The Most Obvious Mistakes Done When Preparing CV

unchannel common resume mistakes

You apply for jobs and your CV is displayed by HR professionals, but there is no result. There may be some errors in your CV that you do not notice. When we talk about CVs, we always mean a professional, effective and goal oriented CV. Because your CV is your reflection in your business life. It is one of the most important tools you can use to reach your targeted career. For this reason, your resume should be written effectively and appear professional. On the other hand, if you do not get a result despite applying for jobs and viewing the resume by HR professionals, some of the errors below may be included in the CV.

Does your resume look good?

Make sure that your answer is yes for every question below.

  • Does your CV has a well-organized and compact appearance?
  • Are the tables are regular?
  • Is the font appropriate reflecting seriousness?
  • Is your CV spelling error free?
  • Is the format of each field same?

A sloppy CV can lead to the question “What if s/he is sloppy in her/his job or is doing her/his job poorly?” and may reduce the likelihood of being called for an interview. You should double check how it seems before sending it to a HR specialist.

Irrelevant information

Open address, marital status, citizenship number, personal social media account are some of information so many people include in their CVs. Are these details really necessary in the CV? No way! These “personal information” field of your CV should include your name, surname, date of birth, driver's license and contact information. Other information may be given upon request.

Is your contact information up-to-date?

Another problem is the contact information. HR professionals often prefer to use the phone for faster results. So if you're writing someone else's number in CV, not your own number, or if you're typing your own phone number incorrectly and you don't notice it, you're doing self-harm. You should also share a valid e-mail address that you check regularly. A job offer may expire in a few days if you don’t respond quickly.

Your biggest hobby is reading, really?

Don’t include what you normally don't do or what you did in the past in your CV. It is actually one of the most striking mistakes in the interest area of CV. In addition, the fact that the trainings and interviews that were taken years ago are still in the CV is another mistake. Every superfluous information is overlooked, the CV is nothing but a crowd. Of course you can write the trainings you have attended, but instead you can see more benefits if you indicate in your CV the trainings that you really think are of benefit to you.

No cropped photos from Instagram

Do CVs have to have photos? No, not necessarily. However, if you use a photo in your CV, your photo needs to show the suitability of the job. When adding a photo to your CV, you shouldn't think of the glamorous, abundant makeup photo you use on your Instagram account or the selfie you took from boredom in the car! Make sure that the photo you add to your CV looks professional if you include one.

Are your work experiences complete?

The most important field of the CV is the part where the work experiences take place. If your CV doesn't have the name of the positions you worked or the beginning and quitting dates of the jobs, that CV is missing. When describing your work experience, you should write your tasks as a process without using the “I” word. According to your expertise, not using your technical skills in your CV will reduce your chances of being interviewed. For this reason, you should always emphasize your current technical skills according to the position you are applying for.

What information is required for CV?

You may have worked while in college. However, as experience increases, this information remains an irrelevant detail and takes up space in the CV. You may have changed your career or worked in more than one position. In this case, you should include details about your new target, not the details of your past experience for the job you are aiming for. If you are applying for two separate jobs, you can arrange your experiences for two separate CVs.

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