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Consultant (Introductory Training on Governance and Leadership for Government Ministry & District Staff)

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Job Description

The Somalia Resilience Programme (SomReP) is a consortium of seven international NGOs with the aim to enhance the resilience of chronically vulnerable households, communities and systems across Somalia. After severe droughts and famines in the past years, especially the devastating drought of 2011, a sustained commitment has grown strong among local, regional and international actors to build resilience of vulnerable groups in Somalia. In 2012, seven leading INGOs came together simultaneously under World Vision’s regional Securing Africa’s Future initiative to form a resilience consortium for Somalia, known as SomReP. The members of the consortium are: ACF, ADRA, CARE, COOPI, DRC, Oxfam and World Vision. Since then, consortium has implemented resilience programs across Somalia while working closely with government representatives at district, regional and state levels. In South West State, SomRep started operations in December 2016 with two grants funded by EU - Bay and Lower Shabelle Resilience & Social Protection Program and the South West State Drought Recovery Program. The main goal of both programs was to enhance household and communities’ resilience by building/strengthening their absorptive, adaptive and transformative capacities. Like any other SomRep programs, multi-sectoral interventions were/are promoted to build these capacities. This was done in collaboration with different stakeholders and communities took a center stage with the support of relevant government line ministries and Local Government district Administration staff. Starting in 2016, the government structure at state and district levels has grown and taking shape in terms of numerical staff and also establishing governance structures to facilitate delivery of respective ministries’ and district mandates that support implementation of resilience interventions by different actors in the state in order to improve household/community welfare. 2.0 The need for the Training When SomRep started operations in 2016 in South West State, there were few ministries with also limited staff numbers and most working as volunteers with undefined governance structure and limited management and leadership skills. As pointed out earlier, since then, there are now a number of ministries established with also staff (paid and volunteers). However, most of the staff lack or have limited organizational, management and governance skills and knowledge to help them provide needed leadership and guidance in coordinating and supporting respective ministry program activities while guiding different actors in the state and district. An assessment by Savana Consultancy (November 2019) on Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management in South West State, confirmed of the same gaps among others which limit the operations. This could be true to most ministries in the state who are now working at putting the necessary operational structures in place. Most government ministry staff could be unable to fully discharge their responsibilities because the following reasons among others: · Most ministries are relatively new and small hence facing challenges typical of formative stages of growth. · Most Ministries experience capacity gaps in relation to formulating laws, policies, and guidelines to standardize operations and supervision of sector actors · Difficulties to get qualified staff with requisite skills, experience and knowledge in organizational leadership and management · Lack of or limited administrative knowledge and skills among staff · Limited and/or irregular engagement of ministry staff with stakeholders implementing activities in line with their respective ministries’ mandates · Limited &/or irregular Coordination of sectoral activities implemented by different agencies like NGOs for their ministries · Unclear guidelines to stakeholders implementing interventions related to their ministry mandates · Irregular and limited Technical Support and guidance to agencies on mandates of their respective ministries · Limited or irregular provision of leadership on their mandates to agencies · Limited and/or unclear governance established structure in some of the ministries It is clear there are gaps in staff capacity to provide needed effective leadership for their respective ministries at various levels of influence/operation. Unless this is addressed by having staff equipped with effective governance, leadership and management skills and practices that takes into account local context, staff role to provide needed leadership at various levels in the ministry will be limited. 3.0 Objective · To train senior government staff on governance, leadership and management skills and knowledge that will enable them contribute to respective ministries ability to guide and deliver her mandate (coordination and management functions that support building of the ministry and linkages with stakeholders in activities of respective ministries) 4.0 Scope of Work or Specific Tasks expected to be done will include: § Develop and provide a Guide on role of Effective Governance, leadership and management for Government Ministry staff in SWS. § Participants understand the definition of governance, management and leadership in building the government ministry support among actors like NGOs and others in the state.
  • To equip participants with knowledge, skills and practices on governance, leadership and management to support ministry deliver its mandate among stakeholders

  • Enhance participants’ understanding on the rationale for governance and leadership to ensure effective management of the ministry affairs

  • Help Participants acquire management and leadership skills necessary for supporting the organizational development and functioning processes of their respective ministries.

