What Is The Formula Of Happiness In Business Life?

unchannel happines in business life

Work hard + Promote = Be happy

Many people define the formula of happiness in business life in this way and think that they will be happy after achieving success. However, contrary to what is thought, happy people can succeed. According to studies conducted in recent years, working hard and as a result getting a promotion does not bring happiness. On the contrary, happiness brings success and happy people can succeed. Happiness is not a result but a source to success itself. To be a happier person in your daily and professional life, you can follow 4 basic steps.

Walk three days a week

Physical activity has a great impact on our mood. A research carried out at Penn State University proves that people who walk for 20 minutes three times a week have better scores that people who use antidepressants in happiness ranking. 3 times a week walker even outscore the ones who walk and use antidepressants at the same time. So you can feel better and be happy by walking 20 minutes just 3 times a week.

Review your day

You can be happy by remembering the positive situations and developments experienced during the day. This will enable you to close your day of action with positive thoughts and you will feel better. Writing positive experiences and then reading those increases the happiness effect three times and this action should be done weekly. Every weekend, you can feel happier by reviewing 5 positive experiences you have undergone during weekdays.

Do good

5 favors that you do randomly in a week will make you even happier than the exercises. These favors can consist of simple favors, such as holding someone's door or buying someone a coffee.


Close your eyes, sit quietly and breathe deeply. Rest for 20 minutes. It will prevent distraction and enable you to work more efficiently.

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