Job Description


We are looking for a new Head of bilateral Donor Relations in EBRD’s Donor Co-Financing Team (DCF), at Associate Director level.

This is a great opportunity to shape and lead EBRD’s relations with its growing bilateral donor community as the Bank seeks to deepen and expand its relations with donors in the coming years and transform this agenda. EBRD’s work with donors has increased in both scale and depth in recent years with some 50 multilateral and bilateral donors currently supporting the organisation, and more than 40% of the Bank’s investments now drawing on donor support. A steady inflow of donor support has resulted in an important portfolio of relationships and donor funds under management, amounting to more than EUR 3bn and more than 200 funds and funding vehicles. The donor agenda is guided by a strategy, different policies and several procedures and dedicated systems.

The Donor Co-Financing (DCF) team leads on mobilising and managing donor funds in support of the Bank’s activities and upholds close and strong partnerships with EBRD’s donor community, including both bilateral and multilateral donors such as the EU and the global climate funds. DCF manages the Bank’s donor funds and develops policies and systems to organise the agenda across the Bank. It follows trends in the international donor community, engages in the global donor debate and ensures the Bank adopts key policy developments and best development practice. DCF also organises events, Fundraising opportunities, information-sharing with donors and represents EBRD at donor-organised events. The team analyse and report on the Bank’s engagement with donors and use of such funds, and train staff.


We are looking for an experienced and passionate person to lead the Bank’s relationships with its bilateral donor community and take charge of mobilising funds and manage their resources held at the Bank. At present, the Bank works with a broad variety of bilateral donors, manages some 100 funds and mobilises between EUR 100-150 million on an annual basis from this network. The team also develops and manages the Bank’s 10+ multi-donor funds and its EUR 100 million per year Shareholder Special Fund overseen by the Bank’s Board. Building on your deep knowledge of international donors and their policies and priorities, you will manage this broad and complex donor portfolio and lead on maintaining close and fruitful relations with donors whilst ensuring EBRD provides top service in line with donor expectations. In this role, you will also take charge of developing new ways of engaging with donors and broaden our donor base in response to the Bank demands for such support and its new strategic direction. As the Bank is starting a new five year strategic period of work, this post offers a unique opportunity to transform EBRD’s work with its bilateral donor community and seek out innovative ways of turning this into a mutually beneficial and expanding partnership.

You will form part of DCF’s management team and engage with multiple departments and colleagues across EBRD and build close working relations, with frequent external outreach and stakeholder engagement in the broader donor community and actors on the international donor scene. You will also engage with the Bank’s shareholders on donor-related topics.

More particularly, you will:

  • Lead the Bank’s relations with its bilateral donor community, keeping close productive relations and act as the Bank’s prime interface and relationship manager for respective donors. You will develop strategies for effective an impactful relations with the Bank’s key donors;

  • Maintain a deep understanding of the Bank’s bilateral donor community, keeping abreast of developments within the Bank’s largest donors and communicating this information effectively in the Bank with a view to explore opportunities for deeper cooperation and reinforce existing relationships. Equally, you will facilitate a good understanding of the Bank’s policies and priorities and strategic direction amongst its donors and establish effective communication channels with them;

  • Engage in strategic fund mobilisation with donors, identifying and creating opportunities and lead fundraising efforts and negotiations on behalf of the Bank in line with its needs. This will include identification of the Bank’s funding needs in Coordination with its user teams, and to organise fundraising events and missions plus manage the use of the Bank’s existing donor portfolio. It requires close cooperation with the Bank’s user teams to ensure the Design of compelling funding proposals and effective fundraising pitches;

  • Lead on exploring opportunities for broadening the Bank’s bilateral donor base, identifying new donors or new opportunities with existing donors, including new funding vehicles and platforms;

  • Ensure the Bank’s bilateral donor funds are managed effectively and in full compliance with donor demands, including donor engagement in delivery, satisfactory donor reporting and visibility actions, and regular replenishments;

  • Manage the Bank’s portfolio of multi-donor funds in an effective and impactful way, ensuring their continuous replenishment of funds to meet the Bank’s needs plus successful use of funds in compliance with donor demands. Develop new multi-donor funds as and when needed;

  • Develop and run the Bank’s net income funds (funds that draws on the Bank’s profit) in line with Board expectations and in support of the Bank’s needs. Effectively manage the Bank’s Shareholder Special Fund in line with Board and senior management priorities and lead reforms to develop the next generation of the Shareholder Special Fund to become effective in 2021;

  • Engage donors in the Bank’s policy and technical discussions, and support teams in drawing on donors’ substantive experience and ideas that can benefit the Bank’s evolving strategic agenda and future direction;

  • Manage and lead a team of 8 staff, creating a good team spirit, guiding and supporting staff and make sure they develop and deliver successfully.

  • As part of DCF’s management team, contribute to the development of DCF’s policies, strategies and systems, corporate requests and briefs, and assist the Director in setting DCF’s strategic direction and management.


    We are looking for an individual with the following qualifications:

  • Deep and extensive experience working with bilateral donors, either in a bilateral donor agency or in other capacities where you have had direct engagement with the international bilateral donor community, for at least 10 years;

  • A successful fundraiser with extensive and proven experience in mobilising donor funds, developing powerful fundraising pitches and negotiating funding arrangements with donors;

  • Deep and proven experience in managing donor funds in line with best international practice, including effective trust fund management and understanding of grant and concessional finance cycles of implementation;

  • Deep understanding of the international development debate, global aid architecture and emerging priorities for the international donor community. Ability to converse in this language and turn ideas and new priorities into cooperation opportunities for the EBRD;

  • Strong track record in leading and managing people and teams for successful delivery, for at least 5 years;

  • A networker with strong interpersonal skills who is comfortable establishing close and deep relations with donors, can spot opportunities, build networks and entertain relations. Ability;

  • Excellent communication and outreach skills with ability to effectively and successfully represent EBRD to donors using a variety of tools;

  • Familiarity with EBRD’s way of working and region of operation is an advantage;

  • Budget management, accounting and financial skills and experience is an advantage;

  • Ability to perform efficiently and effectively in highly demanding working environments and with tight deadlines;

  • Masters degree in economics, international development cooperation, International Relations, Development Finance or other related fields;

  • Fluency in English. Fluency in an additional language is an advantage.

Diversity is one of the Bank’s core values which are at the heart of everything it does. A diverse workforce with the right knowledge and skills enables connection with our clients, brings pioneering ideas, energy and innovation. The EBRD staff is characterised by its rich diversity of nationalities, cultures and opinions and we aim to sustain and build on this strength. As such, the EBRD seeks to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and given equal opportunities and works in an inclusive environment. The EBRD encourages all qualified candidates who are nationals of the EBRD member countries to apply regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. As an inclusive employer, we promote flexible working.

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