What does a Field Coordinator do?

The Field Coordinator has the role of delegated General Director in the area of operations. He/she checks and ensures that projects are carried out in accordance with the corporate charter, respecting all internal and contractual procedures. He/she mobilizes the material and financial resources necessary for programs to run smoothly, and supervises resource management and coordinates the teams in place and is responsible for their security in his/her assigned zone. He/she is the Country Director’s direct contact and representative. Main tasks are:
  • Monitor and analyse the political, cultural, social and economic context.
  • Propose and develop an operational strategy in line with the association’s policies and the population’s needs.
  • Propose new operational directions according to how the context develops
  • Ensure the coordination, development, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes implemented within his/her intervention zone.
  • Ensure that the programmes are relevant and consistent and implemented in accordance with the annual operational strategy and company’s technical requirements.
  • Ensure that financial resources and other means necessary for accomplishing projects are mobilized and guarantee the appropriate use of resources.
  • Participate, at the request of the CD, in the search for funding and ensure the financial stability of the organisation and the programmes implemented in his/her intervention zone
  • Ensure that documents produced meet deadlines and quality standards
  • Ensure that all internal reporting respects the standard formats and procedures
  • Be the official representative of the company for employees, administrative, political and local authorities, civil society and the media
  • Be an active participant relevant coordination meetings
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