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TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR CONSULTANCY TO REVIEW OF SOUTH WEST DROUGHT RECOVERY PLANS (1 April 2020 – December 2021) Purpose Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management South West State (SWS) - Somalia in partnership with World Vision Somalia - SomRep invites application for consultancy to support the review of Drought Recovery program in SWS – Somalia. 1.0 Background The recurrent drought continues to deal big blow to the livelihood of many people in Somalia including South West State. Many households reported loss of Livestock through death, crop failure, food and water shortages past droughts seasons. This eroded people and community livelihoods and most could not cope. Consequently, both pastoral and agro-pastoral households walked longer distances to access water for human and livestock. In addition, most people got displaced or migrated out of rural villages to near-by towns in search of coping mechanisms to survive. With resources lost to drought or utilized to cope, the capacities of most households’ and communities’ to re-establish their livelihoods is impaired and cannot afford. Although the Dyer rains of 2019 have been above normal and in some areas causing flooding, most communities are still struggling from the past drought effects in SWS like many other parts of Somalia. The past droughts and again this heavy rains that is causing flooding in some areas of SWS/Somalia continues to limit the potential of these communities to regain their Food Security/livelihood capacities. Hence the need to support them to re-establish their livelihoods activities in Agriculture, livestock, water and other productive sectors. To achieve this, in September 2017 South West State through the then Ministry Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) and now Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MOPIED) with the support from Somalia Resilience Program (SomRep) and funding from EU developed the Drought Intervention and Recovery Plans covering October 2017 to March 2019. The plan provided the recovery framework to guide actors in SWS on potential interventions in productive sectors (agriculture, livestock, water, economic development etc) which if supported would help the host and IDP households and communities to restore their livelihoods and resilience to drought shocks. This was developed in collaboration with Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock, Livestock, Water, FAO & INGOs. It’s now almost 8 months since the plan expired calling for a review or updating so that it’s relevant to evolving context like this 2019 Dyer rains that has seen flooding in some parts of the SWS and also Somalia as a whole. 2.0 Objective (s) of Drought Recovery Plans Productive livelihoods activities are re-established among target households/communities through drought recovery program in SWS by December 2021 · To manage Rapid Recovery Assessment for Productive Sectors related to Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock, Water, Interior and Resettlement, INGOs and FAO. · To review plans for productive sectors inputs based on the results of rapid in collaboration with Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock, Livestock, Water, FAO & INGOs · To re-establish detailed plan on IDPs return requirements for them to re-establish their productive sectors using results in consultation with District Local Authorities, Ministry of Resettlement, IOM, and INGOs. Including service’s needs (health & education, and returns kits (shelter kits & NFI). · To re-establish a water access plan that will guide development/improvement of sustainable water resources for recovery districts in consultation with district local authorities, Ministry of Water and INGOs · To review the set-up of Drought Recovery Project governance with SWS Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, SWS ministries of Agriculture, Livestock, Water, Resettlement and Interior, and participating UN agencies and NGOs 3.0 Coverage/Scope of Work The assignment will involve consultation with communities local & international NGOS, UN, SWS government ministries, governors for Bay & Bokolo, DCs for each target districts (18 Districts) – by visiting those districts. There are 18 districts in South West State and it is the objective of this assessment to have recovery plans for productive sectors developed for the 18 districts accessibility permitting. The Rapid Recovery Assessment for Productive Sectors will cover 18 districts for January – February 2020 Periods. This will help to create and update a top priority list of CfW activities, water sources points for rehabilitation, agriculture inputs and livestock inputs required to immediately facilitate the resumption of productive sector activities in the districts of SWS. Further, the assessment will identify approximately how many HHs left the district and/or target villages and if they intend to return, what support would be need (non-food, items/services etc). Identify top priority water resources in plans which can be rehabilitated so that they are functional throughout all seasons including in Jilaaal. Provide a list of agriculture inputs required for the seasons and also restocking inputs for the seasons. Develop the drought project recovery governance and monitoring framework that guide the management of the recovery project. The validation workshop will be conducted in Baidoa to get stakeholders inputs before finalising the plans 4.0 Deliverables · Rapid Recovery Assessments conducted in 18 districts covering all productive sector for January - February periods. · Productive Sectors plans produced – 1 March 2020 to December 2021 covering 18 districts · IPD Return Plan developed to reestablishment of productive livelihoods for drought affected HHs focusing on temporary Shelter needs and services provision (health/education) in return locations. · Water Access Improvement Plan for return locations developed for each district · Recovery Project Governance Management structure defined, established and working by: · District level reporting and progress monitoring plan developed · SWS level project steering committee meetings organised
  1. A summary of Recovery translated into Somali

  2. 30 Printed Copies recovery for Ministries and districts

  3. Provide a soft copy of the recovery

5.0 Duration and Cost The assignment will run January – February 2020. It should be noted that all related costs will be covered by the consultant 6.0 Requirements and Qualifications Location: Baidoa district – South West State Somalia under MOPIC office with travel to the field i.e 10 – 18 districts to be covered in phases.
  1. MSc degree in Agriculture, water resources and Livestock or similar field;

  2. Minimum 5 years of experience working in Drought Recovery programs involving agriculture livestock and water resources sectors within the context of resilience programming in fragile context. Demonstrated ability to work with consortium members and to build and maintain relationship with other stakeholders (INGOs & UN) plus local organizations.

How to apply: 1.0 Application Process and Requirements The consultant that complies with all the requirements meets all the criteria and offers the best Qualified and interested parties are asked to submit the following;
  1. Letter of interest in submission of a proposal

  2. A detailed technical proposal clearly demonstrating a thorough understanding of this ToR and including but not limited to the following;

· Consultant/company profile · Demonstrated previous experience in similar assignments · Team composition and level of effort of each proposed team member (include CVs of each team member).
  • A financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of costs quoted in United States dollars. The quote should include Logistics costs i.e flights, local travel & accommodation

All applications should be sent electronically via email to with attachments in pdf and a subject line: “Consultancy for Review of South West Drought Recovery Plans” The top three shortlisted Consultants will be required to make an oral presentation of the technical proposal to World Vision team to inform the final decision on the award of the contract. The submission of technical and financial proposals closes on: 7th January 2020 at 10Am East Africa Time.
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