Tips For Different Interview Methods

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Various interview methods have been developed recently. To be successful in these different methods, you have to prepare yourself for new techniques. We have compiled different types of job interviews and preparation tips for those who are aiming for the next steps in their career path.

Interviews in which presentation skills are tested

If the expected qualities of the position to be employed include presentation and management of specific issues or persuading customers, your presentation skills can also be tested at the recruitment stage. These tests assess your ability to communicate, time management, persuasion and creativity.

Presentation interviews usually take between 10 minutes and 20 minutes and you can expect to prepare your presentation in advance. However, some companies that use assessment centers may also ask you to make an unprepared presentation without prior notice. In this technique, the reactions you develop against stresses are tested.

In presentation interviews, you can focus on:

  • Focus on the main objectives and results of the presentation
  • Make sure that there is a flow in the presentation
  • Shape your presentation with short sentences and graphics
  • Prepare for questions that are probably going to be asked
  • Make eye contact with the audience
  • Stay calm
  • Make sure your voice is heard by everyone
  • Complete presentation within specified time
  • If possible, reserve the last 5 minutes for Q & A

Group interviews

When employers plan to recruit for more than one position, they can apply to group screening techniques either by themselves or through assessment centers. In such job interviews, 8 or 10 candidates are brought together to organize group work on the subject that requires a solution. Then how each candidate works within the group is observed. The employer now evaluates the skills of the candidates in areas such as teamwork, problem solving, leadership, enthusiasm, determination, and commercial awareness.

Common group interview techniques and what you need to pay attention to in order to be successful in these are as follows:

Ice breakers: In this technique, the team is often given a common task of building towers from paper or needles. In this technique, it is generally the ones who relax and combine the team and contribute to the completion of the task.

Discussion: In this exercise, the group is asked to reach a logical conclusion through a scenario. What is sought here is not leadership qualities or unification capabilities. Everyone is expected to express their opinion. What the employer is looking for is mostly candidates who have high expression skills and can develop good ideas for a solution.

Role play: Generally, each candidate is expected to fulfill a specific function and fulfill the requirements of the role he/she has undertaken to achieve the group's goals and individual goals.

To be successful in group interviews, you can also use the following tips:

  • Regardless of the type of study actively contribute, don’t remain silent.
  • Don't criticize others. Don't interrupt other candidates or try to defeat anyone. Aggressive reactions bring you more harm than good.
  • Try to include the other candidates with you and care to be unifying.
  • Stay calm.

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