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Consultant (Development of A Gender Responsive Private Sector Scoping Study to Explore Investment Opportunities to Enhance Ndc Implementation in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines)

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Job Description

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Duties and Responsibilities
The overall objective of this assignment is to conduct a Gender responsive Private Sector Scoping Study which will explore the investment opportunities for private sector finance in helping to drive Saint Vincent and the Grenadines gender responsive NDC implementation process. The specific objectives of the Gender Responsive Private Sector Scoping Study are to assist the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the following:
  • Identifying private sector investment opportunities across the priority sectors (energy, industrial processes and product use, Agriculture, land use, land use change, forestry and waste) identified within Saint Vincent and the Grenadines INDCs.

  • Mapping the country’s current investment environment to demonstrate how the current policy and regulatory environment either supports or impedes private sector investment across the priority sectors identified.

  • Identify financial, technical and institutional barriers which inhibit private sector investment.

  • Identify and propose market mechanisms to incentivize private sector investment through the creation of a conducive enabling environment in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Develop private sector led finance and investment concept cases for the priority sectors identified within Saint Vincent and the Grenadines INDCs.

  • Identify key public and private sector players which can support private sector investment towards NDC implementation in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Identify international and regional best practices and lessons learnt in the mobilizing of private sector investment to advance gender responsive NDC implementation.

  • At least 5 years of experience addressing issues specific to Caribbean SIDS surrounding private sector investment and Climate Finance.

  • At least 3 years of experience in undertaking private sector Development Research resulting in the preparation of investment strategies, finance plans, policy documents and action plans.

  • Experience working with economic Analysis regarding Climate Change issues and/or financial appraisal of revenue generating projects.

  • Experience working with, and delivering technical assistance to, public sector clients specific to Caribbean SIDS or in developing countries.

  • Sound understanding of national and local Development Planning processes in the Caribbean especially knowledge of the INDCs/ NDCs development or implementation process in the Caribbean.

  • Sound understanding of gender and gender mainstreaming within climate change actions and in private sector development.

  • An understanding of the Global and National Climate Finance landscape and procedures, multilateral funds and the other channels including the role of private sector in climate finance.

  • Ability to transfer analytical results into simple and actionable solutions (based on job experience/field work).

2. Sound understanding of the issues relevant to the priority sectors surrounding climate change vulnerability and risk, or other related development issues within Caribbean Region (based on job experience/field work). 3. Previous work in any of the EnGenDER beneficiary countries and in a similar project is highly desirable. II. Competencies:
  • Solid experience addressing issues specific to Caribbean SIDS surrounding private sector investment and climate finance.

  • Solid experience in developing private sector development research resulting in the preparation of investment strategies, finance plans, policy documents and action plans.

  • A soild understanding of the INDC/NDC development planning process and implementation.

  • Previous experience in gender and climate change projects specifically in the areas of performing gender analysis and gender-responsive stakeholder participation.

Required Skills and Experience
  • Mandatory Postgraduate degree (MSc, MBA or higher) in economics, finance, business Administration, international business or sustainable development

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