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Consultant (Support The Idb in The Supervision and Preparation of Strategic Projects of The Transport Sector)

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Job Description

Support the IDB in the supervision and preparation of strategic projects of the Transport Sector in Colombia. Background of this search: The project portfolio of the Transport Division (TSP) in Colombia includes a variety of projects on strategic topics such as: public-private partnerships, river and maritime projects, mass transportation systems and electromobility, among others. In the field of urban transport, the IDB has supported several projects in Colombia and TSP aims to generate lessons learned and best practices, support the mitigation of risks associated with implementation, and disseminate urban transport and mobility projects financed by the Bank. The priority area of the Division is the improvement of the Bank's capacity to support LAC countries with technical and managerial knowledge on the structuring, implementation, management, and financial sustainability of urban Transport Systems in the region. One of the most complex projects in the TSP portfolio in Colombia, is the Strategic Public Transport Systems Program - SETP (2575 / OC-CO and 2576 / TC-CO), that is being impelemented in Pasto, Popayán, Armenia and Santa Marta. The Strategic Public Transport Systems aim to achieve safe, equitable, integrated, efficient, accessible and environmentally sustainable mobility in each of these cities. SETP Program is executed by the Ministry of Transportation, through the managing entities established in each city, that demand permanent training and technical assistance from the Bank, due to their lack of experience executing a loan contract under the Bank's policies and safeguards. The Bank granted the eligibility of these operations in January 2014 and the loan will close in December 2020. To date, the 4 cities have contracted and are executing projects for the implementation of the SETP, however, there are difficulties related to the successful commissioning of the systems. The Bank is identifying how to continue supporting the development of sustainable mobility in intermediate cities in Colombia, working in areas such as technology and electromobility. Other priority project in Colombia is the First Line of the Bogotá Metro (PLMB) - Section I (4572 / OC-CO), a loan contract to support the financing of works and technical assistance from the PLMB. This project represents one of the most important civil works in the country, not only for its cost and complexity, but also for the great environmental, social and property implications of its construction. The Bank is also supporting the Government of Colombia in railway, river and maritime projects and studies, responding to the request to strengthening institutional capacity in this sector and support the development of multimodal cargo transportation in the country. The strengthening of the river mode and the development of the Magdalena River are areas in which TSP has new challenges in Colombia. Recently, the Government of Colombia has launched a national electromobility strategy and several cities have started acquiring this type of fleet for urban transport in 2019. TSP works with different national and local actors to promote this transportation technology in Colombia. TSP also supports several cities in the country in the development of projects for sustainable mobility, urban innovation, and the use of technologies (AI, digital manufacturing, Big Data, etc.), promotion of alternative modes, green corridors and gender equality. This support for sustainable urban mobility projects in cities is focused on helping cities implement a sustainable urban mobility model in a post-covid scenario. Due to the above and taking into account the importance, complexity and requirement of supervision of the projects of the transport portfolio in Colombia, it is required a consultant to support the management and the development of strategic issues for TSP in Colombia. The team's mission: At the Inter-American Development Bank Transport’s Division we pursue the goal of promoting Economic Development and quality of life of its inhabitants through transportation and infrastructure activities in an efficient, affordable, sustainable and safe way. Our operational and knowledge lines of action focus in an integrated view of the different types of passenger and freight transport (road, urban, rail, air, ports) in combination with the strategic areas of Road Safety, Freight Logistics and Sustainable Transport (REST), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Major Projects, and with the transversal areas of Gender and Regional Integration. We provide specialized Technical Support to the Bank in all strategic aspects related to transport and mobility, especially for the execution of the First Line of the Bogota Metro Project and the Strategic Public Transport Systems of Colombia project, in the implementation phase and commissioning of the systems. What you’ll do: To comply with the objectives of this consultancy, the contractor must carry out the following activities, without prejudice to those that, according to the progress of the work, are necessary for the achievement of the objectives: • Provide technical advice on the institutional, regulatory, and budgetary elements for the First Line of the Bogotá Metro (PLMB) - Section 1 project, within the framework of the support provided to the Government of Colombia and the District in the contractual stages. • Technical support in the activities necessary to improve mobility in Bogotá and other cities in Colombia. Within these activities, the consultant must: a) Accompany the elaboration of agreements for the transport and mobility laboratory b) Support in the organization of transport expert seminars c) Analysis of international experiences on issues such as city-region transport integration, and