Chief Operating Officer


Job Description

CARE is seeking a dynamic and experienced Chief Operating Officer (COO) who will be responsible for partnering with the CEO to forge the next chapter for CARE, leading the Global Management Team and managing and tying together both programming and the global operations of the organization. The COO will be responsible for program and operations leadership, top team effectiveness, strategy execution, organizational performance and accountability, sound risk, Financial Management and operating efficiency, and stewardship of CARE’s most precious resource, our staff around the world. Guided by CARE’s 2030 Vision and in close partnership with the CEO, the COO will inspire and empower the Global Management Team to operationalize CARE USA’s strategy and deliver on our organizational priorities. The COO will be responsible for Program and Operational leadership at CARE, ensuring we deliver the impact we seek to have in the world. This will require program depth and operational fluency to ensure we deliver against our mission and strategy in our offices around the globe. While the CEO focuses on external-facing functions (Fundraising, marketing, US policy), the COO ensures the global operation achieves impact with seamless support. The COO will lead both the Executive and the Global Management teams, and provide strategic oversight in the internal, day to day operations of CARE around the world. S/he will be responsible for co-creating and operationalizing CARE’s strategy and will inspire commitment with compelling communication and provide leadership oversight, monitoring, and coaching to ensure excellence in organizational performance. S/he will be passionate about enabling a high performing top team. The COO will act as the master Architect in assessing and enhancing organizational performance. This includes being responsible for communicating and building commitment to organizational goals, directives, policies, and procedures to the organization. S/he will monitor progress against CARE’s impact goals, operational progress, drive accountability, and will work with the leadership team to modify when necessary. The COO’s direct reports include the Chief Program Officer, CFO, Chief People Officer, Chief Information Officer, and General Counsel. S/he will work closely with department leaders to strengthen integration and collaboration in service of our country offices, with particular focus on service and operational excellence of our finance, people, legal, and digital functions. S/he will work together with the Chief Program Officer to drive cohesion across our program and country operations to deliver maximum impact in the world. The COO will monitor and ensure compliance with external regulations and CARE’s own internal policies and global standards. S/he will have firm oversight over CARE’s financial management and health, as well as risk management and mitigation approaches. S/he will ensure the right policies and practices are in place to ensure the safety and security of our staff around the world. S/he will ensure CARE lives our values in all that we do. In partnership with the CEO and Chief People Officer, the COO will provide strategic leadership and oversight to shape the cultural and operational transformation required to deliver on our strategy, globally. S/he will model and hold accountability to leadership behaviors aligned with CARE’s values. S/he will oversee work to ensure our people are safe, healthy, and empowered to thrive which includes Chairing the Corporate Crisis Management Committee. Key Responsibilities Job Responsibility 1: Global program and operations leadership and oversight
  • Oversee all program and operations departments through direct reports.

  • With Chief Program Officer, ensure that programming is cohesive and consistent with strategy and key messaging.

  • Ensure that operations functions are optimizing support to country and regional offices and operating efficiently.

  • Incorporate and adopt best in class process improvements to key operations functions.

  • Establish clear metrics and scorecards for performance and drive accountability towards those goals.

  • Break down barriers to effective collaboration and enable cross-functional problem-solving.

Job Responsibility 2: Top team effectiveness and accountability for strategy execution
  • With CEO, convene and manage Executive and Global Management team including quarterly meetings, retreats, and joint goals.

  • Model and enable top team collaboration and cohesion.

  • With CEO, drive clear goals and help to manage tradeoffs and resolve conflicts.

  • Ensure that there is robust succession planning with robust plans to retain and develop talent and create a more diverse, equitable workforce and workplace.

Job Responsibility 3: Sound risk and financial management
  • Chair the Corporate Crisis Management Team and drive decision-making and response.

  • Oversee key risk management functions and ensure that risk is properly mitigated.

  • With CFO, lead an effective budget and planning process and regular oversight of performance against budget.

  • Ensure best in class methodologies and processes are utilized for these purposes.

Job Responsibility 4: Cultural transformation
  • Continue to build out the organization’s leadership agility and capacity for continued change-management.

  • Continue to build a data driven culture that is focused on accountability to our participants.

  • Lead and embody action oriented and aspirational leadership.

  • Master’s degree or an equivalent combination of a bachelor’s degree and experience.

  • A minimum of 10-15 years’ experience in a senior management role with proven experience in working in an international and multicultural organization.

  • Successful professional leadership experience in non-profit and/or for-profit organizations in complex multi-stakeholder environment.

  • An experienced leader of senior professionals.

  • Strategic vision and agility with the ability to think strategically, anticipate future consequences and trends, and incorporate them into the organizational plan.

  • Ability to craft, implement, and build support for a strategic vision that focuses on key priorities.

  • Demonstrated excellence in leadership, teamwork and collaboration.

  • Experience with and ability to oversee management of large financial budgets.

  • Strong interpersonal, written and oral communications and project management skills.

  • Demonstrate ability to lead and facilitate Change Management.

  • Flexibility to work in an evolving environment, with an appetite for and sensitivity to working with diverse cultures.

  • Must possess the ability to provide constructive, effective feedback.

  • Strong influencing skills is critical. Must possess the ability to work through others to get results.

  • Demonstrated intellectual quickness, curiosity, discipline and resourcefulness.

  • Strong knowledge management skills.

  • Must possess External Relations and advocacy skills.

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