Things You Should Never Have in Your Resume

Preparing CV is one of the first and most important steps for your career. A proper resume can open many doors. However, sloppy preparation, careless mistakes and unnecessary information can prolong the process of finding a job and prevent you from getting into the positions you want. The information in your resume is critical to get the right job. Information that should never be in the curriculum vitae can directly affect the recruitment process.

Spelling Mistakes and Typos

A well prepared CV should never contain typographical errors. Remember, after you finish writing your resume, you will use it for dozens of applications. If you have a spelling mistake, it means dozens of HR staff will see it. A CV with misspellings is also among the CVs to be eliminated in the first stage by the recruitment specialist. Words should be written correctly and conjunctions should be used correctly. After writing the CV, you should check it a couple times and eliminate errors. If you are not good at spelling rules, you can ask someone who can do it for you.

Inappropriate Photo

The use of photographs in the resume is another important issue. Especially in the US and some European countries, using a photo is not recommended. Therefore, when applying for positions in those locations you should not use photographs in any way. If you are applying a position where using a photo is welcome, pick a clear and formal one. You should never use your daily life photos in your resume.

Weird E-mail Addresses

One of the biggest mistakes that many young candidates make when preparing a resume is to add the e-mail accounts they created during their adolescence to their resumes. Naturally, these addresses can be a little different than usual, even strange and funny. No matter how trivial your email address is, it says a lot about you. Don't forget to try to get e-mail addresses with the first and last names.

Irrelevant Work Experiences

When everyone was young and during their university years, they did things that were irrelevant to their intended career or sector. These can be great life experiences for you. However, if you are not directly involved in the position you apply for, you do not need to write them. This kind of work experience doesn't make you look more experienced. It may even cause a negative effect.

Too Much Personal Information

Many HR experts say that the candidates have a lot of personal information in their CVs. In fact, your e-mail address and phone number is sufficient. Personal information, such as your ID number, marital status, criminal record information, blood type documents, are more damaging than useful. You send your CV to many different places. You share this kind of information with people you don't know. It is both unnecessary and not professional to share too much personal data.

No More Career Goal

It was very popular in the past that CVs included the candidate's career goals. However, according to the new approach, career goals expressed in open-ended, round sentences are of no use to anyone. On the contrary, if you're applying for a job that doesn't exactly match your goal, you can inadvertently say that it's not the right job for you.

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