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Job Description


IOM seeks to recruit a qualified consultant to support the project entitled “Strengthening the Technical Capacities of the Government of Belize towards Developing a National Migration and Development Policy” and the “The Western Hemisphere Program (WHP)” that are being implemented in Belize. Both projects aim to contribute towards the Government of Belize´s (GoB)’s efforts, through the Immigration Department, to better manage migration through the development of comprehensive annual training materials for Immigration Officers. The consultant will be responsible for developing twoweek training materials based on a previously developed Curricula. The Curricula proposal includes the preparation of sessions, to be implemented as part of the annual training for the Immigration Department.

The Government of Belize (GOB), through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Immigration, has requested technical assistance on the development of comprehensive annual training materials for immigration officers. The Immigration Department currently has in place a two-week recruiting program which thoroughly prepares new recruits to fulfil their tasks within the department. Yet, the department envisions a comprehensive annual training that goes beyond the daily tasks of participants that will better prepare them to respond to the growing needs in the field of migration. The Immigration Department anticipates the improvement of Migration Management through the Capacity Building of its officers since their recruitment, for them to better understand migration flows, dynamics and implications. The annual training is expected to act as both a refresher training and reinforcement of knowledge that leads to the continuous professional development of officers.

The annual training, which will be modelled off a previously developed curricula, is expected to deliver on the main topics of migration governance, all in the framework of basic human rights and the human rights of migrants. Thus, the annual training will review the most important Human Rights instruments to which Belize is party at the international and regional level, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, The International Convention on the Protection of All Migrant Workers and the Members of their Families, the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees, The American Declaration of Human Rights, the Cartagena Declaration, among others.

The annual training will also review the specific situation of different groups of migrants, including women, children, indigenous persons, persons with diverse abilities, Asylum Seekers and refugees. The annual training will, thus, review the main human rights instruments that protect each of these groups, and evaluate them in the framework of migration in Belize.
Beyond migration management per se, the annual training material is expected to strengthen the soft skills of participants, which will facilitate a more humane management of the migratory process. For example, the material will focus on capacities related to problem-solving, Conflict Resolution, leadership and supervision, interculturality, language and others. The materials should also build on the already established recruitment curriculum, for example on departmental tasks such as passport, nationality and other applications, ‘’hard skills’’ directly related to institutional procedures such as report writing and justifiable force, as well as on supporting institutions at the State level, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Customs, and Police, as well as international organizations such as IOM, ILO and UNHCR. Overall, the annual training seeks to provide a comprehensive approach to migration management in country, and that is sustainable through the appropriation of materials by government authorities.

Develop annual training materials for the Department of Immigration and Nationality Services, modelled off a previously developed Curricula, that is comprehensive in nature and can be incorporated as a key program of training for immigration officers.
Specific Objectives
1. Develop annual training materials that places migration as a human rights issue within migration officer operations.
1. Develop annual training materials that elaborates on the need for a balance between the authority of States and the self-imposed obligations of States.
3. Develop annual training materials that includes theory and practical based learning to facilitate implementation in the field.
4. Develop annual training materials that fosters the Analysis of national migration legislation practices and facilitates the implementation on the field.
5. Develop annual training materials that build on the materials covered in the current program regarding institutional and national migration procedures.
6. Develop annual training materials that reviews the specific situation and needs of specific groups of migrants, as well as international, regional and legislation safeguarding their rights.
7. Develop annual training materials that reviews best practices to prevent, combat and supress international crime from a human rights perspective, especially trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling.
8. Develop annual training materials that analyses different forms of movement, including labour migration, environmentally induced migration, tourism, and business.
9. Develop annual training materials that fosters growth in the soft skills of immigration officers for improved migration management.
Proposed Methodology:
As part of the consultant’s proposed methodology, He/she is expected to conduct in depth consultations with key informants in the Immigration Department and with IOM officials responsible for the management of the project. The consultant is also expected to extensively review the pre-existing curricula, in order to develop the annual training materials intended to match the validated curriculum.
Estimated Duration of Assignment:
The assignment is expected to be completed in a period of no more than 60 days.
Main Activities:
1. Review IOM’s pre-developed curriculum structure comprehensively.
2. Develop a two-week annual training modelled off the curriculum and validate it with the Immigration Department authorities.
3. Develop the course materials that will be used in each of the sessions. (including power point presentations, case studies, activities and other resources needed).
4. Develop the supporting documents assigned to each of the session as needed to complement the knowledge gained by participants.

Profile of the Consultant:
Advanced university degree in specialized fields of social and/or political sciences, with related experiences in migration and development.
• Certified working experience in at least three (3) project related to developing capacity building and Training Programs.
• Experience in the implementation of policy and legislation analysis and/or development.
• Experience in dialogue and participation with governmental authorities at the national and international level.
• Demonstrable knowledge and professional experience in the following areas: a) migration; b) vulnerable group in need of protection; c) trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling; d) promotion of rights, especially those of vulnerable group.
The candidate must have and demonstrate the following technical and behaviour competencies:
• Compliance with the deadlines, costs and quality of required products.
• Takes responsibility to comply with commitments and blunders.
• Self-monitoring of work and corrects mistakes.
• Teamwork abilities.
Coordination and dialogue abilities.
• Compliance with policies, processes and procedures.
• Development of objectives, management of timeframes, qualities and cost for the achievement of results.
• Capacity to work in high-stress situations.
• Establishes and maintains effective working relations with stakeholders and partners.
Continuous Learning
• Demonstrates the interest to improve own capacities and relevant working techniques.
• Demonstrates the inters tot gain abilities and knowledge in areas foreign to the work itself.
• Contributes to team-learning.
• Stays updated on the developments of the working area.
• Excellent writing and grammar in English.
• Actively shares relevant information.
• Clearly communicates ides and actively listens to feedback.
• Clear and effective writing, adapting vocabulary and style to each public.
Planning and organization
• Establishes clear and attainable objectives, in line with the priorities of the team and others.
• Identifies risks and prepares contingency plans.
Creativity and initiative
• Continuous drive to improve activities and processes.
• Proactively develops new ideas and solves problems.
Leadership and negotiations
• Identifies opportunities and proposes changes
• Attains goals and shares accomplishments.
• Contributes to the goals and objectives of the team and the group work.
• Knowledge in the use of multimedia work and program in Windows, especially Word, Excel and Power-Point.
• Knowledge in the use of information systems tools.
• Ability to develop written reports.
• English
• Spanish is an asset
Expected outcomes:
The consultant will be expected to submit a final report by the 31st July 2020.
The main body of the Annual Training should consist of:
• Training materials modelled off a pre-existing curriculum specifying the courses to be covered in the two-week sessions.
• All course materials (including PowerPoints presentations, activities, documents and other resources as needed) to be used in each of the sessions.
• All supporting documents for each of the sessions as needed.
Application Procedure:
All interested consultants are to submit electronic copies of their CV and technical and financial proposals to IOM by Friday, 10th May 2020.
All bids are to be addressed to the attention of:

Duty Station: BelizeGrade: ConsultantClosing Date:: Sunday, May 10, 2020Document: Terms of Reference
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