The Most Common Body Language Mistakes in Job Interviews

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It is possible to find many similar features among candidates who apply for the same job. The difference between the candidates is reflected in their attitudes and behaviors during the interview. We gathered the most common body language mistakes made during job.

Here are 6 common body language mistakes:

Eye contact

We all know that eye contact is the perfect way to communicate. However, this form of communication can also create problems if there is no balance. Too much eye contact makes the person look aggressive and inappropriate. Less than normal makes HR specialist think you are not honest and hiding something.

So how do we find the balance between an evasive look and a challenging look? Good eye contact can be achieved by maintaining eye contact, but that does not mean that you have to gaze at someone for 40 minutes. On the other hand, it's not a good thing if you don't know the eye color of the person you're seeing for a 40-minute interview.

Eye tilting

Eye movement is another thing you have to manage. For example; rolling your eyes will always bring a negative result. People often do this when they disagree or find something ridiculous. The biggest problem is that they don't even know they're rolling their eyes. Therefore, being aware of every move you make is very important for the interviewer.


It's normal that you try to sit upright during the interview. But you have to do this without giving the impression that you are uncomfortable and mean. You should always show your interest in the conversation between you and the interviewer.


As with eye contact, handshaking can create good or bad impressions about it, depending on how you do it. A tight handshake without hurting the opposite side always has a more positive effect than a flexible handshake.

Don't hit the table

Even if you don't do it on purpose, making a sound by banging your fingers on the table during the meeting can make the interviewer think you're anxious.


Many human resources departments make phone calls. You may feel relieved that the interviewer cannot see you; but you should not be so hasty. The way you say things tells a lot about you. For example; if the tone and loudness of your voice is very flat, the other person may think that you are not very keen on the job, regardless of what you are saying.

So, how can you improve your body language?

Although most of us are unaware of nonverbal communication, there are many ways to learn, improve yourself and correct mistakes.

Record a video

Taking a video of yourself practicing for a job interview will clearly show you your body language mistakes. This is the best way to practice; because you clearly can see what you're doing right and wrong.

Work with a friend

A conversation exercise with your friend can be useful to find out how you left an impression.

Contact people you've already met

If you feel brave enough, you can call someone you've interviewed before but didn't offer you a job. So you can get an idea of your body language behaviors during the interview and find out which mistakes prevent you from being hired.

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