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Request for Quotation Subject: Consultancy services for IDP Profiling. Deadline for submission of quotations: 02/08/2020 18:00 (UTC 2) The Representative office of Norwegian Refugee Council in Ukraine (NRC) is interested to choose a contractor to conclude an Agreement for the Consultancy services for IDP Profiling. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the request and provide your price offer. Download the attached 2 files containing Request for Quotation and Terms of Reference, fill in the required fields, sign the document with the authorized person, stamp the company seal (if applicable), scan the form and send the scan to the email address: Be sure to specify the letter subject: 8102139. Offers with a different letter subject (or without a subject) may not be considered. The proposal should be submitted in the established format (scans of all pages of the proposal, either in separate .jpg files or in a separate / single .pdf file; PDF document with signature / seal). Submission of all or part of a sentence in a freely editable format (Word, TXT, etc.) is NOT ALLOWED. The offer must be sent no later than 18:00 (UTC 2) 02/08/2020. All offers received later will not be accepted. Offers received by the NRC in another way, sent by mail, delivered by courier, sent to another email box will not be accepted for consideration. Questions and clarifications should be sent to: Contact person: Evgen Nikitenko, 380 50 468 45 85 or 380 67 828 58 85 Terms of reference: 1. BACKGROUND: According to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, there are 1 433 454[1] registered internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine. The UN estimates that of these, approximately 800,000 reside more permanently in the government-controlled areas2 of Ukraine. The key factors limiting the integration of IDPs in Local Communities continue to include a lack of housing, scarce employment, and until recently the inability to exercise voting rights. These barriers need to be understood at a granular level in order to inform government approaches. Many issues concerning integration of internally displaced persons and implementation of long-term solutions to internal displacement require a concerted and systematic solution, Coordination of actions of state authorities and civil society. NRC Ukraine looks to support, the affected population, government actors in the Government-Controlled Areas (GCA) of Luhansk Oblast, and other key stakeholders with effective instruments for strategising, planning, resource allocation, and advocacy linked to the pursuit of long-term solutions. Luhansk Oblast hosts the second largest proportion of IDPs after Donetsk Oblast. In 2019, in order to address gaps in information regarding the situation of IDPs, NRC Ukraine in collaboration with Joint IDP Profiling Services (JIPS) conducted a pilot IDP profiling exercise of urban IDPs in the following locations in eastern Ukraine: Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, Lysychansk, Kreminna and Starobilsk. The profiling exercise assessed the capacities and challenges faced by IDPs with regard to accessing documentation, housing, land and property, social benefits, livelihoods, their cross-border movements and future plans and intentions. The information collected is to be used as the foundation of NRC’s Advocacy Work and for identifying durable solutions for IDPs. In 2020, NRC identified the recent creation of IDP Councils in certain areas of eastern Ukraine that are embedded in the governance structures. These IDP Councils promote increased participation of IDPs in policymaking and advise and advocate to national and Local Government of the best ways to achieve equitable integration into communities. It was decided by NRC management that this was the most appropriate audience and user for the IDP profiling data. By August 2020, NRC will conclude this pilot and will be carrying out an evaluation and scale-up plan. 2. OBJECTIVES: The main objectives for the consultancy include:
  • To evaluate the IDP Profiling Pilot by assessing the extent to which the project achieved its original objectives; the efficiency of all related activities; the quality of partnerships; issues in management; and the final impact.

  • To gather feedback from relevant stakeholders such as IDP Councils (in close collaboration with the NRC Advocacy Coordinator and implementing partner) to better understand how the profiling findings and associated demand driven data products were utilized in the IDP Council’s advocacy efforts for long term solutions for IDPs.

  • To identify and document good practices and lessons learned from the IDP Profiling project as well as formulate recommendations on how the profiling exercise can be scaled/adapted to other locations in Ukraine which will support IDP Councils and meet their evidence-based advocacy needs.

  • To identify and document good practices and lessons learned from the IDP Profiling and IDP Councils pilot project and use them to formulate NRC Approach on championing integration as Durable Solutions for IDPs. This will include supporting the High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement with guidance documentation and Analysis on IDP Councils in eastern Ukraine.

3. KEY ACTIVITIES: The key activities for the consultancy will include:
  • Desk Review of all background documentation from the project: JIPS mission reports, methodology, questionnaire, analysis plan, findings etc.

  • Develop qualitative tools to facilitate FGDs with the IDP Council and other local stakeholders for evaluating the usefulness of the IDP Profiling data and findings.

  • Carry out field based FGDs and KIIs with all relevant stakeholders

  • Produce Evaluation Report including lessons learned based on all qualitative assessment activities and feedback from local stakeholders.

  • Based on feedback from the IDP Council, contractors and partners, produce recommendations on scaling/adapting the profiling exercise.

  • Activities will be both home and field based and be determined based on applicant proposals

  • Deliverable 1: Detailed evaluation plan submitted within 5 working days of the start of consultancy. The evaluation plan must contain specific evaluation questions, proposed methodology, timeframe and workplan for conducting the evaluation. The workplan must also include all tools to be used in the evaluation. The workplan must be agreed and requires sign off from the Head of Program. (Home Based)

  • Deliverable 2: Draft Report detailing the evaluation’s findings, lessons learned and recommendations for scaling the profiling based on IDP Council’s needs. The draft report must be approved by the Head of Program.

  • Deliverable 3: NRC Approach Document on championing integration as Durable Solutions for IDPs (maximum 5 pages + presentation in PowerPoint). The be developed in collaboration with the Head of Programme and Director" id="link" class="link">Country Director.

  • Deliverable 4: Comprehensive Evaluation Report with the following:
    • Executive summary that provides a clear and concise presentation of the context and background, evaluation’s main conclusions, key recommendations and any challenges/issues identified.

    • Description of methodology used, and Data Collection process followed.

    • Observations, findings and conclusions

    • Analysis of lessons learned with specific recommendations on scaling the profiling to meet the needs of IDP Council’s.

    • Any feedback from the Head of Program based on the Draft Report.

    • Associated Presentation in Powerpoint to be used for donors and local partners.

  • Deliverable 5: Summary Report and Presentation finalized and approved for the High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement. This report and presentation will highlight the qualitative data collected from IDP councils based on a pre-approved Key Informant questionnaire. The consultant(s) will not be responsible for the data collected but will be part of the process and lead the report writing. In addition, the report will include a tailored summary of Deliverable 4. More details will be shared upon contract signing.

[1] As of 8th January 2020 [2] Humanitarian Needs Overview for Ukraine 2019 REQUIRED COMPETENCIES:
  • At least 7 years of proven professional experience in humanitarian-development sector, at least 5 of which should be overseas in an Emergency / conflict setting.

  • Experience in using the IASC Framework and other key global and regional guidelines on durable solutions.

  • Experience engaging in topics surrounding returns, relocation and local integration (e.g Housing, Land and Property, community cohesion).

  • Ability to analyze, synthesize and write clear reports.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Previous experience working on IDP Profiling/durable solutions/advocacy projects is required.

  • Understanding of the context in Eastern Ukraine and/or experience of working in similar contexts would be an advantage.

  • Previous experience of working for NRC would be an advantage.

  • Register businesses including sole proprietorships are desirable but not a requirement. For all consultancy businesses applying, proof of registration and tax information will be required

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