§ To improve participants’ knowledge on tools for governance, leadership and management. § Staff understand the role in governance and leadership/management in order to promote the mandates of the respective ministries among different stakeholders § Demonstrate how to establish and maintain effective relationship with agencies implementing activities related to their ministry mandates. § Demonstrate to trainees innovative and interactive practical exercises with feedback and coaching on relevant skills and processes in management and leadership. § Train staff on role of effective governance and leadership to guide planning, implementation and management of the respective ministry activities. 5.0 Target participants The plan is to have 50 Senior government leadership staff attending this training which includes technical and administrative staff from selected Ministries and districts of South West State who are involved in day to day operations of their ministry activities. 6.0 Expected Outputs
  1. Develop inception report outlining methodology/approach, program content before starting the training

  2. Provide participants a Guide on Effective Governance and Leadership for Government Staff.

  3. Deliver the training for 6 days

  4. A post-evaluation training evaluation conducted after the training.

  5. A hard and soft copy of the final report on the training including planning, methodology, delivery and observations/issues made during the training plus recommended action points in 2 weeks after the training

  6. Clear plan of action by the participants to guide them in training beneficiaries after this TOT.

  7. Compile the training report

7.0 Roles and Responsibilities MOPIED
  1. Identify staff from different ministries and districts to attend the training

  2. Help with establishing governance and leadership training needs with the trainers support

  3. Invite staff for the training

  4. Provide venue

SomReP will
  1. Support MOPIED in establishing the governance and leadership training gaps

  2. Meet participants related logistics costs

  3. Identify trainer in consultation with MOPIED

  4. Pay the training consultancy fee.

  5. Provide the venue, LCDs, flip charts, note pads, colored paper, felt pens, markers, colored markers, and stationery for the training of CARE/DRC/Coopi staff and handouts.

  6. Printing and Binding participants’ manuals.

  7. Make comments on draft training report to the consultant for incorporation in the final report

  8. Make comments on the Guide for Governance and Leadership for government staff in SWS.

The Consultant will;
  1. Provide an inception report detailing: introduction/objective, methodology/approaches of training, scoping of the work, schedule of training& financial plan.

  2. Establish the priority governance and leadership training needs to guide the training program in consultation with MOPIED and SomRep.

  3. Facilitate training of government staff on governance and leadership

  4. Define and provide modules to be covered during the training

  5. Provide a final training report which includes evaluation of the training and comments from SomRep TU.

  6. Provide a Guide on Effective Governance and Leadership for Government Staff in SWS

  7. The consultant will be responsible for their income tax and/or insurance during the assignment. Also cater for their own visa and travel documents.

  8. Provide certificates to participants at the end of the training.

8.0 Methodology The training is intended to make use of a range of participatory methodologies where the learner is fully involved in the training. Practical sessions especially on the PLA tools, facilitation skills and adult learning are highly recommended. The training will run for 6 days for both classroom teaching and Field demonstrations/coaching. The consultant is expected to organise all sessions. Consultant to explore use of role plays or simulations, audio aids, visual aids, field exercises, interactive exercises to support and reinforce the course content and objectives; The workshop will be highly participatory and practical, focusing on techniques, tools and tips of training management, with participants themselves designing, delivering and critiquing presentations 9.0 Proposed Time Frame for the Training Consultancy The training consultancy will take approximately 24 days excluding travel days during which the following will be done:-writing inception, developing training materials/manual/guides, , conducting staff training, writing the training report and drafting the Guide/Manual on Effective Governance and Leadership for Government Staff in SWS Location: Baidoa/Mogadishu 10.0 Qualification for the Consultancy
  • At minimum a Bachelors’ degree in literature, anthropology, sociology, development or a relevant discipline

  • Established Firms with individuals having or Individuals with similar qualification and have a permanent/established Office Premises.

  • Have more than 3 years’ experience in Governance, Leadership and Management training

  • Proven or demonstrated field experience in training staff/communities in Governance, Leadership and Management training

  • Demonstrated capacity and ability to mentor and coach of staff

  • Excellent command of spoken and written English and Somali

  • Has understanding and experience of Somalia context Knowledge of Somali language would be added advantage

Application Process and Requirements The consultant that complies with all the requirements meets all the criteria and offers the best Qualified and interested parties are asked to submit the following;
  1. Letter of interest in submission of a proposal

  2. A detailed technical proposal clearly demonstrating a thorough understanding of this ToR and including but not limited to the following;

o Consultant/company profile o Demonstrated previous experience in similar assignments o Team composition and level of effort of each proposed team member (include CVs of each team member).
  • A financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of costs quoted in United States dollars.

All applications should be sent electronically via email to with attachments in pdf and a subject line: "CONSULTANCY TO PROVIDE INTRODUCTORY TRAINING ON GOVERNANCE AND LEADERSHIP FOR GOVERNMENT MINISTRY & DISTRICT STAFF – SOUTH WESTSTATE -SOMALIA" The top three shortlisted Consultants will be required to make an oral presentation of the technical proposal to World Vision team to inform the final decision on the award of the contract. The submission of technical and financial proposals closes on: 7th January 2020 at 10Am East Africa Time. Please be advised that World Vision is not bound to accept any proposal, nor award a contract, nor be responsible for any costs associated with a Service provider’s preparation and submission of the project, regardless of the outcome or the manner of conducting the selection process.
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