Your Experiences Match, What About Your Personality?

unchannel personality in recruitment

If you consider the recruitment process as a puzzle, your skills and experiences form the parts of the puzzle. However, whether your personality is suitable for the position, which is another part of the puzzle, is also critical for recruitment. Your talent and past work experience overlap with the position you are applying for. What about your personality? How appropriate are your characteristics to the position you are applying for? Human Resources experts look at not only the competence of the candidates for the position to be hired, but also whether they are the right employee for that position.

In successful recruitment, HR experts now take care of the personality and traits of the candidates, as well as their experience and talent. Here is the 7 features that HR experts are looking for in candidates:

Effective communication

Communication skills are one of the most sought-after personality traits in business life. The way an employee communicates with his teammates, manager, or customers affects both the success and failure of the employee. Therefore, the way you communicate is as important as how you do a job.

Take initiative

Taking the initiative and not being afraid of making decisions are among the most sought after by employers. You do not have to work in a managerial position in order to take responsibility for your business processes. The business world now chooses to be together with employees who can take initiative and have a sense of responsibility.

Fast moving

One of the prerequisites of being successful in the business world is to act fast. Employees aiming for success need to know that it is not the first thinker of any service/product that wins the market but it is who acts first. For this reason, companies want to walk with employees who can act fast, are active, and of course result-oriented.


Being respectable, honest and reliable are three concepts that support each other in business and social life. It is seen that reliable and honest employees have wider resources and increase the reputation of him/herself and his/her company both by working performance and communication. For this reason, employees who have personality characteristics in this direction are preferred because they are both successful and sustainable in companies.


Another feature that HR professionals are looking for in candidates is curiosity. The urge to wonder brings renewal and change. In the constantly changing business world, employees who are curious, open to innovations, developing themselves in different fields and expressing their curiosity through creative works come to the forefront.


Business processes may not always be smooth. Situations such as expectations of managers or customers or upcoming deadlines may occasionally break employee motivation. Employees who are not immediately discouraged even in such times, who continue to work towards the target they want to achieve and that can motivate themselves individually are preferred by HR experts.

Adapting to corporate culture

Each company has different core values and companies ask their employees to adapt to this corporate culture and work in line with this culture. For this reason, HR professionals choose employees who are aware of the core values of the organization and who can work accordingly.

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