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SIDA-TAGHIR Gender Consultancy – Gender Action Plan Duration 1 December 2020 – 20 December 2020 (10 working days maximum) Project Location Remote Support


Mercy Corps works in places of transition, where conflict, disaster, political upheaval, or economic collapse present opportunities to build more secure, productive, and just communities. Providing Emergency relief in times of crisis, we move quickly to help communities recover and build resilience to future shocks, and promote sustainable change by supporting community-led and market-driven initiatives. Recognizing both the great potential and the complex challenges faced by the Middle East, since 1989 Mercy Corps has been implementing a range of humanitarian assistance and development programs tailored to the specific needs of the region and of those communities where we work. Mercy Corps has worked across Iraq’s 18 governorates since 2003, implementing relief and development programming, more than a third of which has focused on the specific needs of refugees and displaced persons. The primary goal of Mercy Corps’ livelihoods sector is to contribute to Iraq’s stabilization, reduce poverty and inequality by increasing resilience capacity in order for people in Iraq (including Syrian refugees) to obtain sustainable livelihood and employment opportunities, and access to goods and services while reducing the effects and risks of disaster, conflict, or other shocks. For the next two years, the livelihoods sector will focus on linking Emergency Response activities to Early Recovery and rehabilitation, and eventually transitioning to longer-term recovery and sustainable development. The sector’s strategy will build on what Mercy Corps has already accomplished during the emergency and early recovery phase in the affected communities to identify innovative development solutions and integrated holistic livelihood interventions that can enhance their resilience and maintain economic stability. Mercy Corps focuses on the understanding that Iraqi households are operating in a context of increasing risk and uncertainties, and that the gains achieved through livelihood and income generating activities will only be sustained if people are able to anticipate, absorb, and adapt to shocks and stresses. Mercy Corps approach to livelihood resilience will not only focus on the ability of people to mitigate, adapt to and recover from shocks and stresses but also to recognize that shocks but also recognizes the role of systems, including economic, government and social systems, in enabling people to be resilient and creating opportunities for transformation. Our work around market systems development will also integrate responses to climate related shocks and stresses to ensure that our programs are environmentally-sensitive and responsive to Climate Change related challenges. PROJECT SUMMARY TAGHIR is a three year project funded by SIDA on “Promoting resilience for returnees and host communities in Ninawa”. The project runs from 1 June 2019 to 31 May 2022, and targeting 112,265 people (youth, returnees and host communities) in three districts in Ninawa, including Mosul, Sinjar and Tel Kaif - which are prioritized due to the diverse ethnic and sectarian make-up of the population in Ninewa (Sunni Arab, Shi’a Arab, Shabak, Yazidi, Christian, Turkman, Kurd), as well as the large number of displaced and returning populations. The goal of this project is: To facilitate peaceful environment and wellbeing of the returnees and host communities in conflict affected districts and sub-districts of Ninawa through psychosocial resilience, social cohesion and livelihood restoration. ** CONSULTANCY OBJECTIVES The overall objective of this assignment is to support the gender mainstreaming capacity of the TAGHIR SIDA Team. This will be completed by creating a Gender Action Plan (GAP) which operationalizes the recommendations of the 2020 Gender Analysis, and providing Capacity Building for key staff members on how to implement, monitor and report on the GAP. In this respect, the specific objectives of this consultant include the following: ● To establish structures and processes that will promote effective mainstreaming of gender in the TAGHIR SIDA programme which will be documented through a Gender Action Plan ● Improve staff members’ appreciation, understanding, awareness and capacities to integrate gender in all aspects of their work *Methodology and Scope The Gender Advisor will be responsible for leading creation, implementation and monitoring of the project’s Gender Action Plan (GAP). This will include (i) Developing a GAP, and creation of an implementation, monitoring and reporting plan to track progress; (ii) ensuring the implementation of gender features in all relevant project outputs; (iii) building the capacity of key project staff; (iv) the provision of technical advice and training


The consultant will perform the following tasks: Lead the development of a Gender Action Plan for TAGHIR SIDA and creation of an implementation, monitoring and reporting plan to track progress including:
  1. Review the completed Gender Analysis, and other gender guidance and create a detailed GAP in consultation with Program, and PAQ staff to ensure that all activities are relevant and achievable and clearly linked to broader project objectives, including implementation, monitoring, and reporting responsibilities;

  2. Create a roadmap which 1) provides clear guidance for team members (Programs and PAQ) to ensure ongoing and meaningful consultation with female beneficiaries and stakeholders and facilitate women’s participation in project activities; 2) Provides a clear action plan on how to implement the gender analysis recommendations, and other gender mainstreaming activities, to move the project from gender sensitive towards gender transformative, which will be included and outlined in the GAP; and 3) ensures partner designs are gender-responsive and address the needs of men, women, boys and girls.

  3. Conduct online gender and inclusion awareness training and/or mentorship to all key Mercy Corps and Mercy Hands (implementing partner) staff involved in the project (programs and PAQ) to build ownership and understanding of GAP objectives and activities;

  4. Submit final report which includes the Roadmap, GAP, and Training summary, which includes lessons learned and recommendations

The Gender Advisor will preferably have (i) an advanced degree in social sciences; (ii) at least 8 years’ experience in analyzing social and gender dimensions of projects; (iii) at least 8 years’ experience in advising on gender-inclusive projects with multi sectoral components; (iv) Arabic language skills desired, and (v) relevant work experience in the MENA region or similar environment. All deliverables will be submitted in English and Arabic and must include clear, substantiated recommendations for improvement of future similar programming.


The Consultant will work closely with: SIDA-TAGHIR Senior Program Manager, Head of Livelihoods, and MEL Manager. The Consultant will report to: Director, Program Performance and Quality.


Mercy Corps will review and approve the methodology, approaches, plans, and tools prior to usage.


Timeline Activity Responsibility 1 day Review programmatic documentation Consultant 2 days Develop Roadmap and Gender Action Plan and submit to Mercy Corps Program and PAQ teams for review Consultant 2 days Conduct gender and inclusion awareness training Consultant 1 day Training and mentorship on implementation of Roadmap and Gender Action Plan Consultant 2 days Submit Draft final report, documentation, roadmap, gender action plan, and training summary to Mercy Corps Program and PAQ teams for review Consultant 2 days Finalize and submit Final report, documentation, roadmap, gender action plan, and training summary Consultant


  1. All the collected data and provided reports will be sole property of Mercy Corps and should not be shared or published without approval.

  2. Mercy Corps will not have any obligations for any issues arising between the consultant and SIDA-TAGHIR staff/management.

  3. Mercy Corps will have a maximum of 3 reviews/revision processes for each tool/report submitted before service provider finalization and usage.

  4. All the materials must be delivered in word and pdf format.

The consultant must sign the data-sharing agreement with Mercy Corps at the onset which stipulates that any data on programme documents, internal Mercy Corps must not be shared unless otherwise have prior approval from Mercy Corps.
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