Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Consultant (Labour Market and Tvet Assessment)

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Job Description


  1. Analyses and map out current and future employment opportunities [self and wage employment] promoted by the government and the private sector including common sectors and locations for youth to be employed both in and out of respective areas

  2. To identify types of skills available in the market through TVET, schools, tertiary institutions and formal institutions and the skill gaps, which are not being provided in the market.

  3. To identify the types of jobs available in the market, which can be filled by TVET graduates, with a special focus on highly demanded skills.

  4. To identify sectors available in local markets, which could be expanded into other surrounding markets.

  5. Identify potential public private sector partners to receive youth with low levels of educational attainment and non-formal skills for apprenticeship or job placement in decent work opportunities in vocations of their choice

  6. To analyze Local Government policies that promote or hinder youth TVET training, apprenticeships, the starting of new businesses and youth skill development.


5.1 Duration of the assignment and budget estimate; The assessment is expected to start in second last week of June 2020. The final report on of the assessment should be submitted to NRC not more than 14 days from commencement date.

5.2 Geographical coverage;

The FORESITE target four Counties of Jur River in Western Bahr El Ghazal, Cueibet in Lakes, Twic and Gogrial West in Warrap States. The TVET Centres will draw the trainees from all targeted 24 project Bomas.

Key Deliverables for consultant:**

The consultant will be expected to submit the following deliverables within agreed upon timeframe and budget

  1. Inception report detailing the methodology and data sources. The proposed research tools will be discussed and approved by consortium partners before Data Collection commences. The inception report will serve as an agreement between parties on how the assessment will be conducted.

  2. Electronic copy of all primary data collected and tools used.

  3. Initial findings (two pages) and PowerPoint presentation (15 minutes).

  4. Draft Report. To be reviewed by the consortium

  5. A final report (one electronic copy in PDF Format, one in DOC format and one in hard copy). The final report should be in the following format;

a) Executive Summary in bullets (max. 2 pages)

b) Introduction

c) Methodology, including sampling and limitations

d) Analysis and findings of the assessment, according to the objectives

g) Conclusions for each of the mid-term evaluation objectives

h) Recommendations for future projects

i) Annexes: - Relevant maps and photographs of the evaluation areas where necessary; bibliography of consulted secondary sources; finalized data collection tools; list of interviewees with accompanying informed consent forms

  1. A summary of the report not exceeding 10 pages that can be shared with donors and other interested stakeholders.

  2. A final presentation of the overall findings to the consortium

Qualifications and Expertise Required:

  1. Post-graduate degree in Social Sciences, Business, Economics, Statistics or in a related field.

  2. 8-10 years’ experience in research and/or Labour Market studies with extensive working experience in South Sudan.

  3. Strong background in managing research teams.

  4. Technical expertise in carrying out assessments in South Sudan.

  5. Knowledge of TVET programmes.

  6. Excellent communication and report writing skills.

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