Job Description


The Analyst" id="link" class="link">Assistant Analyst in the Portfolio Strategy and Analytics team (PSA) is a key contributor in terms of the deliverables of the team, which focuses on digitising, reconciling and integrating portfolio client data with the Bank’s Data Ware House, producing summary client reports for the purpose of risk triage and aggregated Portfolio Analytics and equity fair valuation. This includes financial accounts, transition related data as well as relevant market and macro information.

The Assistant Analyst will take responsibility for the tasks assigned to him/her by the supervisor in the team or more senior members of the Portfolio Group as a whole.


As part of Banking Portfolio Department (BPD), a central and dedicated Portfolio Strategy and Analytics team (PSA) collects and provides data as well as analytical support for bankers and other units responsible for monitoring of the existing portfolio.

PSA systematises data activities to support portfolio management of the Bank’s disbursed operations, create efficient processes, ensure consistent data quality and provide portfolio bankers with value adding information to carry out client reviews, fair valuation of equity and other project monitoring tasks.

With this objective in mind, the role of PSA is to absorb data required to manage disbursed projects and to perform initial data Analysis including the relevant data procedures. The team is responsible for collecting, structuring ,digitising, reconciling and integrating the data with the Bank’s Data Ware House, so it becomes available to the wider relevant Banking audience. The PSA is also responsible for producing short summary reports for each client including highlighted potential areas of concern, early warning signals and other relevant macro-economic impact that is used by the Portfolio team to determine the appropriate level of focus and resources (triage). The role of PSA also includes tasks related to Equity Fair Valuation, Results Management, aggregated portfolio analytics and reviews, as well as other data-related project work.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • Training is an integral part of this role in order to obtain foundational knowledge of accounting, banking, and investment operations of the bank. After an initial on-boarding period, each Assistant Analyst will be expected to join the CFA programme and will receive support to do so.

  • Data management and use of IT systems for
    • Data Input – automated, manual, outsourced (also entered by client)

    • Data Validation – ensure clean, correct and useful input data. Carry out peer reviews of data entries

    • Data Reconciliation – resolve data inconsistencies to generate a single golden source of data

  • Analytics and reporting
    • Client summary reports highlighting potential areas of concern, early warning signals and other relevant macro-economic impacts.

    • Systematised flagging of data management breaches, e.g. covenants, late submissions, unexpected changes to the accounts.

    • Providing regular financial data input for Equity Fair Value process

    • Aggregated portfolio analytics to identify sector, geographical or other portfolio trends.

  • Peer mentoring - after the initial period of 6 to 12 months, Assistant Analyst will be expected to:
    • With guidance from managers, support new hires on data management and use of IT systems.

    • Cross check an sign off data entry and reports performed by new hires

    • Generate and work on data process enhancements initiatives.

  • Communication tasks and skills are a crucial part of this job. The Assistant Analyst will work within a team closely linked to other teams responsible for project monitoring, e.g.:
    • Portfolio Managers, Portfolio Bankers (Operation Leaders),

    • Equity Value Creation Leaders and Equity Leads

    • Credit officers and other internal clients

    • Under initial supervision with external clients at appropriate levels

Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications

  • University degree in finance/economics/business, econometrics/Computer Science or related subject from a leading university in the country of education

  • Quantitative/ numerical skills are essential with the ability to interpret financial information and understand and review financial accounts and reports

  • Computer literacy, conversant with Microsoft Office and spreadsheet packages including Financial Analysis and modelling modules

  • Good understanding of IT systems and processes

  • Good written and oral communications skills in English, especially in translating technical knowledge to non-technical audience

  • Fluency in a language (or languages) relevant to the Bank’s countries of operations would be a strong advantage

  • Motivation, great attention to detail, good common sense, outstanding time management skills, ability to work both individually and as part of a team

  • Ability to organise and prioritise a high volume of tasks

  • Resilience and ability to work to tight deadlines

  • Familiarity with financial systems, aggregated data analyses and curiosity to achieve numerical efficiency.

  • Interest in finance, investment, banking, Capital Markets and related fields.

  • Ability to learn and work independently in a remote working setting

Diversity is one of the Bank’s core values which are at the heart of everything it does. A diverse workforce with the right knowledge and skills enables connection with our clients, brings pioneering ideas, energy and innovation. The EBRD staff is characterised by its rich diversity of nationalities, cultures and opinions and we aim to sustain and build on this strength. As such, the EBRD seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities and works in an inclusive environment. The EBRD encourages all qualified candidates who are nationals of the EBRD member countries to apply regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. As an inclusive employer, we promote flexible working.

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