Work More Efficiently with The Pomodoro Technique

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Are you having trouble focusing while studying? Are you having concentration problems at work? Do you always postpone the things on your to do list because you are inefficient at home? Then you haven't met the Pomodoro technique yet. By using this technique, you can work more efficiently and develop your business performance in a short time.

Let's start by explaining the meaning and content of the word for those who have not yet heard of it. Pomodoro means tomato in Italian, yes you read it right, tomato. It takes its name from the kitchen timer in the form of a tomato. It was first introduced as a working technique by the software expert Francesco Cirillo in the book The Pomodoro Technique. The aim of the technique is to work more efficiently by facilitating focus and to get more work done in a short time.

How can you practice the Pomodoro technique?

The technique is extremely easy to apply. You just need a simple timer (your phone is more than enough), a sheet of paper and a pen. First of all, you write on a piece of paper the tasks you need to do that day (class, office or home work) in order of priority. You also note your predictions about how long it can last for each job. In technique, 1 Pomodoro is 25 minutes. For example, let's say the total duration of the jobs on the list for that day is 6 Pomodoros (150 minutes).

Set your watch to 25 minutes (1 Pomodoro). In order of priority, start doing your first job. No matter what you will not stop doing that job for 25 minutes, no excuses. If you get up or lose your focus to something else, 25 minutes starts again. When alarm warns you as 1 Pomodoro is over, take a 5-minute break. Then start another cycle, 1 Pomodoro and 5 minute break. When you complete 4 cycles, take a long break up to 30 minutes. That is simple, right? Have a closer look here. Experts say a daily number of 8 to 16 Pomodoros (5 to 10 hours with breaks) is ideal.

Will tomatoes save you?

The technique has very significant outputs. Applying the pump for 20 days makes it a habit to work efficiently. Since work and break times are clearly distinguished from each other, you stop thinking about breaks while you work and about work while you get a break. Productivity and motivation start increasing. According to this technique, the time management skill of the person develops since he/she can estimate how many Pomodoros it will take to finish it. Well, now we have another reason to love tomatoes, don’t we?

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