other issues applicable to Bogotá and Colombia d) Other related activities that allow improving mobility in Bogotá and the other main cities • Advise, propose strategies and provide technical support on issues related to electromobility • Technical support to the Government of Colombia (GoC) and to the territorial governments in the technical aspects of the Strategic Public Transport Systems (SETP), specifically for the closure of the operation. • Specialized technical support in the identification and analysis of information related to the Transport Sector in Colombia, especially in urban transport (BRT, Metro, non-motorized means, etc.) and new mobility models in urban areas. In particular, the contract must focus on: a) The review of good practices, success stories and lessons learned in the country and internationally related to the mentioned urban transport areas. b) The issuance of strategic recommendations related to the country's transportation challenges related to regulatory, regulatory and legal reforms, sector policies, environment, capacity and institutional responsibilities, monitoring and follow-up mechanisms and financing schemes, public finances , pre-investment and stages of the project cycle related to the sectoral areas mentioned in the background. • Support in the strategic sector dialogue with national entities in the main areas of activity in the country. • Support in the sectorial knowledge activities in other modes such as rail, port, river, highway. • Support in the Design of operations for all transport modes, with emphasis on the project's impacts on economic and social development, the borrower's institutional capacity to execute the project, and the design of indicator systems ("benchmarking") that allow the evaluation and monitoring of the operation. • Support in the proactive supervision of the Bank's operations, including investment projects and technical cooperation. In addition to project management, supervision and Administration activities should seek complementary technical support from the public entities involved. • Support in the preparation of presentations and reports to respond to government requests. • Strengthen knowledge and promote technical actions in logistics, road safety, public-private partnerships, gender, technology, sustainable transport, among others. Promote the participation of the COF in these activities. • Support in the analysis and development of sector research and diagnostic issues, as well as the proposal for development and / or evaluation of new transport programs. Support in the dissemination and communication tasks of the activities carried out by the Bank in the transportation sector. • Participation in the workshops, meetings, calls, videoconferences that the Bank organizes regarding the operations in execution and preparation of the transport’s portfolio in Colombia. • Support in the participation of forums, seminars and events of the Transport Sector in Colombia and in the Region. • Specialized technical support in the preparation and monitoring of operations: accompany and advise TSP specialists in the implementation and development of the missions that TSP/CCO schedules, assisting in the preparation of the documents required for them and participating in the meetings techniques. • Support in the issuance of monitoring reports on the execution of loan operations and technical cooperation within the Bank and for the beneficiary counterparty. • Support in the development of knowledge products such as technical notes, methodologies and / or lessons learned for research and evaluation of projects of the Transportation Division. • Support in the Bank's work for the monitoring and response of the Transportation division to the Covid-19 crisis. For the development of all the above activities, the consultant will coordinate with the TSP/CCO specialists and will work together with the operations analysts who support the specialists. It will also have the necessary logistical support to convene and carry out meetings and other activities necessary to fulfill the objectives of the consultancy. What you’ll need:
  • Citizenship: You are a citizen of one of our 48 member countries. The Bank can assist with relocation and visa applications for you and your eligible dependents.

  • Consanguinity: You have no family members (up to the fourth degree of consanguinity and second degree of affinity, including the spouse) who work in the IDB Group.

  • Education: Bachelor's degree in political science, social science, or engineering.

  • Experience: With a minimum of two years of professional experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Work experience in projects in the transport and infrastructure sector and specific knowledge on issues of mobility and urban planning. Specific experience in the development of public policies in the transport sector in Colombia, in international cooperation projects in relation to multilateral and / or bilateral banks and national and local governments, and in strategic issues in the transport sector, particularly the use and implementation of new technologies, smart cities, the institutional organization of transport and regional integration in Colombia and internationally.

  • Languages: Ability to read, write and speak Spanish and English

Core and Technical Competencies: Ability to develop, analyze and articulate problems related to projects in the transport sector. Ability to diagnose problems and propose reliable solutions. Preferably with the capacity to manage human resources and budget. Opportunity Summary:
  • Type of contract and modality: Full Time Consultant

  • Contract duration: 18 months

  • Location: COF Colombia, Bogotá

  • Responsible person: Senior Transport Specialists in Colombia (TSP / CCO).

  • Requirements: You must be a citizen of one of the 48 IDB member countries and have no family members currently working in the IDB Group.

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