International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Chief (Capacity Development and Surveillance Product)

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Job Description


Under the direction of the Director" id="link" class="link">Deputy Director (Product Management), the Chief of Capacity Development (CD) and Surveillance Product Family will develop product strategies and roadmaps that support the Fund’s priorities and business objectives as it relates to CD, Surveillance, and Strategic Planning & Membership. The selected candidate will work in close collaboration with other members of the IT leadership team including Enterprise Architecture (EA), The Centers of Excellence, and the Delivery platform leads to ensure timely, high‐quality products that deliver business value in an agile environment.Responsibilities
  • Defines vision, strategy and value-driven product roadmap for Capacity Development, Surveillance, Strategic Planning & Membership, and overall ITD strategy.

  • Applies product management discipline to full scope of accountability and to each product and platform aligned with a product family and proactively manages product life cycle.

  • Contributes to embedding digital opportunities in business strategy, including the Fund’s product and channel strategies.

  • Manages team(s) and dynamically allocates the resources along the product life cycle, mix and range.

  • Works with product team, platform teams, ITD customers, budgeting, and EA to share products and value delivery plans. Defines and prioritizes business outcomes (MVPs) required to attain the vision.

  • Provides guidance to co-create materials for use across product, product families and platforms.

  • Uses KPIs to analyze the ITD portfolio in terms of product performance at the portfolio, family, product and platform levels.

  • Works across the organization — with stakeholders, suppliers, other product managers and office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to ensure product (group) success globally.

  • Acts as the point of contact for the Product family and works closely with product owners to rapidly provide value to the business.

  • Understands external benchmarks and provides guidance to ITD customers on what technology can bring to contribute to their business objectives and goals; if appropriate, recommends business process changes for increase value.

  • Provides transparency and creates buy-in across all stakeholders inside and outside ITD and inside teams on the vision and all objectives along the product life cycle

  • Leads product team(s) and assists with resource allocation to translate strategy into incremental value for ITD consumers and customers.

  • Collaborates with suppliers to deliver end-to-end value according to strategy.

  • Collaborates with innovation teams to transition business- or ITD-led technology experiments to the portfolio for productization (scaling, etc.).


The successful candidate should have proven managerial and leadership abilities, including in strategic thinking, planning, wide-stakeholder collaboration, and organization.  The candidate should have 10 years working in a product management role, collaborating with IT to translate business requirements into solutions, a proven track record of success in leadership positions and strong intellectual leadership, demonstrated through the delivery of innovative results in senior positions responsible for complex IT strategies.The department is specifically seeking a candidate with:
  • Exceptional project management, organization and communication skills

  • A strong understanding of the work of the Fund, and its departments and divisions

  • Strong professional interest in content lifecycle management, economic Data Collection, exchange and modeling, capacity Development Planning and delivery modalities, managing board meeting operations and systems supporting large membership meetings

  • Ability to manage and prioritize the portfolio’s product family's initiatives and budget

  • Leadership in directing and collaborating with Product Owners to define a coherent portfolio strategy and objectives, clearly focused on the Business and/or end user’s needs

  • Demonstrated experience in leading, motivating, developing and managing the performance of direct reports (product owners), building high caliber product delivery teams with the skills and capabilities needed to deliver end‐to‐end business solutions

  • Relevant skills in developing test factors and examining features that contribute to increase product adoption, customer and consumer satisfaction and other value indicators

  • Relevant experience in engaging and ensuring proper stakeholder management and communication at all levels

  • Ability to develop an entrepreneurial culture and adopt an entrepreneurial management style leading to focused value delivery to the business at expected quality and cost.

  • Ability to ensure product management best practices across the organization are followed by product teams.

  • Ability to lead the identification and evaluation of internal IT alignment with business capabilities and external opportunities.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and superior negotiation skill

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