Why Can’t I Get A Reply For My Job Applications?

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After applying for a job, we mostly cannot get any feedback except for some automatic answers. Sometimes we don’t even receive anything. If we are not wanted, we wonder why. So why does this happen, is it because of the applying candidate or the recruiting company? If this is the case, here are five reasons why you weren’t called back, and five suggestions to reverse this!

Apply suitable jobs

There is no doubt that job seekers have to climb a challenging hill. Especially being unemployed for a while means having struggled for more positions. There are thousands of job advertisements in unchannel.org and thousands of applications are made every day. The general complaints of employers at this point is that most applications received do not have the required qualities. Many companies, big and small, are now using talent management software and reviewing the CVs of the applicants to the extent that they meet the job specifications.

Why wouldn't you be called back?

1- You may not be called back if you do not have the required specifications for the position. If you are looking for an engineering position demanding at least five years of experience and you are applying as a newly graduated intern, you are very likely not to be called back. To avoid disappointment, you should not apply for job vacancies where you do not have the required qualifications. Many job applications in very clear terms underline which features are requested.

2- It is very difficult to draw attention if you did not send an accurate resume with keywords related to the ad when applying for a job. Job descriptions are full of keywords for certain features and abilities, and companies look for them in the applicant's resume. You should review your job more carefully. You should prepare your preface and resume using these keywords. If the job advertisement uses some words and definitions sequentially, you should use them in the same order.

3- Your resume may not be prepared correctly! You might think that you've prepared your resume well, but automated programs want to see everything clearly. You need to help the machines. You should never forget to leave gaps between the dates and job descriptions of the previous company, avoiding complex writing styles.

4- If the information in your social network does not match the information in the CV you submitted for the application, you may arouse suspicion. Make sure every little detail is processed and matched in the same way. Always remember that you have to be honest.

5- The company received 500 applications and your application was 499. The job search itself is a job. Always remember that. Analyze yourself correctly, decide where, in which company, under which conditions you want to work. Check job vacancies every morning and make sure you apply early. Don't forget to follow the first few days after the application. Companies can make some changes right after they publish ads.

How can you be noticed?

1- Follow the companies you are interested in in every field. Learn about them, check out the latest news they publish. This will also help you to meet new organizations.

2- Consider opening a blog in your area of interest. The Internet is now very powerful and capable to carry you to success. In this way, you can get ahead by attracting the attention of many institutions or people.

3- Get professional help with your resume. Follow career blogs and listen to suggestions.

4- Wait to find a new job before leaving your current job, if possible. For many people, this may seem like a wrong attitude, but you have the best chance of finding a new job is when you work.

5- Social networks are important! Oldest but most real advice. Be visible and stay in touch with your surroundings. After you apply for a job, check to see if there are people you already knew at the recruiting organization you are applying for.

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