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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Job Description

GENERAL CONTEXT Médecins Sans Frontières is an international independent medical-humanitarian organization, which offers assistance to populations in distress, to victims of natural or man-made disasters and to victims of armed conflict, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. MSF East Africa (EAA) is an association of MSF established with an aim of improving participation of its members in the greater MSF movement and in the Eastern Africa home societies. EAA received official recognition by the International General Assembly in December 2011 of MSF EAA as an Associative entity within its movement. Our area of focus is primarily the Eastern Africa region of Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya but membership is open to anyone around the world. MSF Eastern Africa Section is the proposed new MSF entity in the Eastern Africa (EA) region, an entity that will encompass the MSF EAA and the Nairobi Branch Office (NBO). GENERAL OBJECTIVE AND JOB ENVIROMENT The Association Coordination Officer is responsible for all association matters and works closely with the MSF EAA/EAS board to encourage leadership and cultivate a strong, vibrant and well-informed membership, the membership and other MSF associations. To achieve the purpose of MSF East Africa Association, the Association Coordination Officer will be the link between the EAA membership, the Board, NBO/EAS executive and MSF operations within the Eastern Africa region, other MSF Associations and the MSF movement. The Association Coordinator also has a coordinating role to encourage and work with the MSF NBO/EAS Management Team (MT) to leverage abilities, experience, knowledge and ideas of members and volunteers. The MSF EAA Association Coordinator reports functionally to the President of MSF EAA and is hierarchically under the EAA board. For administrative and office related issues the EAA Association Coordinator works closely with the Executive Office/arm in Nairobi (HR, Finance Communications/other), guided by the MoU between the NBO and EAA. MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES AND TASKS Associative Activities Regional Associative Activities and Associative Focal Persons Network
  • Develop, review and ensure implementation of the EAA Association Annual Plan in collaboration with the EAA President and the Board. Facilitate membership input into the annual plan through Associative Focal Persons;

  • Coordinate and support implementation of intersectional FADs in the EA countries with MSF presence, particularly Kenya in collaboration with the Operational Centre Associative Coords; this includes regular communication with the field missions on associative issues and participation at FADs and attending in person as required.

  • Facilitate the representation of MSF EAA in the Field Associative Debates (FADs) including facilitating board and member presence in conjunction with board assistant

  • Support the further development of the EAA associative focal persons network; ensure that each country has a country focal person, project focal persons. Assist member countries in recruitment process, conduct induction, training and Capacity Building, and continuous support, info sharing etc

  • Encourage and support MSF EAA events throughout the region. Receive activity proposals from AFPs, review, edit as per asso priorities and budget, engage with missions for collaboration.

  • Support the content, material/resource needs and the logistics of events; including Mini GAs, Post GA-Pre IGA, End Year Events with close collaboration with country responsible board members and AFPs.

  • Plan and Execute the Annual EAA Café/Intersectional debate on topics of movement relevance.

  • Conduct regional visits to priority countries and offer support to members, stimulate ALF, engage with Homs towards ALF and any board priorities.

General Assembly (GA)
  • Coordinate the planning and execution of the General Assembly including budget in close consultation with the board and board assistant

  • Logistics: venue, catering, audio-visual, materials, contracts etc.

  • Develop the agenda together with the EAA Board GA committee

  • Support with travel arrangements including reservations, visas etc. for asso members and guests.

  • Reporting of the GA, filing of returns in cooperation with the board assistant.

Facilitation of Associative Events Responsible for stimulation of associative life in the field and successful organization of planned associative activities:
  • Assist in the Organization and facilitation of EAA debates and Associative Events across the region as per the EAA yearly calendar.

  • Assist in Content Development and compilation for EAA events

  • Encourage and facilitate the attendance of EAA members and other Msfers at MSF events

  • Liaise with other departments at the Nairobi Branch Office and the MSF Missions in the region on Associative activities

  • Ensure the preparation of Associative events minutes / outcomes / reports

  • Responsible for the logistical and travel planning for association members

EAA membership Objective is to ensure a strong, active, vibrant and well-informed membership of MSF EAA
  • Recruit new members and retain an active database of old members. Process membership application forms, lists, approval process and implement EAA membership procedures and Ensure timely transfer of membership fees and information transfer for Data Entry

  • Support members and communication with the members, focal points, MSF EAA Board and the MSF International Office

  • Contribute to planning of associative meetings with the EAA membership across the region.

  • Prepare and execute other special member events

  • Assist in the development of EAA upcoming webpage and stimulate discussions on online platforms-facebook, whatsapp, slack etc.

  • Keep updated on immediate concerns and experiences of association members and other regional field staff and communicate with the board as necessary.

Administration of the Association Office
  • Be the contact person for all association matters and questions (board, members, office, MSF movement and external).

  • Is in charge of the office and carries out administrative tasks in day-to-day business such as checking and answering the emails of the association account and monthly updating of key mailing lists, ensures supplies

  • Be the focal and executive person for associative annual planning and reporting

  • Provide input into the development of the annual Associative Budget. Account for, monitor and report expenses against the budget throughout the year;

  • Manage sign-off processes with the EAA President and other signatories

  • Compilation of monthly financial requests.

