appropriate accounting and computerized financial system operation (ORACLE Financials based). Sound experience in controllership, budget management and international financing. English Standard Language Proficiency level of “expert” in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (SLP 4444 based on NATO standards). Italian Standard Language Proficiency level of “professional” in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (SLP 3333 based on NATO standards). French Standard Language Proficiency level of “professional” in Listening and Speaking, and “functional” in Speaking and Writing (SLP 3322 based on NATO standards). NATO Courses: Completion of the following NATO courses would be a desirable asset:  LOG-LG-2538 - Joint Operations Logistics; LSR-LC-3030 – Resource Management Education Programme (RMEP); ETE-CM-3840 - Crisis Management; JIA-SC-3050 - NATO Peace Support Operations; ETE-ET-1032 - NATO Staff Officer Orientation. 4.  POSITION AND CANDIDATE PROFILE Personal attributes The incumbent must be mature, tactful and possessing sound judgment, flexibility, and a persuasive personality. Current NATO Financial Regulations are tailored on peacetime activities. The Director of Finance/J8 is required to use creative thinking to propose adaptation of existing rules or creation of new procedures to comply with new situations such as crisis operations and out-of-area operations. He/She applies sound and flexible judgement consistent with NATO Financial Regulations and ACO Directives. As the senior executive for all financial administration matters, the Director of Finance/J8 carries out his/her duties in accordance with the rules and procedures promulgated in the NATO Financial Regulations and ACO Directives, and in accordance with supplemental instructions given by ACO and the BC. He/she establishes administrative policies and prepares supplementary written guidance for local implementation of NATO regulations and ACO Directives, negotiates and consults with Host Nations (i.e. MODs, Treasuries, Ministry of Labour) at Secretary Level for financial and economic liaison, and represents the COM at the Budget Committee (BC). Supervisory Responsibilities The incumbent has overall responsibility for the J8 Finance and Accounting Branch. Directing and guiding staff towards achievement of assigned tasks and responsibilities, which includes the assignment of priorities. There are first-line reporting responsibilities for the following staff: 1  OF-5 (Executive Officer); 1 A-4 (F&A Branch Head); 1 OF-4 (P&C Branch Head); 1 A-4 (Budget Branch Head); 1 OR-6 (Staff Assistant); 1 OF-4 (Staff Officer Internal Control) and 1 A-2 (Staff Officer Control). There are first-line reporting responsibilities for the following staff: 1 OF-5; 2 A-4; 1 A-2; 1 OF-4; 1 A-5. Professional contacts The incumbent routinely interrelates not only with work associates, but frequently interfaces with senior military and civilian personnel, and deals with a variety of staff, both internally and externally, in performing his/her numerous duties and functions. 5.  CONTRACT The successful candidate will receive a three-year definite duration contract which may be followed by an indefinite duration contract.  NATO-serving staff members will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations (NCPRs). The basic entry-level monthly salary for a NATO Grade A-5 in Italy is Euro 8,811.13 which may be augmented by allowances based on the selected staff member’s eligibility, and which is subject to the withholding of approximately 20% for pension and medical insurance contributions. 6.  HOW TO APPLY: HQ JFC Naples uses NATO Talent Acquisition Platform. Shortlisted candidates invited to the interview phase, will be requested to provide, where applicable, copies of University diplomas listing the exams sustained, transcripts (that is, list of courses with grades and dates), for all pertinent university and vocational Training Courses.   Note that once you create your profile, you will be able to use it on NTAP to apply for other vacancies within NATO.   Employment pre-requisites: Candidates are invited to submit their applications only if: They are nationals of a NATO member country They are over 21 and under 60 years of age at the time of taking up their appointments. Appointments of definite duration may be offered to candidates of 60 years of age or more, provided that the expiry date of the contract is not later than the date at which the candidate attains the age of 65. Additional information: A Nato Security clearance of the level required by the position, and approval of the candidate’s medical file by the NATO Medical Adviser, are essential conditions for appointment to this post.  Applicants are not required to possess a clearance at the time of applying, but they must be eligible for a clearance.  HQ JFC Naples will take action to obtain the required security clearance from the successful candidates’ national authorities. Remarks: Ceiling post - twinned post OJS BXXX 0010. This post is in turn linked to JTF HQ CE-post JFN BXXX 0010. This post, linked to JTFHQ  (incremental block),  is subject to 30 days’ Notice to Move (NTM) for deployment.
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