  • Places orders of goods and services within the approved budget, according to existing policies and regulations in agreement with the treasurer/line-manager.

  • Management of negotiations with suppliers/vendors on behalf of MSF EAA when necessary.

  • Provide all necessary information for audit processes

  • Together with board assistant, keep association formalities updated (statutes, by-laws, association register etc.) and manage the institutional memory of the asso; archiving of important documents, minutes etc. in physical or electronic way and ensuring the association has access to this institutional memory.

Key Association Communication
  • Provide members with notice of meetings and outcomes;

  • Ensure regular internal written communication with members via print and electronic media including the association website and regular mails (Newsletter, online platforms, emails);

  • Coordinate vivid communication about associative topics (national/international) between and towards association members and volunteers

  • Assist in the production of EAA monthly newsletter and other identified tools of communication for the East Africa Association

  • Manage the associative website, update content with Technical Support from the IT/Comms department

Collaboration with the EAA Board and EAS Executive
  • Evaluate and report to the board on the progress toward Annual Associative Plan monthly;

  • Keep close contact with all board members, in particular with the board responsible for the association and the president regarding associative activities and topics/discussions across the movement and within the EAA association

  • Attend board meetings-all F2F and mini board meetings

  • Brief and give support to MSF expats passing through the NBO/EAS office to make them feel welcome, inform them about the association and facilitate membership

  • Carry out regular briefing and information of executive staff on association and MSF Governance

  • Contribute to the production of internal magazines and publications

  • Act as interlink between Executive and Association and provide associative support and input to all relevant activities of the Executive (e.g. FR, HR, humanitarian debate etc.)

  • Represent the association in public events, speeches, FR events, HR events and other if necessary in close cooperation with the board.Regional and International Collaboration and Engagements

  • Liaison between Board, Members and Regional operations

  • Keep operational teams in the region regularly informed on Associative Plans and progress

  • Attend and present at relevant association meetings, debates;

  • Stay informed of MSF Movement wide issues and associative topics and communicate information to members and board.

  • Contribute to and improve international associative life and governance by:

  • Engaging in international MSF associative discussions

  • Attending relevant international association meetings e.g the annual Association Coordinator/Officer Workshop; the IGA

  • Participating in international associative working groups

  • Staying informed about activities and discussions of MSF International

  • Actively communicate with counterparts in other MSF entities to ensure good information flow, to share and identify topics of common importance and to establish solid working relationships across the movement

  • Participate in International Projects as agreed by the EAA board; e.g planning and implementation of the urban spaces initiative in EA

  • Prepare and execute international associative meetings/representation of MSF EAA such as the IGA, Associative platforms etc.) if needed

  • Attend and participate in the EAS periodic staff meetings, organizational reviews and planning as well as other meetings that require engagement of EAA in the absence of a board member.

  • Supervision of additional part-time volunteers or members for specific projects and events;

  • Works in close cooperation with the EAS Board Assistant and replace the board assistant in all kind of matters his/her absence,

  • Prepare annual plans and budget in collaboration with the board treasurer and the board as per the EA calendar

  • Participate in the review, monitoring and evaluation of EAA annual and strategic plans and budget as per the agreed/set timelines

SELECTION CRITERIA Education and experience
  • Undergraduate Degree in Business administration, International Relations, Social sciences or other related disciplines

  • Considerable knowledge of the Eastern Africa Context as well as of global humanitarian affairs

  • Previous MSF experience in the field, headquarters or the association a pre-requisite.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills as well as presentation skills.

  • Understanding of financial procedures and policies of MSF is an added advantage.

Specific skills
  • Genuine interest in, understanding of, and commitment to; the humanitarian principles, MSF associative structure, social mission, operations, and challenges of MSF.

  • Experience in project management, Event Management and leadership

  • Outstanding time management and organizational skills with the ability to handle large volumes of work, track multiple projects and support multiple groups or activities at any one time

  • Respect and understanding of confidentiality.

  • Able to work successfully under pressure within short deadlines; maintaining appropriate priorities, adequate detail, flexibility, and positivity.

  • Willingness and personal flexibility to travel across the region and beyond with short notices as may be required

  • Strong communication and presentation skills.

  • Proactive, highly motivated and responsible, able to work with limited supervision, accountable and honest.

  • Fluent/proficiency in English and Swahili (reading and writing). French and Arabic are an added advantage.

  • Computer literacy with excellent MS Office, Outlook, power point and excel with ability to effectively navigate through social media and interactive platformsCompetences

  • Commitment to MSF’s Principles

  • Cross-cultural Awareness

  • Behavioural Flexibility

  • Strategic Vision

  • Results and Quality Orientation

  • Service Orientation

  • Planning and Organising

  • Initiative and Innovation

  • Teamwork and Cooperation

  • Leadership

  • Security Awareness and Management

  • Location: NAIROBI, KENYA with frequent travel (regional/international).

  • Job dimension: 100% (40 hours per week)

  • Employment Start Date: ASAP

  • Position duration: 2 YEAR FIXED TERM CONTRACT (renewable)

  • Salary/benefits: Annual Gross Salary of KES 2,358,905. Other benefits will be applicable as per the Social Benefits conditions of the office.

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